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This is property that went thru the auction process and was not purchased.  It will remain on List of Lands Available for Taxes for three years.
If not purchased at the end of three years it will escheat to the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners.
Case # Tax
Certificate #
Certificate Holder Last Owner of
Parcel # Lien Holder(s) Opening
12/01/21 21000104TDC 1600 of 2015 Gadsden County Emily Howton 3-01-2N-4W-0860-0000O-0011 Gadsden County $3,105.02
12/01/21 21000107TDC 1770 of 2015 Gadsden County Heirs of Gloria Gaines 3-12-2N-4W-0000-00432-0900 Ford Motor Credit Company; Gadsden County $2,906.84
The above parcels may be purchased from the List of Lands Available for Taxes from the Clerk's office, Room #102.  Omitted tax years and accrued interest will be added to above opening bid amount.  County held certificates have a 90 day hold from date of auction.  Certificate price will be quoted after 90 day hold.  It is the responsibility of purchaser to research property for liens, zone and code requirements.  No warranties are expressed or implied.  Payment requirements are cash or certified funds.  Recording and documentary stamp tax may be paid with personal check or cash. Purchases of $10,000 or more require reporting to IRS on form 8300.