Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida


Regular Public Meeting

January 17, 2012

9:00 a.m.


Present:               Sherrie Taylor, Chair, District 5

                                Gene Morgan, Vice-Chair, District 3  (Excused)

                                Eugene Lamb, District 1

                                Doug Croley, District 2

                                Brenda A. Holt, District 4

                                Nicholas Thomas, Clerk

                                Debra Minnis, County Attorney

                                Arthur Lawson, Interim County Administrator

**Note: These are not the official minutes; they will be available on the web at a later date.



Chair Taylor called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  She led in a prayer and pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag. 


The deputy clerk called the roll and recorded the attendance as noted above with Commissioner Morgan being excused.


Motion: Holt/ Lamb to excuse Commissioner Morgan 4-0




The following changes were made to the agenda:


ADD:                      None


MOVE:                  None


REMOVE:             None


Motion: To Approve Croley/ Lamb 4-0





Request from the Public for Adoption of an Ordinance Relating to Copper Theft


Statement of Issue:

This item sought board approval to create and enact a county ordinance requiring scrap metal vendors to hold a product brought in for sale for ten days before finalizing the transaction.



Due to the enormity of copper theft in Gadsden County in recent months, a number of county business people approached the county and the law enforcement agencies  with a request that Gadsden County enact an ordinance requiring  scrap metal dealers to hold the scrap metal transactions for 10 days before melting it down.   Law Enforcement agencies stated that they believe by enforcing a ten-day holding period, it would greatly hamper the thieves.


In the past, the scrap medal vendors have taken photographs of the customers that were selling  the scrap, but the quality of the photographs  do not meet the evidentiary standards for prosecution  the courts. 


Attached is a copy of an ordinance enacted by Leon County.  Law Enforcement and the electric industry requested passage of a similar ordinance to help protect the citizens from a growing epidemic.


Presenter:  Kim  Gay (Talquin Electric)


Action Taken: Motion: Lamb/ Croley – to have Attorney to take a look at Ordinance and bring back to the Board.  4-0  ( Motion Approved)










Presentation of County Finance and County Clerk Issues


Mr. Thomas, no issues. He conveyed to the Board for informational purposes that the Auditors started auditing accounts today.







Motion Lamb/ Croley 4-0


Approval of Minutes:

                October 4, 2011 Regular Meeting

                November 15, 2011 Regular Meeting



Ratification of Approval to Pay County Bills

                Accounts Payables dated:            December 2, 2011

                                                                                December 9, 2011

                                                                                December 16, 2011

                                                                                December 22, 2011

                                                                                December 30, 2011

                                                                                January 6, 2012

                                                                                January 13, 2012


                Payrolls Dated:                                                 December 15, 2011

                                                                                January 12, 2012




Approval of Inter-Local Agreements with the Municipalities and the School District for Emergency Debris Management


Statement of Issue:

This item sought board approval of Interlocal agreements for the management of debris that might develop from a natural or a man-made emergency or disaster.



In June, 2011, the Gadsden County Public Works Department in coordination with the Emergency Management Service developed a formal Debris Management Plan.  This document addresses the allocation of various heavy equipment and staffing resources to meet the public needs of the county in case of debris laden emergencies.  This plan calls for intergovernmental coordination with the county departments to fully address debris management. 


In the preparation of the Debris Management Plan, staff discovered that the county did not have a mechanism by which to recover costs associated with servicing the municipalities or the school district in times of emergencies.   The development of the Interlocal agreement could/would provide a way to allocate and recover resources for services rendered via tax dollars that are not reimbursed by FEMA or Florida Division of Emergency Management.


 The proposed agreements list the responsibilities of both parties.  





Action:  (Consent Agenda) Approved



Resolution 2012-007 – Requesting  Amtrak to Restore Services of the Sunset Limited Route


Statement of Issue:

This agenda items sought board approval of a resolution to support the restoration of Amtrak Services and the Sunset Limited Route.



There has been no Amtrak passenger rail service through North Florida communities since 2005 after Hurricane Katrina caused damage to part of the Sunset Limited Route from New Orleans to Jacksonville.  The damage has been repaired and freight train traffic has been restored; however, Amtrak has not reestablished passenger service. 


Based on information provided, the Sunset Limited Route from Los Angeles to Jacksonville was the only truly transcontinental route in the nation.  There are thirteen “stranded stations”  with no Amtrak service stretching across the Gulf Coast. 



The Federal Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 required Amtrak to submit a plan to restore passenger rail services between New Orleans, Louisiana and Jacksonville, FL, but the necessary steps have not yet been implemented.  The City of Tallahassee has requested that Gadsden County join with them in their efforts to ensure that the passenger services are restored by passing Resolution 2012-007.



Presenter:  Consent Agenda


Action Taken: Approved
















Resolution 2012-006


Statement of Issue:

This agenda item requested approval of Resolution 2012-006 regarding the Workforce Accountability Act. 



The Big Bend Jobs and Education Council was established in May 1996 to serve Leon, Gadsden and Wakulla counties.  It has served as the Workforce Development Board since that time.  An Interlocal agreement was entered into at that time.  Other similar boards were established all over Florida.

After major problems with a Central Florida workforce board, a House panel began moving forward with a bill that would lead to more state control of the regional agencies that help provide job training and other services.

The proposal, which was approved by the House Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee, would give the governor power to approve workforce board chairmen and executive directors. Also, it could put new limits on the number of members of the boards and includes financial-disclosure requirements.  It was revealed that Workforce Central Florida had a history of widespread problems, including the awarding of agency contracts to board members.

But, other lawmakers raised questions about expanding the state’s role.

The proposed resolution is in support of maintaining local authority and control for the regional workforce board as well as maintains the focus established under the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998 which promotes a locally driven system that is representative of business and community stakeholders and overseen by the Local elected officials.

Presenter:  Kim Moore

Comments by Board:

Croley- I have problems with presentation, you are bringing forth Resolution, is this something your Board has asked you to do.

MooreWe only want accountability.

Croley – Uncomfortable with passing resolution, it puts you in political matter.

Moore – Florida is a pass through state. You have authority because you appoint. It would be serving at the pleasure of.

Lamb – Legislature is trying to get bills passed, so they can put more teeth in and it gives Governor more authority. I would like to discuss with Florida Association of Counties and get their view.

Holt – You are doing the correct thing by bringing this issue to us. (In support) Motioned for approval

Chair Taylor: There is a motion on floor, it died for lack of second.

Minnis – I did look at resolution it’s just in support with other Counties. She discussed section 2.

Chair Taylor -  All 3 Commissioners have delivered great points. She said that FASC should look into this as well as County Attorney. Is this time sensitive?

Moore – Yes it is

Lamb – I would like to talk to my delegation.

Chair Taylor – We need more help more dialogue to help residents to get jobs.

Action taken: To be placed on next Agenda. FASC, delegation & Attorney to look at and bring back to Board.

Motion to defer to next meeting: Holt/ Lamb 4-0



Approval of Appointments to the Apalachee Regional Planning Council


Statement of Issue:

This item requested approval of two appointments to the Apalachee Regional Planning Council. 

Gadsden County is entitled to have three representatives.   Two of these representatives are appointed locally by the Board of County Commissioners; one must be a county elected official and one must be a municipal elected official.  The Governor appoints the third representative.  



The ARPC is one of eleven regional planning councils in Florida.  The Apalachee Region is located in the Florida Panhandle and contains nine counties and twenty-eight municipalities.  (Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty and Wakulla) 


The ARPC works with local governments and citizens on a wide range of issues and programs including, but not limited to:  Economic Development planning and assistance;  Hazardous Waste Generator Assessments; Hurricane Loss, Mitigation, and Evaluation Studies and Transportation Disadvantaged planning. 


Commissioner Eugene Lamb serves as the elected county official at this time and Councilwoman Delores Madison from Midway is the other appointee.  Dr. Henry Grant was appointed by the Governor for Gadsden County. 


Action Required:   Appoint two representatives for the ARPC


Action Taken: Lamb Holt/ Taylor 4-0( Motion Carried)

                          Madison Appointment  - would anyone else be interested in serving on Board.

Direction to send 6 muncilipaties to the next agenda to get other members to serve.

Motion for approval to have staff to send invitation and bio

Holt/ Taylor 4-0


Appointment of Commissioner to the County Canvassing Board


Statement of Issue:

This agenda item sought board approval to appoint one commissioner to the County Canvassing Board for the upcoming election to be held on January 31, 2012.



The County Canvassing Board is composed of the Supervisor of Elections, the county judge, who will sit as the chair, and the Chair of the County Commission.  In the event any member of the Board is unable to serve, that member must be replaced. 



Since the Chair of the County Commission will be a candidate in the primary election in August 2012, the Board needs to appoint a member to replace her on the Canvassing Board.  Commissioner Lamb was approved to attend the Canvassing Board Workshop in December 2011.   Since he has completed the recent training, staff recommended that he be appointed to replace the chair.


Presenter: Lawson


Action Taken: Commissioner Lamb  Appointee -Croley/ Holt 4-0




No issues


Update on Board Requests






No issues by Attorney.

Croley – Mrs. Holt brought up and issue, we acted properly with the Board. Explain what it means for the citizens.

Minnis – She has authority to make opinion, just because she made opinion there is nothing wrong with referendum going on ballot for people to vote on.


Update on Various Legal Issues







Commissioner Morgan, Vice-Chair, District 3





Commissioner Holt, District 4


·         Resolved issue on two Bridges with Preble -Rish needs to be resolved

               Lawson we didn’t get any additional information; will be bring back as Agenda item and   


          with write up.

·         Early Voting begins Saturday, go out and vote. Vote for Abatement and Slot Machines.

·         Friendship Park


Commissioner Croley, District 2


·         Update Capital on County Buildings – this will help us make plans for upcoming Budget Year

·         Heavy Equipment w/Public Works

·         EMS (Fire, Ambulances)

·         Animal Control – state of deceased animals (to show some sign of dignity) update Mr. Lawson

·         Code Enforcement ( Lack of) to be placed on Agenda Motion to recommendation from staff Croley / Lamb 4-0


Commissioner Lamb, District 1


·         Code Enforcement

·         Resurfacing Roads in the Lake Yvette Area  (any information) Charles Chapman they are getting estimates and info

·         Jobs




Commissioner Taylor,  Chair, District 5


·         Feb. 15, 2012 @ 1:30pm – send off of National Guard Reserves @ James A. Shanks

Departure to Kuwait. ( I have asked County Staff to work with Veterans Service on this)

Mr. Lawson will bring back.

Participation from the Board

·         Charter Government  - what are advantages/ disadvantages

·         Churches – adopted roads (pick up trash) what language is in place(hoping County can do signage)

·         Registering Unincorporated  Areas – please bring back (scale down version)

·         Senior Citizen Parking Lot – Clyde is looking into

·         Workforce Plus – Things that we need to do to step up services at Work force Plus

·         Voices and Audio aren’t matching, she asked Mr. Lawson to check into it

·         Emergency Money to build Ramps – Asked Mr. Lawson to check into it

·         Let’s keep Citizen’s first – Quality Service – Good Government





Letter and Report from Quincy Gadsden Airport Authority


The report contained financial report and revealed plans to build a new taxi lane and t-hanger during current fiscal year.   It also reported that the hangers are filled to capacity and there is a waiting list from people interested in leasing space.

Adjournment @ 10:27pm