JUNE 28, 2012



Present:               Sherrie Taylor, Chair, District 5

                                Gene Morgan, Vice-Chair, District 3 (absent)

                                Eugene Lamb, District 1 (absent)

                                Doug Croley, District 2 (absent)

                                Brenda Holt, District 4

                                Jeff Price, Budget Director

                                Clay VanLandingham, Property Appraiser

                                Arthur Lawson, Interim County Administrator

                                Beryl H. Wood, Deputy Clerk


1.       Call to order:


Chair Taylor called the meeting to order.  Quorum was not present. County Manager made recommendation to reschedule until the week after July 4.


2.       Review of Interim County Administrator Memo  

3.       FY13 Budget Overview   Jeff Price, Budget Director



·         Property taxes decrease by over $800,000 (June 1)

·         Change in the accounting method of recording the Small County Surtax – recorded the Small County Surtax – recorded directly to funds instead of flowing through General Fund.


BOCC Expenditures, Constitutional Officers, Judicial, Non Operating, Interfund Transfer, Debt Service, Capital Projects, Proposed decrease in the funding for local organizations


Chair Taylor asked Constitutional Officers if they would like to speak to please come forward as their

·         Property Appraiser , Clay Vanlandingham – Nothing, but good news for the Commission.

·         County Extension Office, Henry Grant -  Facility repairs

Mr. Lawson we have not allocated any funds to address issues.

·         Supervisor of Elections, Shirley Knight – I place the amount I needed.  She is preparing for a 3 page ballot at the General Election. All cost will double.

·         Tax Collector, Dale Summerford – Budget is quite difficult, it’s approved by the State.

Debt Service for renovation for the Tax Collector’s Office is it included.

Mr. Lawson stated it was not, it’s separate.  He thanked the Board for

·         Clerk’s Office, Trudie Porter -  increase for health insurance, retirement.

·         Department Heads – feel comfortable with what you have for building and addition of Driver’s License.

·         Clay Vanlandingham – Budget request is less than last year. He said with the additional monies that he returns every year of 10% threshold. Most of savings will come under personnel. Department Revenue is still working on budget.  Good news:  Florida Gas Transmission this coming year will be the first year it will be taxable. $70,000,000.00 in taxable value. Thanked Board for work done to building.

·         Judicial – Grant Slayden – here on behalf of Chief Judge increase in communications expense all others should be the same. He mentioned anything you could do for Clerk’s Office would be great, they are cut down to minimum. 

Chair Taylor – asked about additional judges.

Slayden – numbers are down 5%; civil – 22%; makes it hard to justify an additional judge. Case load is down.


Taylor - Medicaid – do you have any news.

Price - $767,000 backlog it is being looked at by ACHA and Child Services should have info by July 1.


Taylor – Method of repayment.

Lawson – Once they recertify the backlog, we will be required to pay backlog, then each month.

Taylor – is there something better in place. That has more teeth with residents.

Lawson – ACHA has finally gotten the Governor to allow us to have access to Children Services, since they have most accurate system.

Holt – Her suggestion was to change the law.


4.       Board Priorities and Directions –

Taylor – the bill we are looking from 2001 to current. The County did join lawsuit, is there any update.


Mr. Lawson stated he was not sure.


Holt they are trying to work with AHCA the Association.  Internet Café can we tax on service, she asked that it be checked into.


Chair Taylor thanked everyone for attendance and adjourned meeting at 5:54 pm.