Board of County Commissioners

Tourist Development

Gadsden County, Florida




Regular Public Meeting

September 17, 2012

3:30 p.m.



Lee Garner, Chair of TDC, City of Chattahoochee Manager and Tax Collector

Matt Thro, Vice – Chair of TDC, H & H Furniture

Jeff DuBree, Sportsman’s Lodge, Bed Tax Collector Lake Talquin

Patricia Vice, West Gadsden Historical Society, Tourist Attraction

David Knight, Midway Councilman

Angela Sapp, City of Quincy Commission (absent)

Peter Patel, Bed Tax Collector

Alca Patel, Hotel Industry

Sherrie Taylor, BOCC Chair (absent)


Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call (Beryl Wood, Deputy Clerk)


Amendments and Approval of Agenda



1.            Approval of Meeting Minutes (August 20, 2012)  

                (Lee Garner, TDC Chairman) -$3,000 DuBree/P. Patel 7-0


2.        Visit Florida Special Co-op Advertising Opportunity  

             (Lee Garner, TDC Chairman)


                Mr. Garner commented on the Brazil’s # 1 Travel Trade Newspaper –table, no action at this        time.


Wildflower – information only (Celebration in panhandle in boom: our roots go back to Spain.) He asked the Council to keep in mind.  He said Gadsden County was one of the first in the State to sign Resolution on Wildflowers.


Oct. 3- San Luis- Matt Thro

Entrance Ways – Wildflower Planting


Mr. Thro suggested mailing out to all municipalities and newspaper, county website.


    Kiosk – Chair Taylor (table)

Directive of Commissioner Morgan would like to see what they (TDC) are doing with Kiosk.

Sonya - Jon Sewell – helping other counties with Kiosk setup.(Infrastructure Committee)

                DuBree – Make Kiosk number 1 priority with infrastructure funds

Garner – asked Marketing Committee to look at and provide suggestions to Council. Sonya to email info on Kiosk and meeting dates for Jon Sewell.


Motion: Garner/Knight: - Make Kiosk #1 priority


3.            Budget Update and Finance and County Clerk Issues

                (Jeff Price, OMB-Budget Analyst)


4.         VISITFLORIDA 45th Governors Conference on Tourism Update  

            (Lee Garner, TDC Chairman and Matt Thro Vice Chairman)


Matt Thro gave update. Interesting to see what different TDC do in regards to tourism. He the main focus was social media and the internet.


Mr. Garner commented on the Generation Y market and social media. He said he invited the Visit Florida representative from Gadsden to come out and meet with us.  He encouraged other Councilmen to go to the meeting.


Sarah Leahy, TMP – Visit Florida contact (Manager, Marketing Solutions & Sales)


5.         Tourism Coordinator RFP Discussion  

            (Peter Patel, Hotel Industry)


Peter Patel commented on the Tourism Coordinator - $24,000; she is willing to go to $2,000. Mary need about 2 weeks for her to prepare contact (response).She wants Legacy to be advertising agency on record.

DuBree – original RFP went out


Patel – discuss at next meeting(move forward)





Marketing and Funding Request


1.      Gadsden Art Center  

(Angie Barry)


Mrs. Barry thanked the Council for funds from last quarter.  She asked for funding for next year and to keep them in the budget. She spoke of Commercial for Arts Center viewing on WFSU.


Mr. Garner said the budget will be discussed at the next meeting and they would be included at some amount.


Ms. Barry said that she would need to check with Mrs. Malloy.


Motion:7- 0 Dubree /Patel-$4,000 to market their major exhibitions taking place form October 2012- September 2013. The proposed funding shall be debited from our promotional activities, existing event marketing fund.  This proposed partnership with the TDC and GAC would allow for the marketing funds to be available for reimbursement under the following conditions:

a.       Required GAC Facebook like of Gadsden Facebook page.

b.      Required GAC Web site include the TDC logo and a link to

c.       Required TDC brand logo mention with QR code to www. website on all printed newsletters and event materials.

d.      The TDC shall be recognized as a GAC member at a level consistent with the funded amount. Complimentary VIP Director’s Circle Previews to be utilized for Facebook and web promotions, Visit Florida promotions, FAM tours, and/or package promotions with other strategic partners.

e.      Required; Funds must be used for “marketing expenditures only” for GAC exhibitions.  Funds will be paid directly to GAC as reimbursement after submittal of paid invoices.  All marketing expenses submitted for payment must have documentation stating the specific event, proof of payment, and data supporting that the adverti8sing markets are largely focused on reaching potential visitors beyond 150 miles from the County as stated in the TDC Strategic Plan.  Funds may also be used toward a GAC Visit Florida partnership.  Pre-Approval of all proposed marketing before contracting is suggested.  Local focused marketing expenses and/or any other non-marketing expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.



Ms. Vice said they asked for $2,000 per quarter.

Mr. Garner said let’s get coordinator in and see what’s happen.

Knight – other events funding.

Dubree – funding year round instead of each time coming up

2.      Bob Lauther

(Havana Merchants Association)  


Mr. Garner referenced letter from Havana Merchants Association. (for record.)


Public Comments and Concerns on Non-Agenda Items (3 minute limit)


No Comments from public.


Concerns from the Council

§  Sonya Salary Clarification – added to next agenda.

§  Thro – Bylaws – call in to get quorum. Garner – stated we need 21 days.


Thro/ DuBree -  allow bylaws to be amended to have a quorum electronically at TDC Meetings. Discussion to occur at the next meeting, Oct. 15, 2012. Taylor, Sapp


Thro - Contingent Approval based on Straw Poll, to speed pending decisions up.  (amending of bylaws would need to occur.) He will provide more info at the next meeting.


Motion to Adjourn          @ 4:30pm.         





-October 15, 2012 Regular Meeting, 3:30 p.m.

-November 19, 2012 Regular Meeting, 3:30 p.m.



Other TDC Business



·         BOCC Board Meeting Agenda Items (October 2, 2012 6:00p.m.)


1.      Approval of TDC Budget for Fiscal Year(s) 2012-2013