Planning and Community Development







Thursday, March 13, 2014

6:00 p.m.

Board of County Commissioners Meeting Room

7 East Jefferson Street

Quincy, Florida


Present:          Commissioner Regina Davis, At - Large Member, Chair

                        Commissioner Edward Allen, Vice – Chair

                        Commissioner Dr. Gail Bridges – Bright

                        Commissioner Diane Sheffield

                 Commissioner Larry Ganus

                 Commissioner Mari VanLandingham (absent)

                 Commissioner David Tranchand

                                Commissioner Frank Rowan (absent)

                              Commissioner William Chukes

                              Commissioner Ed Dixon

                                Commissioner Catherine Robinson (absent)

                                Commissioner Isaac Simmons, School Board Representative (absent)

                              Allara Gutcher, Planning & Community Development Director

                                Willie Brown, Principal Planner

                                Beryl H. Wood, Deputy Clerk





Chair Davis called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with a quorum and led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag.





Each member present stated his or her name and district for the record.


2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES –      February 6, 2014 (workshop) – necessary corrections which were read into record by Mr. Ganus/Allen 8-0(approved)



3.      (Amendment to Agenda – Addition): Minutes:  Tranchand had discussion the minutes never being approved - November 14, 2014. Deputy Clerk said he was correct. Note: They had not met to approve them, this was their first official meeting, last month, which was their first time meeting it was a workshop.







5.      PUBLIC HEARING: Housing Element (CPA-2014-01)An amendment to the Goals, Objectives, and Policies of the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan.


Mrs. Gutcher commented this public hearing, Housing Element was an update. She gave history were in 2012, the Comprehensive Plan was presented to the Planning Commission as a required update based on the adopted Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) and statutory time limitations to adopt an EAR – based amendment as a result of the findings of the EAR. After public hearing by the Planning Commission, the Plan was then never forwarded to the BOCC for public hearing and transmittal to the Department of Economic Opportunity for review. This step is required in the adoption process of the Plan.


As state statutes include limitations on how much time can pass between the adoption of the EAR and EAR – based amendments, the County is now at a point where no further amendment can be made to the Comprehensive Plan until such time as an effort has been made to adopt the EAR – based amendments. The sanction includes map amendments to the Future Land Use Map. This sanction was placed on Gadsden County in May of 2013.


She said staff recommends option 1: recommend to the Board of County Commissioners that the amendment is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and adopt the amendments as presented.


Mr. Allen commented that Preble-Rish was contracted to Data Analysis.


Mr. Ganus said he would like to take it go through with chronological order.




Mr. Ganus said the introduction should be left in and should be updated and cleaned up.


Mrs. Bridges –Bright inquired about the data analysis, she asked about referencing it.


Mrs. Gutcher asked is it updated with current information. Generally data analysis is supported to the policy, it is submitted with the plan.


Mr. Allen clarified on Mr. Ganus comment to leave the introduction in.


Mr. Ganus said to leave in the introduction and clean up Ganus/Tranchand 8-0 (approved)


Mrs. Gutcher commented on the road listing she said they can list.


3A: Ganus – Policy 3.1.2 – terminology was adopted by resolution and not ordinance. Mrs. Gutcher said it was adopted by Ordinance.


Marion Lasley – asked about definitions which were submitted to the Clerk. (Affordable housing, workforce housing, ADU –accessory dwelling unit, central utility system (s), density bonuses, transfer of development rights, farm housing, clustering, infill/infill development, modular homes vs. mobile homes, multi –family development .

      3.1.3 Workforce housing – she would like supportive infrastructure to be defined.

      3.1.8 – Urban Service or Rural Residential Future Land Use

      Ms. Sheffield asked about wording of shall. It could create a problem.

      Mrs. Gutcher Clarify what is accessory dwelling such as mother law house.

Mr. Dixon definition of central water and central sewer. Understanding of supportive infrastructure. Definition makes its undo able, should try acreage.

Mr. Ganus – allowable by right, it could be striked.

Mr. Dixon commented on the redefined the circumstances which accessory dwelling unit.

Mr. Gutcher said normally it is for a college student or elderly person

      Tentatively postponed 3A ADU’s Policy 3.1.8(2 or more acres/greater than &

      Motion: Ganus/Dixon 7-1(Sheffield opposed)


Mrs. Sheffield Policy 3.1.7: A mixture of housing types shall be allowed, including single-family detached, multi-family, and accessory dwelling units, within a variety of price ranges to provide a range of housing option for county residents.

Objective 3:

Objective 3.2 – Ganus (define incentivizes)

Mrs. Gutcher You can abate impact fees, destiny incentives that would have to be developed.

Marion Lasley – objective 3.2 only related to workforce housing. Page 3 on policy 3.2.4 (density bonuses) transfer development rights; In support - 3.2.7A, would like to see more regulation with that type of language. She said she needed more definitions.

Consensus: Need definitions

Mrs. Gutcher said the Code implements the plan.

Mrs. Sheffield asked that definitions be added:

Goal 3B:

Mrs. Sheffield 3.3.7: What is public action?

Mrs. Gutcher said its government (public interest)

3.3.12 (Recreational vehicles) questioned the 3 months. He said it includes RV parks.

Mrs. Gutcher said it wouldn’t apply to RV parks.

Policy 3.3.13 – Mobile home parks – my concern is that this in the Land Development Code, would there be any modification.

Mrs. Gutcher said her opinion it needs to say it’s referring to the Florida. Mobile home parks are allowed in commercial and urban service area. Gadsden County is not allowing mobile homes that are the ones before 1976.  Manufactured homes can be brought in.  She said you can add to the Code by making requirements more stringent.

Marion Lasley – verify that it goes into the Land Development Code. Manufactured, modular, and mobile homes should be added. She also added that a list of definitions be available for both the Planning and BOCC.

Objective 3.4 – None

Policy 3.4.1 – Allen who determines? Mrs. Gutcher said the building official

Objective 3C – None

Objective 3D _ Policy 3.5.2 (numbers have change); 3.6.2 the radius between two of the homes 1200 is not very far. I recommend that we increase.

Mr. Dixon disagreed with Mr. Ganus. Spoke in support to adequate group homes.

      Motion: Current Language 1200 ft 7-1(Ganus opposed)


Marion Lasley Objective 3.46– what is the definition of multi- family development.


Mrs. Gutcher said anything that is not single.


Policy 3.6.2 – Subject to the agency requesting, she referenced it didn’t make since to her. Would like it rewritten.

      Mrs. Gutcher said it’s the licensing agency.

Goal 3D: should be Goal 3E: Would like to add trash/recycling regulations on some sort of promotions.

      Mrs. Gutcher said although they are great programs, but not in housing element.

      Goal 3E: None

      Motion: Housing Element - Approve as amended Dixon/Bright (approved) 8-0


6.      PUBLIC HEARING:  Subsection 5002(B) of the Land Development Code; Non-conforming Structures and Uses (LDC-2014-01) – Amending the Land Development Code development standards regarding non-conforming structures and uses 


      Tranchand/Bridges – Bright 8 -0 to postpone to the April Meeting


7.      PUBLIC COMMENTS – Judiciary Issue would like to review for Dixon/Allen 8-0 directed to bring to the next meeting for approval.


8.      DIRECTOR’S COMMENTS – Joint Meeting scheduled for March


9.      ADJOURNMENT @ 7:45 pm