Board of County Commissioner

Gadsden County, Florida


Regular Public Meeting

June 3, 2014

6:00 p.m.


Present:                 Eric Hinson, Chair, District 1

                                Brenda Holt, Vice-Chair, District 4

                                Doug Croley, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5 (arrived late)

                                Robert Presnell, County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair called meeting to order  at 6:00 p.m.


  Add 2-A and 16A.  Chair Hinson asked everyone’s opinion on pulling Item 16 to hold a workshop regarding the matter.  Vice-Chair Holt stated there were people in the audience that had come to speak regarding the matter and thought they should have the opportunity to speak regarding this matter since it had been advertised.


 Croley/Holt 4-0




Recognition of Hernon and Earnest Henderson for the Opening of South Main Street Restaurant on Henderson Strip in Havana, FL.

   Chair Hinson presented a plaque to the Hendersons in honor of them opening the restaurant in Havana.


Commissioner Taylor arrived at this juncture of the meeting.


The Hendersons’ spoke and thanked everyone.



Proclamation Honoring the Service of Ms. Alice DuPont to the Gadsden County Times and the Gadsden County Community

  Chair Hinson introduced the above item and asked the Board to join him in presenting the Proclamation to Ms. Alice DuPont and then read the Proclamation aloud.



Recognition of the 2013/2014 Valedictorians and Salutatorians

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item and the Chair called the students up and they were presented with a plaque.





Morgan/Holt 5-0


Approval of Minutes



Approval of Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement with the State of Florida Department of Transportation







   Sam Palmer, 1225 Berry Street, Quincy, FL  32351, Video Cameras, spoke in favor of the return of cameras to the board meeting.



   EMILY ROWAN, 1200 Little Sycamore Road, Quincy, FL  32351, Gadsden County Library Board, appeared before the Board to give an update on recent programs at the Library.  She said face-to-face internet service for Social Security was only available at the McGill Library and Social Security internet service was available at all Gadsden County Libraries.



   Mary Smith, 3137 Atwater Road, Chattahoochee, FL, appeared before the Board and said she always wanted to know what the Commissioners did for the constituents.  She said she was having racial issues on her property.  She said her son had 2 felonies charged on him because of the incidents.




PUBLIC HEARINGS-Approval of Resolution No. 2014-011 and Budget Request to Authorize Expenditure of Courthouse Facilities Reserve for Related Emergency Repairs to the Public Address System in the County Felony Courtroom Located at the Guy A. Race Courthouse Annex and Other Expenses


  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item. 


Bill Wills, Court Administration, appeared before the Board and apologized for going outside of the budget and asking for additional funds.  Need for upgraded PA system in Felony Courtroom.


Holt/Morgan Hinson asked if someone local in area to give them job.  Mr. Presnell said would have to be bid, but every effort made to employ local people.  Asked that procurement process be emailed to everyone. Vote 5-0.



PUBLIC HEARING-Adoption of Ordinance No. 2014-002 Adopting Procedures to Consider Acquisition of Property Interests in and Acceptance of Maintenance Responsibility  for Certain Private Roadways in the Unincorporated Area of the County Under Certain Conditions


   Mr.  Presnell introduced the above item.


  Cora Spencer 116 Freddie Bryant Lane, Quincy, FL 32352, spoke to the Board and said not everyone who lives on this road agrees to give up land, what options do they have.


  Marion Lasley, 5 Dante Court, Quincy, FL spoke to the Board and stated was in favor of this Ordinance.


Commissioner Morgan stepped out at this juncture of the meeting.


Commissioner Holt clarified that this would not be paving the roads immediately.


Commissioner Croley said not sure Ordinance is legal and referenced FS 125.01(7) and asked the County Attorney to explain the Statute. 


Mr. Weiss said the County cannot use ad valorem funds that would benefit unincorporated areas.


Commissioner Taylor said at the last meeting, thought the Administrator and Attorney were to bring changes back to the Board and asked if have been addressed.


Commissioner Taylor asked about “grandfathering in” prior to Comp Plan-No, grandfathering in works with public roads, but not private roads to make public road.


Chair Hinson said he had mentioned doing 1 mile per district.


Dewayne Smith, 3137 Atwater Road, appeared before the Board with questions.


Commissioner Morgan said the intention behind the Ordinance was 1) legal issues that will be invited into County; 2) potential significant costs to County and need to keep in mind, revenues trending down.  Why isn’t current process adequate?  This very complicated matter and opening door to costs.  Great program in place.


Commissioner Holt said 2-way sword, in favor of right-of-ways but should be brought up to standards before adopted.  Budget won’t support 1 road per district.  Need costs analysis.  Numbers need to be there to support it.


Chair Hinson said needed to figure out priorities-Sheriff Admin Building or fix muddy roads.  We have the funding, need to figure out areas. 


Commissioner Croley asked if the County maintains in proper form all of its county-owned 60’ ROW.  Encouraged Mr. Presnell to verify the length in GIS and PW.  Was supportive of ordinance that allowed expansive reasonable-ordinance not in compliance of law.


Chair Hinson asked if everything was legal-Weiss – ordinance is legal, written if standard met, could operate under it legally. 


Commissioner Taylor-county is focusing on growth and development. Caught flack when Joe Knight Road paved because 1 citizen lived on road, now being cleared and development going in.


Commissioner Holt asked about ½ mile per district, per year-


Commissioner Morgan asked if made better sense to adopt this ordinance or keep current policy in place.  If take on more roads, more impact


Taylor motion to approve with 1 mile per district, standards to be brought up by property owner


Croley raised objection on procedural grounds.


Weiss-would have to figure out how to re-write the Ordinance for the mile.


Weiss-make motion to amend ordinance.


Taylor-amend ordinance to state 1 mile per district and remaining language stay as is/Holt 3-2-Morgan Croley opposed.





Public Officials Bond Reviews

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item.


Commissioner Taylor moved approval


Commissioner Croley asked to hear from Mr. Lawson, recommended to pass into January because never received bonds.


Mr. Lawson appeared before the Board and said BOCC has individual bonds, others have blanket bonds. 


Taylor/Holt 5-0  Croley asked for information.



Approval of Interlocal Agreement with the City of Chattahoochee for Mosquito Services

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item.


Morgan/Holt 5-0



Approval of Amendment of Contract with AshBritt, Inc. for Emergency Debris Management Services

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item.


Commissioner Holt asked if any of companies were local.


Morgan/Croley 5-0



Approval to Renew Service Contract with Allcol Technologies, Inc.

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above.


Commissioner Morgan-motion to approve Commissioner Croley called for discussion.


Commissioner Holt second 5-0



Approval of Extension of Contract with Capital City Bank for the Purchase of the Thomas Motor Cars Property

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item seeking extension.


Commissioner Holt-don’t need property-can use hospital. Motion to not approve/Chair Hinson  discussion followed.


Sterling Bryant, Assistant Vice President of Capital City Bank, appeared before the Board to explain the grant cycle deadlines had been moved.


Commissioner Croley thanked Mr. Bryant for coming before the Board and asked if there was contractual obligation to go forward.  Bank missed cycle, did not follow through on their contractual obligation, did it breach the agreement.  Contract expired. 


Commissioner Holt said if no contract, no need to extend.


Commissioner Croley said since contract expired, need to resolve if contract back in place.


Commissioner Morgan said talking about contract when contract not attached. 


4-1 Commissioner Morgan opposed.



Approval of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Functional Classifications Maps for the Florida Department of Transportation

  Mr. Presnell introduced the item.


Taylor/Croley 5-0



Approval to Award RFP No. 14-02 for County Auditing Services to Purvis, Gray and Company of Tallahassee, FL

  Mr. Presnell introduced the item.


Commissioner Holt moved to not approve-died lack of second


Croley/Morgan to approve


Commissioner Taylor asked reason to not approve-has problem when asked question


4-1 Holt opposed.




Approval of Legal Services Contract for Gadsden County Board of Commissioners

  Mr. Presnell introduced item.


Hours increased,


Morgan stepped out at this juncture of the meeting.


Holt asked why Mr. Glazer’s rates higher-$265.00 hour too much.  Chair Hinson asked reason for keeping Mr. Glazer.


Commissioner Croley-known for his experience of hospitals.  Only use for hospital issues.


Commissioner Morgan returned at this juncture of the meeting.


Croley/Morgan – Holt discussion. Holt said firm represents other entities in County, what happens if conflict arises.  Florida Bar has rules to regulate this.  If Board has to retain conflict counsel, will be paid out of $7,700 fee to County attorney.


Vote taken 5-0



Approval of Commissioner Holt’s Travel to Washington, DC to Provide Information Regarding Services for Senior Citizens

  Mr. Presnell introduced item


Commissioner Croley uncomfortable in approving because, asked if representing Board or speaking on behalf of herself as commissioner of District 4.


Commissioner Holt stated was not asked to represent Board, asked to represent citizens of county regarding Social Security matters in county.


No idea of costs at this time, approximately around $1,000-1,500, cheaper to fly from Orlando.


Morgan/Taylor 5-0



Discussion-Citizens Growth Management and Planning Bill of Rights

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.

  Marion Lasley stated she would like to hear discussion first.


  Arrie Battle, 919 Hardin Street, Quincy, FL, asked how could get Citizens Bill of Rights on ballot to be voted on and name any other county where this is in effect.  Also asked for citizen input before they decide on budgets.


  Sam Palmer, appeared before the Board. Requested that commissioners repeal this because negative impact to county and is deterrent. 


Chair Hinson asked if could answer Ms. Battle’s questions first.  St. Johns County has this, Martin County


Can’t go on ballot for vote because no prevision for adoption of ordinance by referendum. 


  Charles Morris, 2301 Blue Star Highway, asked for clarification of Ms. Battle’s question.


Mr. Weiss-citizens can petition commissioners to take action they would like to have taken; cannot petition to have matter placed on ballot for citizens to vote.


  Marion Lasley, 5 Dante Court, plenty of citizens in favor of this.


Commissioner Holt stepped out at this juncture of the meeting.


This provides protection from developers threatening to force and was for land-use changes.


Commissioner Holt returned at this juncture of the meeting.


Chair Hinson said supporter of wetlands,


Holt said 2-3 ways issue could be addressed, take board to court and sue; 3 options-petition, sue, remove.  Citizens need to attend meetings when zoning laws being addressed.


  Sam Palmer reappeared before the Board and said could guarantee if not repealed, would see litigation.


  Charles Morris also reappeared before the Board.  Asked if county had charter-not a charter county-non-chartered counties authorized by state statutes. 


Commissioner Taylor said when she first saw she was excited because felt something good. Now looking closer, still had appreciation because citizens given right to be notified before business being set up in “bedrock” community. 


Commissioner Taylor stepped out.



Review and Approval of the TDC Marketing event/Tour of Gadsden “A Taste of the South”

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item.

Holt/Morgan-Morgan had questions. 


Commissioner Taylor returned at this juncture of meeting.


Morgan asked what funds to be used for other than transportation.


Commissioner Holt said looking to keep them in County-spend money here.


Commissioner Croley asked the attorney his concerns of the transportation issue.


Weiss-concerns were when asked to fund for “our event” not authorized, if TDC supports, different matter.


Allara Gutcher appeared before the Board to better clarify the proposed item.


Called for vote-3-2 Morgan, Croley opposed.





Update on Board Requests

  Presnell said City of Quincy installing cable-hired installer.


Roast and Toast for Superintendent Reginald James


Ribbon cutting at Havana Restaurant Thursday 10:30.





Update on Various Legal Issues

  Nothing to report-can answer questions if any.





Report and Discussion on Public Issues and Concerns Pertaining to Commission Districts and Gadsden County



Commissioner Taylor, District 5

  Talked about adding mobile homes to emergency funding-maybe adgenda for August.



Commissioner Morgan, District 3

  EMS facility-asked to have re-agenda/Croley, 5-0



Commissioner Croley, District 2

  Request permission to approve a proclamation honoring Ms. Sara Adams, who will be 100 years old. Holt second 5-0



Commissioner Holt, Vice-Chair, District 4

  Items 11, 13, 10, 11 should have been left up for board to approve,

aked about  Grant position

Comprehensive plan


Commissioner Hinson, Chair, District 1





a. May 6, 2014 Letter from the City of Quincy (Voluntary Annexation of Properties)





CANCELLED-June 17, 2014 Regular Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.

                July 1, 2014 - Regular Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.

                July 15, 2014 - Regular Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.

                July 24, 2014 - 2nd Budget Workshop @ 4:00 p.m.



   Meeting adjourned at 9:49 p.m.