Thursday, July 10, 2014

6:00 p.m.

Board of County Commissioners Meeting Room

7 East Jefferson Street

Quincy, Florida


Present:         Commissioner Regina Davis, At - Large Member, Chair

                       Commissioner Edward Allen, Vice – Chair

                       Commissioner Dr. Gail Bridges – Bright (absent)

                       Commissioner Diane Sheffield

                Commissioner Larry Ganus (absent)

                Commissioner Mari VanLandingham (absent)

                Commissioner David Tranchand

                           Commissioner Frank Rowan

                             Commissioner William Chukes (absent)

                             Commissioner Edward J. Dixon (absent)

                           Commissioner Catherine Robinson (absent)

                             Commissioner Isaac Simmons, School Board Representative (absent)

                             Allara Gutcher, Planning & Community Development Director

                             Beryl H. Wood, Deputy Clerk




Chair Davis called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m. with a quorum not present and led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag.




Each member present stated his or her name and district for the record.


3.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES –  April 10, 2014 and May 15, 2014 (approval of minutes could not be heard, due to not having a quorum.)






Due to no quorum being present the remainder of the agenda was heard, but no action was taken.


5.      PUBLIC HEARING (Quasi-Judicial):   Crossroad Academy Charter School Variance (V-2014-01) request to allow the removal of six (6) protected trees and the technical removal of two (2) protected trees.   

Jill Jeglie gave update on Crossroad Academy Charter School Variance to allow the removal of six (6) protected trees and the technical removal of two (2) protected trees. She gave background where a pre-application meeting was held on February 20, 2014 to discuss the expansion of the Crossroad Academy Charter School to add a high school, gymnasium, music room and re-configure the parking lot and driveway aisles.

Mrs. Jeglie said all the criteria had not been provided and they would have needed to get it by now to make the August 5 BOCC meeting.

Brad Begue   He said that they are planting ninety (90”) caliper inches of trees to augment the required buffers where applicable. The landscape plan should show where the plantings would be. He said they are re-working the parent pickup area.

Commissioner VanLandingham asked would they be planting trees and shrubs.

Commissioner VanLandingham questioned the building that they made smaller to save a tree.

Mr. Begue said it was the Pre-K Building they adjusted to save tree. He said the Landscape Plan shows where the trees would be planted.

Commissioner Allen asked how high the retaining wall is.

Mr. Begue it is in the back and it would be fenced, it is 12 foot.

Commissioner VanLandingham asked what a technical removal was.

Public Comment:  

Marion Lasley, 5 Dante Court, I’m concerned about mitigation ratio. Concerned with trees, was pleased to find out they are water oaks. If you have something that is supposed to be protected. Concerned about setting precedent. “You have to put double of what you take out.”

Mr. Begue said they are removing 6 that equal 30 trees.

Chair Davis asked would they be able to meet conditions soon. She apologized for not having a quorum.

6.      PUBLIC HEARING (Legislative): Transmittal of Intergovernmental Coordination Element to the Department of Economic Opportunity for review.   

Mrs. Gutcher gave an update of the Intergovernmental Coordination Element of the Gadsden County Comprehensive Plan.

It is a process that the Appalachia Regional Planning Council to help mediate the concerns.

Commissioner Allen said Policy 1.6, 1.8 I believe you left out some of the protective zone. He mentioned protected zones that have been removed.

Commissioner VanLandingham asked why Lake Talquin couldn’t not be added to Policy 7.4.1.

Mrs. Gutcher said Lake Talquin is not attached to any of the cities in the county, but we can say Leon County.

Consensus to add Lake Talquin.

      Public Comment:

Marion Lasley, 5 Dante Court,   7.1.6 that was deleted, it refers to Quincy Creek. She said that they might want to add, because it would affect the water quality. Add to policy 7.4.1. She asked where all others creeks be protected that are mentioned.

Mrs. Gutcher said it is not saying that we won’t work with any other creeks.

7.4.1 – Apalachicola drainage basin (It does include all basins)


7.4.2 – stream–side protection zones to restrict. Everything should be listed that is significant.


Discussion of policies within the Comprehensive Plan regarding mining activities.

Commissioner Allen said during the ear amendments, we needed to bring it back before the Commission.

Commissioner Sheffield inquired did they not discuss the Mining activities last year.

Commissioner Allen said they did not.

Commissioner Sheffield asked had the EAR Amendments gone to the Board.

Mrs. Gutcher said it has not.

Chair Davis asked was there a scheduled time.

Mrs. Gutcher said they will look at them at today.

Staff would review minutes to see what last discussion occurred on the mining.

8.      PUBLIC COMMENTS – No comments


9.      DIRECTOR’S COMMENTS  Housing Element; Planning Commission – Technical Assistance Grant -$25,000 should know something soon. Applying for additional grant monies as well.


10.  ADJOURNMENT @ 7:02p.m