Agenda & Notes

Monday, July 28, 2014

Visioning Session – Part II: 1:00 pm


Lee Garner, Chair of TDC, City of Chattahoochee Manager and Tax Collector (A)

Matt Thro, Vice – Chair of TDC, H & H Furniture (P)

Jeff DuBree, Sportsman’s Lodge, Bed Tax Collector - Lake Talquin (P)

David Knight, Midway Councilman (P)

Keith Dowdell, City of Quincy Commissioner (A)

Peter Patel, Hotel Industry (A)

Clarence Jackson, City of Gretna (A)

Brenda Holt, BOCC (P)

Lynn Badger, Bed Tax Collector – Havana (A)

Sonya Burns, TDC Administrative Assistant

Allara Gutcher, Planning Director/TDC Administrator

Lynn Cherry, Carpe Diem Community Solutions

Beryl Wood, Deputy Clerk


1.         Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call


Lynn Cherry called the meeting to order at 1:25pm and begun with the Visioning Session.


The roll was noted by the deputy clerk and stated above.


Mrs. Cherry said the goal of the day is to have a real clear sense of where you want to go. When you reunite you are ready to develop a well-planned Strategic Plan. She referenced the homework questions that were given to the TDC at their previous meeting.


1.      Think about how to implement the SWOT analysis. How do you hit homerun in 5 years? What does success look like?


§  Market natural resources & cultural diversity that we have?

§  The ability to stick to a plan. (appoint a leader, understand the plan, target, checkpoints to make sure it works

§  what can we build off of?

§  What can we bring that we don’t have?

§  the business community knows we have a tourism base to the economy.

§  See what the TDC created continuously

§  Outreach


The Council was asked to write what success looks like? Round robin demonstration– building on a thought – moving forward with forethoughts.


David Knight

Building new hotels & restaurants

Resulting in more visitors

Better lives of citizens, new employment growth

Business plans, staying connected with the businesses.


Matt Thro

Eco-toursim that is rapidly growing and has a strong foundation

Bike trails, Walking trails, hiking, fishing tournaments, skiing, boating, natural beauty, rolling hills

Infrastructure needs


Jeff DuBree

More partners to play role, get people positively engaged.

Increasing participation

Simple Plan (1, 2, and 3)

Monitor & evaluate success of plan

Make it simple


Brenda Holt

History – Historic Town

Western Theme

Facilities that cater to diverse cultures


Marketing & Infrastructure


Components of Plan

§  Timeline and calendar – multi- year

§  Method to insure involvement/engaged members

§  Get new members up to speed

§  Better education/ training in place

§  Look for future growth

§  Legal spending of tax dollars

§  Commitment to best practices

§  Grant – Marketing Infrastructure (detailed components)

§  Plans are simple (1, 2, and 3)

§  Clarity & Certainty

§  Monitoring & evaluation process

§  Community check in (component open dialogue)

§  Define leadership

§  Check point for visitors (feedback) hotels or online comment cards (simple)

§  Collaboration for funding w/ other boards & commissions

§  Leadership to create collaboration


Sonya will email Strategic Plan out to TDC.


2.      Focus on three opportunities to move forward, start with the homerun!

DuBree – fill gaps/inconsistencies in Strategic Plan

Holt – budget alliance/ opportunity to financially to other agencies & events

Thro – budget, long term fraction in one direction, more funding, more dollars – bed nights to grow budget

(Primary focus)Aggressive growth revenue

Knight – effective communication with hotels, networking for more revenue – help hotels more

Holt – market TDC more (awareness and functions)


3.      Frame out the three opportunities


Next Meeting:  Regular Meeting - August 18, 2014 @3:30pm

Adjourned at 3:06pm