Monday, August 18, 2014

Regular Meeting: 3:30 pm



Lee Garner, Chair of TDC, City of Chattahoochee Manager and Tax Collector

Matt Thro, Vice – Chair of TDC, H & H Furniture

Jeff DuBree, Sportsman’s Lodge, Bed Tax Collector - Lake Talquin

David Knight, Midway Councilman

Keith Dowdell, City of Quincy Commissioner (arrived late)

Peter Patel, Hotel Industry (arrived late)

Clarence Jackson, City of Gretna (via phone)

Brenda Holt, BOCC

Lynn Badger, Bed Tax Collector - Havana

Attorney David Weiss, County Attorney (absent)

Sonya Burns, TDC Administrative Assistant

Allara Gutcher, Planning Director/TDC Administrator

Beryl Wood, Deputy Clerk


1.      Pledge of Allegiance/Roll call

Lee Garner, Chairman of TDC called the meeting to order at 3:30p.m. with a quorum present and then led in the Pledge of Allegiance. 


The roll was called by the deputy clerk and stated above.


2.      Amendments and Approval of Agenda – Holt/DuBree (approved 5-0)


3.      Approval of  Meeting Minutes (June 25, 2014)- DuBree/Knight (approved 5 - 0)


4.      General Business


a.      RFQ Presentations and Recommendation to BOCC- TDC Marketing Services. Mrs. Gutcher presented the two firms.

Ø    Chisano  - Jason Pennypacket and Joe Bouch    gave the presentation for Chisano Marketing Group.  (Peter Patel/Keith Dowdell arrived at this juncture.)

           Mrs. Holt said Festival rules on County level are too strict. She said they need to work on making it feasible.

           Jeff DuBree asked about other counties that merit Gadsden.

           Mr. Pennypacket said none on this level, but named counties that they have done work for which included Lee County.


Ø    Parkway Strategies - Sue Allen   gave presentation. All Gadsden Tourism needs to be separated and sold as the parts.


·         Better marketing directly to the niche markets

·         Video assets just about targeted markets

·         Premade weekend getaways to Gadsden


Mrs. Holt commented on the benefits of social media.


Mrs. Gutcher said a recommendation from one of the two firms to forward to BOCC.


Mrs. Holt asked what about web-cam interviews.


Motion: Chisano (recommendation for BOCC) – Dowdell/Patel 8-0(by show of  



Mr. Knight asked would Parkway Solutions be offered if


Mr. Garner said if Chisano can’t meet budget, they would have to do a new RFP.


Motion: Holt/Patel  - I move that we follow the county procurement policy.



Mr. DuBree questioned the $30,000 in the budget for marketing. He also commented on conflict of interest that should be addressed with them.


b.      Appointment of one TDC member to the Gadsden County Development Council

 Mrs. Gutcher said they need a representative for the GCD.

Motion: Peter Patel  - Holt/Dowdell  8-0


c.       Crappie Tournament 2015 – Amended Version presented   Crappie USA could be given a $1,000 grant to help with their advertisement.


Mrs. Gutcher said anything over $5,000 goes before BOCC per Attorney Weiss.

Mrs. Holt said the other firm Crappie Master didn’t make a presentation. You must give everyone a fair chance. She mentioned that the County Commission has been sued twice for approving something that they shouldn’t.


Mr. Garner said the Attorney has been here on a couple of occasion and their decision was led by that.

Motion: Badger/Knight   - to move forward with Crappie USA for $1,000.

Jeff DuBree abstained from motion.

Discussion – Brenda Holt commented said the Attorney never gave an opinion on the presentation process.

Knight – asked for a special meeting for clarity.

Mrs. Burns said she would send an email for an invitation for presentation and see how he responds. She suggested a conference call.


Mr. Knight withdrew second to motion. Motion died for lack of second.


Mrs. Gutcher recommended they readvertise another meeting.


Motion: Holt/Patel - For meeting with second vendor to present. (approved)


d.      TDC Visioning Session Part II Report

Ø Matt Thro, Brenda Holt, David Knight, Jeff DuBree

Mrs. Holt said it should coordinate with the Economic Development.


Mr. DuBree said what he took from Visioning Session is to simplify the Strategic Plan.


Mrs. Gutcher said the goal was to go through the Visioning Session then move on to the Strategic Planning phase.


Mrs. Holt said they should get a quote/Figure from her as to what the next step would be for helping us through lead with the planning of the Strategic Plan.


5.         Staff business (no vote items) Informational

a.      2014 Governors Conference on Tourism Schedule of Events (Boca Raton, Florida)

Ø  Allara Gutcher, Clarence Jackson, Jeff Dubree, Lee Garner

        b.    Expenditure Report

6.         Items of discussion from Council members (no vote items)


7.         Public Comments -   Mrs. Holt said they were looking into how many times they would accept applications. She suggested once a quarter.


Mrs. Gutcher said currently it’s in the Strategic Plan as twice per year.


Ben Chandler, Main Street Chattahoochee, committed to being a partner with Gadsden TDC.


Mrs. Burns thanked Mr. Chandler for all his support with the Tour of Gadsden.


8.      Adjournment – 6:21 p.m.


Upcoming meetings:   October 20, 2014 at 3:30