Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida


Regular Public Meeting

December 16, 2014

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Eric Hinson, Chair, District 1

                                Brenda Holt, Vice-Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, PhD, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Robert Presnell, County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair Holt called meeting to order at 6: 02 p.m., asked for a moment of silence and then led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag.








Introduction to New Markets Tax Credits

   Chris Rietow, Apalachee Regional Planning Council, appeared before the Board.


Jamy Dinkins, Florida New Markets Tax Credit Alliance, appeared before the board and explained his program.


Chair Holt explained she sat on the ARPC board and currently Gadsden County did not have a project and a decision needed to be made so not to miss the deadline of receiving a share of the $65 Million in credits.


Taylor asked that the tax credits be explained and Mr. Dinkins did so.  She then asked why this had not been applied for.


Beth Kirkland appeared before the Board to explain.  They worked with Suntrust Bank and She explained we were in line first if we submitted a project.


Chair Holt explained other counties already have projects submitted, Gadsden County needs to submit a project to “have something in the hopper”.


Taylor asked questions and Mr. Dinkins answered.





   Hinson/V 5-0


Approval of Minutes

                -October 7, 2014 Regular Meeting



Letter of Agreement Authorizing Tallahassee Big Bend Crime Stoppers, Inc. to Act as Gadsden County’s Agent for the Purpose of Applying for and Receiving Monies from the Crime Stopper’s Trust Fund



Approval of Resolution for New Chairperson’s Facsimile Stamp



Adoption of Resolution 2014-026 Designating the Portion of U.S. Highway 90/State Road 10 between Gretna and Chattahoochee in Gadsden County as “James Harold Thompson Highway”



Approval of Signatures for Special Assessment Liens and Rehabilitation Contract-SHIP Program







Linda Dixon, 4332 Attapulgus Highway, Quincy, Item 7


Alphonso Figgers, 215 North Chalk Street, Quincy, FL


Marion Lasley, 5 Dante Court, Citizens Bi


Larry Ganus, 2174 Frank Smith Road, Quincy, FL  Item 7


Charles Morris, 23201 Blue Star Highway, Quincy, FL, items 7 & 8


Antonio Jefferson, 14615 Main Street, Gretna, FL  Item 8


Dot Inman-Johnson


Alphonso Figgers, 215 North Chalk Street, Quincy, FL, appeared before the Board regarding Shaw’s Addition Crime Watch and reminded the Commissioner they were in the process of putting together baskets for the elderly.










Discussion of the Citizen’s Growth Management and Planning Bill of Rights

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item. 


Dr. V said this was his 4th meeting and as a mentor had said, “you cannot bark with dogs and run with rabbits”.  Moves that Ordinance be repealed and replaced with more economic growth favorable ordinance. 


Morgan asked why motion.


Dr. V clarified motion that ordinance be sent back to P&Z for discussion and brought back for discussion and vote by board/Hinson second


Sam Palmer, 1225 Berry Street, Quincy, FL  32351, Items 7 & 8, appeared before Board, one of issues he has asked Board to consider and Dr. V


   Charles Morris, 23201 Blue Star Highway, Quincy, FL, items 7 & 8, appeared before the Board and said he was concerned this would be discussed and discussed-how long would that take and longer discuss it,


Mr. Presnell explained it was adopted as part of land development code and will be addressed at P&Z in January.


   Larry Ganus, 2174 Frank Smith Road, Quincy, FL,  Item 7, appeared before the Board and disagreed with what has been said so far and need this type of thing for citizens to have opportunity to speak on what is happening around them and provides for citizens to sit in local atmosphere for meeting.  Bad idea to completely do away with it, maybe do modification.


   Marion Lasley, 5 Dante Court, Citizens Bill of Rights, appeared before the Board as board member of Gadsden United.  One issue worked on was improve notification to citizens of development.  She pointed out the ordinance was for major developers and not individual developers.  She added if repealed, their rights would be taken away on what was going on in Gadsden County. 


   Linda Dixon, 4332 Attapulgus Highway, Quincy, Item 7, Chair Holt said Ms. Dixon had filled put a form she was for repealing this item but left before the meeting. 


Morgan asked if this had prohibited any development-no.


Taylor said part she favored was citizens needed to know what was being built in their backyard and Bill of Rights provides that notification.  Agrees certain portion of it needs to be modified.


Dr. V said wants it modified with another document that was more favorable to citizens with more appropriate language for economic development.


Taylor was glad he clarified his position.  She asked for clarification on motion and second.  She asked Attorney it was for discussion, and were they within protocol in going in different direction. 


Mr. Weiss said way agendaed, Board cannot take action on document itself, they are sending it to planning commission for modifications/revisions.  Motion was for discussion purposes.


Holt said being sent back for review and called for vote  4-1-Morgan no



Board Direction Regarding the Allocation of Funds for the Provision of Economic Development Services for Gadsden County

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Holt said 3 entities vying for funding, GCDC, GEDC, and Small Business.


Mr. Presnell said there needed to be board direction.


Morgan-motion for $100,000 GCDC 2 year agreement, $100,000 GEDC 2 year, $40,000 Small Business 2 years/ died for lack of second.


Hinson said he was one that came up with $240,000.  Wants them to consider to bring it down to $150,000-$180,000.


Morgan said did not follow what he was saying. 


Hinson said initially they put aside $240,000 and $400,000 seed money for incentive.  Don’t need that much with incentive money out there.  Wants to reduce so more money can go to business owners.


Holt explained the previous workshop to the audience and that the GCDC was set up and funded by the Board last year to go after businesses.  She said other group was Chamber of Commerce.  Group with managers was GCDC; Board asked for plan and they came back with one.  She said nothing against Chamber, has problem with no business coming to area. 


Commissioner Taylor said are 2 groups and each have own strength-one outside of county resources; other knows economy.  Not positioned at this time for businesses to come.  Need to expand on what is here.  Need retention and expansion.  Both groups have ability to do both.  Need mediator to sit with both groups.  Previously mentioned GCDC was formed by Board.  Chamber received no funding last year and formed GEDC.


Dr. V said his position was made at workshop-will not support two bodies-need to come together for good of county and have no problem funding.  If can come together and work together, no problem in funding amount allocated.


  Hinson said his intent when brought up $240,000-if look at other counties, no-one has as much money.  If don’t give dime to either group, have incentive money that is self-sufficient. 


  Morgan said their job was not to create jobs-not government job-their job was to set policy that provides for business friendly sources.  Can have one voice with more than one organization.  People want to see private and public sector working together.


  Dr. V yielded to citizens.


   Sam Palmer, 1225 Berry Street, Quincy, FL  32351, when look at jobs, where is most of jobs-FSH, County.  Need to fund and promote what people can retire from. 


   Charles Morris, 23201 Blue Star Highway, Quincy, FL, suggested certain spirit should be operated in-we need to see what we want to accomplish.


   Antonio Jefferson, 14615 Main Street, Gretna, FL  part of problem there is no shared community vision.  GCDC have won support of    started with nothing in hand in January of this year.  Spent last 3 months trying to convince Board to fund them and 3 months they were not productive.  GCDC prepared to do whole gamut tonight.  Asked Board to make decision tonight. 


   Dot Inman-Johnson, wanted to ditto everything Antonio said.  Board created GCDC to bring everyone together to expand and retain small business and bring big jobs to the area.


  Harold Emrich, supports GCDC.


  Lee Garner, echos what other city managers have said-need to be one entity for economic development in Gadsden County. 


  Holt said GCDC is group Commission established and asked cities to sign on.  She specifically asked that Chamber have seat and Chamber left.  Her suggestion is to fund group they put together


  Dr. V said earlier proposal was a collaborative proposal presented by GCDC and called it Gadsden County Consolidated Economic Development Plan.


Chair Holt stepped out at this juncture.


  Mr. Garner said the consolidated plan is what the GCDC put together and Chamber was not there and has tried to meet with GDEDC. 

Chair Holt returned.


Mr. Garner read aloud their plan and said GCDC recommends funding be distributed as follows:


include retainers $160,000 for Beth Kirkland and Rob Nixon to work together, $40,000 for Chamber and $40,000 to be held in reserve.  He added in today’s meeting, they agreed Beth Kirkland and Rob Nixon would work together.


  Taylor asked Mr. Nixon where he was with regard to what Mr. Garner read.  Wants solution.


He said attempt was to bring back deliverables and supports both entities working together.  Chamber and GCEDC agree that GCDC should be lead entity.  Willing to work in any capacity necessary to better the county.   Want another name with both coming together. 


   Dr. V said putting on professional hat as economist and think needs to go with scribbled proposal for one year


Motion to go with scribbled proposal-GCDC $160,000, $40,000 Chamber/Holt  Discussion


Morgan said heard GCDEC $160,000 and $40,000 Small Business and $40,000 in reserve.


Taylor asked if attorney had seen and understood-$40,000 being earmarked for


3-2 Morgan and Taylor opposed.



Approval of Lewis Lane Paving Additive Change Order with Peavy & Son Construction

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.





Morgan returned at this juncture.



Gadsden Senior Services, Inc. Board Request for Commission District Representatives

  Mr. Presnell introduced item.   


Morgan nominated Champ James from Chattahoochee but needs to confirm.


Hinson nominated Lillie Doris Stokes but needs to confirm



Approval of Members for the Citizens Advisory Task Force for the CDBG EMS Facility Grant Application

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


V/Hinson 5-0


Approval of Re-appointment/Appointments to the Apalachee Regional Planning Council (ARPC)

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Hinson to reappoint Holt/V


Morgan asked if attendance was problem, attendance sheet showed lack of-no problem, sheet wrong.



Hinson nominated Morgan as alternate/V second  5-0



Discussion of Appointments to the Planning Commission

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Holt – Dr. Gail Bridges-Bright


Dr. V nominated Gerald McSwain and Johnny Yeomans.



Board Reviews and Discussion of the 2015 BOCC Legislative Priorities

   Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Dr. V suggested they meet with legislative delegation.


Chris Doolin appeared before the Board and explained the process.


Dr. V said suggestion was they work through the lobbyists to provide unified front.


Dr. V stepped out at this juncture of the meeting.


Dr. V returned at this juncture of the meeting.


Commissioner Taylor stepped out at this juncture of the meeting.


Doolin suggested Courthouse was fantastic facility and one of the oldest, should still do it; Ag Center is state not county and is embarrassment, leaks.


Taylor returned.


Morgan stepped out.


Holt asked when deadline was-Senators deadline is January 30th-


Doolin said Board needs to get their requests in and


Morgan returned.


Mr. Presnell said one issue was expanding gaming. 


Hinson asked how many projects they needed-4-5


Hinson said might be great to meet with all constitutional officers


County Administrator



Update on Various Board Requests

  Kick-off meting-DEO staff came and application was selected and will involve board. 


Holt, Morgan need ethics training,





Update on Various Legal Issues

  Nothing to report.


Follow-up to Hinson’s questions about powers and duties of Administrator and Board on hiring and firings.


Morgan said very important board does not get involved in job description





Report and Discussion of Public Issues and Concerns Pertaining to Commission Districts and Gadsden County



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, PhD – District 2

  1) animal shelter on Selman Road-dropping off animals on weekends and becoming threat to citizens/neighbors.


2) would like to have list of all advisory bodies created by board and lists.



Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3

  Wished everyone Merry Christmas



Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5

   Library-Social Security-experience work person needed-term coming to close


CRTPA Rep-Dr. V-her opinion geared to one area and wants list to be given to new representative.


When looked at list for legislative priorities-some not identified


Editorial regarding money list to Chamber-is selected information-looking at every avenue for economic development.



Commissioner Eric Hinson, Vice-Chair, District 1

  Merry Christmas to everyone.



Commissioner Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

  Thinks was very productive in December.


Taylor asked if would get better contract from economic development council-yes.


Said Board has done great job.






January 6, 2014 – Regular Meeting at 6:00 p.m.

January 20, 2014 – Regular Meeting at 6:00 p.m.



Meeting adjourned 9:35 p.m.