Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

March 1, 2016

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda A. Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Eric Hinson, Vice Chair, District 1-absent

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Nicholas Thomas, Clerk of Court

                                Robert Presnell, County Administrator

                                Debra Mennis, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



Chair called mee


  Add Item 4A-Adopt Mission Statement

 Revised 8 & 10

Morgan asked why add Mission statement to tonight’s meeting since it’s not been advertised


V said indifferent but sooner, better didn’t see why delay


Morgan motion to amend w/o mission statement-died lack of second

V adopt as amended/Taylor 3-2 Morgan opposed





State Surgeon General Community Champion Award

 Rachel Guy, Health Coordinator, Gadsden County Health Department appeared before the board and made presentation and presented award to the Board


Commissioner Hinson appeared at this juncture of the meeting.



Bobby Key, Chaplain/Evangelist, with Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office, appeared before the Board.



  Clerk said auditors informed him yesterday audit may be little late to no fault of the auditors or the Clerk’s office


  Morgan/V 5-0



Approval of Minutes

                January 5, 2016-Regular Meeting



Ratification to Pay County Bills



Approval to Accept the FY 2016 1st Quarter Report











  Mary Jane Hayes, 1253 W. L. Martin Road, Chattahoochee, FL 32324, drainage ditch easement- easement deeded to county for purpose of drainage easement-went to Road and Bridge, work order done in April 2014











PUBLIC HEARING-Transmittal of a Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendment for Approximately 25 acres on Fantana Lane to the Department of Economic Opportunity for Review (LPA 2016-01)

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item.  Amendment necessary because of acreage board bought on Fantana Lane for park.


V moved for approval of map amendment


Chair announced public hearing and asked if anyone had any comments and there was no-one.


V made motion for approval/Taylor  Hinson had question-asked about wetlands and how issue could be addressed-Presnell said over 20 acre tract and stream located on back side of property and no plans to do anything to wetlands


Morgan asked how the adjoining landowners been notified-everyone within 1500 feet notified


Hinson said interested in flood zone-Presnell said because of creek but confined to flood plain


V said he was one looking for property for park for community and has personally walked property and part where creek is can be used for trail and could be made into fishing pond and the 15 acres good for basketball, softball, baseball, etc., the remaining 5+- can be used


Chair called for vote 5-0

inson H



PUBLIC HEARING (Legislative)-Consideration of Adoption of Ordinance 2016-004 for Amendment to the Future Land Use Map for a Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment (SSA 2016-01)

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Clean-up item-found glitch


Chair asked if public had any comments


Dusty House 434


V adoption of ordinance/Morgan  5-0





Tactical Drug Enforcement Training-Jacksonville, FL

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Morgan asked if training was given locally in region-no


Brian Alexander, Investigator, Narcotics Task Force Commander, appeared before the Board to address questions.


V asked why only 1 representative from Midway-because of staffing


Taylor asked Administrator to identify training fund-Clerk maintains fund and


Hinson/V 5-0



Impose a $2.50 Fee on Civil Traffic Violations

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Hinson had opportunity to do research regarding this to see if other counties doing this, was in support of it


V asked attorney if civil traffic penalty statute say $5.00 or up to


Morgan said no impact on Clerks’ office having to collect fine-$1,250 impact-of $5.00 imposed- State not getting money-has to be disbursed to schools




Mennis explained statute-shall be used for enhancement an


FS 318.1215


Hinson/V 5-0




Approval of Resolution 2016-006 Supporting the Community Transportation Safety Team (CTST to Apply for Transportation Enhancement Funding Through the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item

sidewalk at Crossroad Academy


Morgan/V 5-0



Florida Arts Trail Task Force Recommendation

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


BOCC workshop held November 5, 2015


BOCC directed staff to appoint task force to address concerns  He and Dr. V met with each business owner and took concerns back to task force


From Town of Havana and stop at Pt. Milligan; May Nursery would like overpass be considered to make crossing easy;; NAPA locate trail closer to adjacent to SR 12; Tallavana Church and school-locate trail closer or adjacent to SR 12 w/ 2 gates between trail and parking lot


Jack Intern Director, CRTPA, economic development-if stop in Pt. Milligan, project will drop in priority and will affect long-range plan-if components change


V said glad now handling project in manner it’s being handled-including citizens in project-understands what director is saying-with suggestions citizens made-are here to represent citizens needs  Suggest adopt recommendation and he will take to CRPTA


Morgan said knew lot of work put into this item-had hard time understanding how economy would benefit-would attract people from region and once more and more would utilize trail  Could project be considered in future a different route-if off Highway 12 would require different assessment


Hinson asked costs for this project-hard to say but somewhere between $7-9 Million. 


V said during workshop economic impact questions asked and no doubt trails has positive impact and use of trails would provide ripple effect – was bike ride Sunday from Havana through Georgia and back and they saw impact of economic – money specifically designated for that project and not used for other route-want us to have it but not to detriment of residents


Taylor echoed sentiments of those out there that would feel impact-


Holt said at time done public meeting held, discussed several times, don’t remember notification part but was passed, have seen bike trail in Tallahassee, beautiful, Savannah has one,  if do it make it from Havana to Quincy and not stop halfway-Big problem with doing work, not public hearing tonight


Morgan mentioned reference to prior board-no-one realized 31 properties affected by this-not opposed to arts trail but opposed it in wrong place-recommend not to move forward


Hinson said hears if approve this


Variances that can make project work-can’t move forward with design project if doesn’t know what project is


V said concerns of businesses-DOT will address-trouble is with PD&E-if altered will

Approve recommendation of task force and present to CRPTA


V motion to recommend task recommendation/Hinson


Susan Letz, FDOT liaison-PD&E not approved and not finalized


Hinson said why so compassionate-Havana merchants anticipating crowd coming and patronizing


Chair called for vote 3-2 Morgan, Holt opposed option 1 approved


Gentleman asked what happened – V explained every item citizens recommended would be presented to CRTPA



Request for Procurement Policy Amendment

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item seeks amendment to procurement policy specific to Public Works Department


Morgan said didn’t understand problem


Hinson said recently purchased 6 dump trucks-wait until budget season before making decision


V said amendment was just amendment of one section and deals specifically with heavy equipment


Presnell said


Clerk said finance department supports policy change


Holt said if goes over $5,000 would come back to Board


Morgan option 1/V 5-0



Approval of a Temporary Easement and Resolution with the Florida Department of Transportation

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item


V/Morgan option 1 5-0





Update on Various Board Requests

  April 5th Industrial Development workshop prior to meeting


Hospital Board workshop March 17th  at 6:00  at Havana Library


Training for appointees-April no date set yet at IFAS Center


GCDC soft launch on website


Spoke with Hackney regarding tour thinks trip worth taking maybe on 15th


Holt said spoke with Manager and felt good opportunity


Taylor asked about protests-was several protests-State looking at issuing more licenses-this exclusive here


V said had opportunity to be present at First Baptist Church when engineer and co-owner came to do presentation-very impressed with operation-not kind to get you high-used for medicinal purposes


Hinson said kills him when people talk about skill set-in his district they have all kind & highly intelligent—need dialogue with school board to finds ways can get jobs


Holt gave quick background and said we need knowledge and skill-based level here for jobs; need to go and see what type of jobs required and know what we need to do


Taylor asked about retreat-quite bit came out of it 1) start working with other municipalities and putting mission statement in action-how soon could objectives be implemented-very soon


Asked about land for recreation/parks on Joe Adams Road-building department looked it over-found nothing negative safety related





 Update on Various Legal Issues






Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

   V had number of things 1) expressed sincere appreciation to body and staff for collaborative done at retreat and continue to put interest of citizens first


Another document not seen-been on commissioner for almost 2 years and not provided generalized individualized performance evaluation for county attorney and administrator


Would like to develop one for attorney – stressed at this point is not an attack on anyone and asked everyone to listen intently to what he saying


Motion for board to present certificate of recognition Lyn-Shells Boutique, Ms. Linda Dixon/Hinson 5-0



Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3

 Morgan said first thing come to mind regarding V’s comments-reach put to Vince Long


For Administrator-regard update to parks and updating and adding restrooms



Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5

  Current paving project will be opened this Thursday


Asked if too soon to talk about workshops for budget-first in May


Apologized to board regarding last meeting and conduct




Commissioner Eric Hinson, Vice Chair, District 1

  Hinson said last year they talked about community center and asked if moving forward


Taylor left at this juncture of the meeting.


Presnell said would have to come from citizen task force-working on economic development CDBG now


health & fitness center in Havana closed and looking for new spot & thought talked to staff and thought they were working on it.  Dee will be back next week and he will mention to her


Felt good to have another retreat and talk about staffing plans



Commissioner Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

  Holt said not able to do canvassing board and spoke to Shirley and said could vote on someone-she said she spoke to Sjostrom and he putting staff on it and put in motion to have Presnell serve as alternate/


V said with regard to canvassing board only 2 dates not available to be there because of class and if someone has to be there-Presnell can and then he will releav


Hinson second


Morgan question-Mennis said understood 4 dates board meets-2 V can’t be there at time starts and Robert will be there until V can arrive and this is safety measure


Called for vote-4-0


Liked idea of having statute available when item comes up


City of Gretna annexing large parcel-can’t control what they annex – question from citizens-told them to contact City of Gretna-said if annex and don’t take roads, then problem.  Because of annexation, 1,300 feet of roads now belong to City of Gretna


Bill to include minority farmers passed Monday


Slots bill was kicked back and hopefully will come back


Recognized former Mayor of Gretna

Receipt and File



a. Letter from DEO

b. Letter from City of Gretna re: Voluntary Annexation

c. Resolution Honoring the Life of Mrs. Irene Houston





March 15, 2016-Regular Meeting at 6:00 p.m.



  Adjourned at 8:32 p.m.