Thursday, August 11, 2016

6:00 p.m.

Board of County Commissioners Chambers

7 East Jefferson Street

Quincy, Florida 32351


Present:         Commissioner Regina Davis, At - Large Member, Chair

                             Commissioner Gerald McSwain

                            Commissioner Dr. Gail Bridges – Bright

                          Commissioner William Chukes

            Commissioner Frank Rowan

                            Commissioner Marion Lasley

                          Commissioner David Tranchand

                         Commissioner Edward J. Dixon

                          Commissioner Doug Nunamaker

                            Commissioner Lori Bouie

                            Commissioner John Youmans

            Allara Gutcher, Planning & Community Development Director

            Jill Jeglie, Principal Planner II

            David Weiss, County Attorney

                        Beryl H. Wood, Deputy Clerk




                                Commissioner Roger Milton, School Board Representative




Chair Davis called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with a quorum present. She then led in the pledge of allegiance to the US Flag and asked each person to silence their electronic devices for the duration of the meeting.


2.       ROLL CALL


Each member present stated his name and district for which he represents.


3.       APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA  Dixon/Bright 8-0


Mr. Youmans entered at this juncture.


4.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES – JUNE 16, 2016 (No quorum July 14, 2016)  Chukes/Bright 9-0





5.       PUBLIC HEARINGS (Legislative) LDR 2016-05 – Consideration of amendments to Section 5700 Signs and Subsection 2102, Definitions, Specifically of the Land Development Code.  


Ms. Jeglie said this item is a continuation of the public hearing held on June 16, 2016 for consideration of amendments to Subsection 2102, definitions, specifically, and Section 5700, Signs of the Gadsden County Land Development Code (LDC).


Additionally on April 19, 2016 the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held a workshop to discuss the County sign regulations. The Planning & Community Development Department was directed to bring the sign regulations back to the Planning Commission for consideration of amendments. On May 12, 2016, the Planning Commission was apprised of the BOCC’s direction. On June 16, 2016, the Planning began discussion of the sign code.


At the June 16, 2016 meeting, the Planning Commission discussed the proposed amendments to Subsection 2102, Definitions, Specifically, and Chapter 5700 Signs. The Planning Commission tabled the discussion after consideration of Subsection 5704. E, Obsolete Signs.


She discussed the section 5703 and 5704.


Ms. Bouie entered at this juncture at 6:04am.


  Mrs. Lasley discussed page 5 of the strike through.  She said to be consistent, she would like it added back for obsolete signs.


Davis asked for will of the Board.


Consensus:  Stay as e 8-1 (show of hands) Lasley opposed


Questioned the Planning Director.

  Mrs. Gutcher said because the officiate. She said they do work together.


  Signs placed on tree


  Motion: Tranchand/Chukes 10-1 – Strike I


  Bright/Dixon – to leave as is.


  Dixon signs that create safety hazards as determine by whom.

  Mrs. Gutcher could be depilated, If it is site – Planning, others would be Building.   

  Weiss the issue is too big. The problem with making it more definite, what would you list. Structural – building

  Motion to strike – Bright/Dixon LDR 2016

  Weiss prefer they not make motions. He advised they take public comment.


Public Comment

Michael Dorian – 145 Alligator Rd.   Commented on signs. If signs go empty for 1 year with no information. Discussed lower property values. Footage for electrical signs of the right of way. 100 feet is reasonable. How big would the flashing signs be? 50 percent of large face. Urban Blight – 16sq ft are smaller. Billboard Band

Garry Freeman, 5910 Havana Hwy  Tallavana – components for electronic signs would be great to get information out.  Not trying to promote urban blight. In support of sign ordinance.


  Dixon discussed electronic face of the sign.

  Lasley  Dixon discussed the Greater Tanner sign.   

Idus Spooner, 404 Merritt Lane  In support of the electronically signs.

Betty Dotson, PO Box 1257 Havana  spoke is support.

Jeannie Calvert, 135 Hawk Ridge Dr.  In support of the sign.

Edith Carnley, 1425 Selman Rd  It is important to update Code. In support of signs.


Ms. Jeglie  

  Lasley – In favor of leaving (G)

  Gutcher – should remain, it’s not like Planning Official are going out looking. The purpose of what we do is to protect.

    Signs that create transportation or structural safety hazards. Motion withdrawn.

  Modify: Dixon/Bright to accept staff recommendation (Rowan/Tranchand) opposed 8-2 Tranchand felt it should stay.    

  Mrs. Jeglie continued discussion. General Standards changed to make it flow better.

  Lasley would be appropriate to add that sign would be> Signs would apply to purpose and intent would be better under a.

  Nunamaker – said number 4, was covered in g. This is what we will  permit. B3 add period after pedestrian.

  Jeglie – next change sign illuminated in (b).

  Lasley have houses in residential. How would you protect from lightening of a sign.

Jeglie we have done it in a numerous ways. We are taking steps to limit.

  Gutcher rephrase first sentence: shall be shaded and directed.

  Lasley – residential add on the existing land use map. To be shaded or directed to not adversely effect

Gutcher – it is hard to regulate what is offensive.

Bouie suggested language from Manatee County


  Motion: Bright/Bouie 10-0 pass on language in B

  D Number of Signs

  Lasley – off premise or on premise signs: will vary on height guidelines and standards, could vary on sizes.

  F. basically taking of standards; development order- we would still have sign permit. Development Order to be consistent through the Code. We issue development orders, building official issues permits.

  Nunamaker – suggested or after light source in e. Clear Vision F (1) past tense add a established add ed; already changed

  5707   Detailed Standards removed term Zoning (C) Maximum Number and Placement of Signs- wall sign and wall mural to separate types.

  Jeglie – Maximum height for road ways added language.

  Ground level at edge of pavement.


Break at 7:27pm – 10minute break


  Jeglie- 5707 (1) Maximum heights (H) Marquee or Awning Signs and Canopy Signs highlighted changes. Residential Signs (N) – 6; (P) Electronic Message Center – cross out future land use

  Tranchand commended on great job. Portable signs question on 6 months – page 11. There is not a section that says you can place for more than 30 days.


Motion: Portable sign allowed on property not more than6 month restriction of portable signs Tranchand/Rowan-10-0


Portable sign – on a trailer 

  Bouie – LDC what would be consideration when it’s just the electronic portion. Only allow to be 50% of sign. 50 or 100. Up to 100.

  Weiss restriction about no strolling

Motion:   2 only striking sentence.  P 2 to exclude second sentence Bouie/Tranchand motion carries 3 opposed Dixon, Lasley, Chukes 7-3

  11 under P strike Bouie/Bright 10-1 Nunamaker


Lasley what other ground signs that are allowed. Allow for owner to be able to have option

with sign – Bouie.


  25% should be in () - D

  Page 10 - Section E 2 – no setbacks for ground signs – minimum setbacks 2 on page 10 of 17


  Ground sign is allowed in future land use category except rural residential or agricultural- 5707 A:

  Jeglie –

 Lasley- Page 11 – portable signs 5707 #5 - change 30 to 10days.

  Weiss either is fine. Motion  failed for lack of second Lasley

  Page 15 EMC section 5707 – P -3 – would 15 seconds be better. Would not like to make message a traffic hazard. Consensus to keep 8 seconds #7 under p allowing these signs in rr or ag.

  Page 16 # P – 10 – disagrees with signs from the water. Motion – prohibited from being seen from water or shore line. (Jurisdictional wetland line) Lasley/Nunamaker – modify #10:  2-8 (8 opposed) Lasley/Nunamaker in favor

  Motion Bright/ Bouie – change language form jurisdictional wet land line 10-0


  Page 16 

  Nunamaker f on page 10 of 17 take away extra ()

  Section 5707: Part A Gutcher (No sign shall be permitted unless it is for the lawful land use, signs

  Motion Dixon/ Youman 10-0 pass to include Gutcher new wording

  Lasley commented on definition 3of 5. Motion to delete animated deleted. Multi-vision sign should be deleted;

  Weiss would be to encompass (without content)

  Davis – Motion failed for lack of second – Lasley’s motion

  Original document with necessary changes Bright/ Youman 10-0.

  Motion to Adjourn due to the lateness of the hour. Bright/Tranchand  



6.       PUBLIC HEARING (Legislative) LDR 2016-06 – Consideration of amendments to Chapter 6, Subdivision of Land of the Land Development Code.


                Due to the lateness of the hour, this agenda was not heard. It will be placed on the agenda         for the September meeting.



7.       PUBLIC HEARING (Legislative) LDR 2016-07- Consideration of amendments to Chapter 5, Development Standards, Section 5000 General Standard, Section 5100 Compatibility, and Subsection 5204, Supplemental Standards for the Location of Neighborhood Commercial Uses, of the Land Development Code.


Due to the lateness of the hour, this agenda was not heard. It will be placed on the agenda for the September meeting.






 Mrs. Gutcher announced today was her last day on the job. Best wishes came from the Commission on her new endeavor.


10.  ADJOURNMENT @ 8:44pm