Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

September 6, 2016

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda A. Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Eric Hinson, Vice Chair, District 1

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Nicholas Thomas, Clerk of Court

                                Robert Presnell, County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. asked for moment of silence, led in Pledge of Allegiance to US Flag  Silent roll call conducted



No amendments

Morgan/V  4-0




Wealth Watcher

  Carrie Davis, President, Wealth Watchers, Jacksonville, FL, appeared before the Board.


Sherrie Taylor appeared at this juncture of the meeting.


   Commissioner Hinson appeared at this juncture of the meeting.



Scope of Work for the Four-County DEO TA Grant

  Beth Kirkland, CEcd, Gadsden County Development Council, appeared before the Board and was here to speak regarding the Four-County DEO TA Grant and the Gulf to Gadsden project.


Chair Holt asked Mr. Holley to come forward and said he was the former Association of Counties. He had a few words to say.


Chair Holt explained the port was in the Gulf and had been closed,





Morgan/V 5-0



Ratification to Pay County Bills



Approval of Minutes

a.       May 17, 2016-Regular Meeting

b.      July 19, 2016-Regular Meeting







   Alfonso Figgers, 215 N. Chalk Street, Quincy, FL, appeared before the board and spoke regarding economic development and CBOR.  Gave Development Council $160,000 and need to do away with it. 


Confederate Flag affecting economic growth and thinks need to declare it a nuisance. 





PUBLIC HEARING-(Legislative) Adoption of Ordinance 2016-014 to Amend Subsection 2012, Definitions, Specifically, and Section 5700, Signs, of the Gadsden County Land Development Code

  Mr. Presnell introduced the above item and said it was for the consideration of Ordinance 2016-014 for an amendment to Subsection 2102,


Chair Holt said this was a public hearing and gave them the opportunity to speak for or against.


Jill Jeglie, Interim Planning & Community Development Director, appeared before the Board.


  Alfonso Figgers, 215 N. Chalk Street, Quincy, FL appeared before the Board again to speak in favor of this Ordinance.


  Pastor Randy Ross, 2660 Frank Smith Road Tallavana Christian School and Church, thanked the Commission for taking this under consideration, and said he was grateful for the contact and them listening to them.


    Idus Spooner, Route 4, Box 402, Havana, FL, appeared before the Board and said sign at Tallavana good thing


  Betty Dotson, Post Office Box 1252, Havana, FL, member of Tallavana Church, can see benefit of sign and are backing it.


  Pastor Charles Morris, 23201 Blue Star Highway, Quincy, FL, appeared before the Board and said next year their church would be celebrating 125 years in the Gadsden County area.  He commended the Commission for their yeoman’s effort regarding the aftermath of the storm.


  Dr. V said since talking about unincorporated area, suggested that dimensions of sign should not exceed 8.3 ft long and 3.5 ft wide in messaging area, not talking about entire sign.


Commissioner Taylor asked Mr. Presnell if she could address Jill.  She asked what the proposed sign measurement as it stood today, calculation that allows according to building  Taylor asked how ordinance compared to cities because we could only regulate in unincorporated areas of county.  Taylor said was in favor of what needed to do to encourage economic development and asked if erring in side of safety.  Jill said did not look at studies regarding safety but did look at aesthetics


Commissioner Viegbesie said he was recommending it not exceed 8.3 feet long and 3.5 feet wide and anything bigger would obstruct vision, motorcyclists and pedestrians


Holt said they did not know what standard size signs were.  Jill said she had dimensions of some signs and listed them.


Commissioner Morgan thanked Jill for bringing the info to them.  He said they were updating an Ordinance that needed attention and important for the county because want to maintain the integrity of the county.  Language on electronic boards made sense and suggested they have up to a certain percentage instead of a flat percentage.   He asked if any limitation on how close the signs could be together.  He asked if ordinance was enforceable, if not, not in favor of it.


Commissioner Taylor stepped put at this juncture of the meeting.


Mr. Weiss explained the calculation and said it would vary based on the size of the building.


Commissioner Taylor returned at this juncture of the meeting.


Chair Holt asked them to consider there were developments coming to I-10 exchanges and they were making decisions now that might limit them coming if they could not put sign.


David pointed out couple of scriveners errors


Hinson said thinks great thing, will benefit pastors and schools, moved to adopt option 3 with scriveners errors and for Chair to sign/  4-1  Morgan opposed



Public Hearing-(Legislative) Consideration of Adoption of Ordinance 2016-019 to address Solar Power Generating Facilities and Solar Energy Systems in the Gadsden County Land Development Code (LDC-2015-04)

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Chair Holt said this was a public hearing if anyone had any public input.


Jill Jeglie appeared before the board to explain the amendments to the LDC.


Chair Holt said if solar companies came, they would need to go next to the transmission lines.


She then announced it was a public hearing and asked if there were any comments and there were none.


Commissioner Taylor said she was not an authority on solar panels and how was it they would get transmissions lines in Ag?  Secondly, there was an amendment on the last ballot and felt it had to do with incentive.


Holt said power lines already cross a lot of the areas.  Taylor said wanted to see designated areas they could build on.


Presnell said they would not buy property, and explained.  Taylor wanted to make sure it did not become an eyesore and would be isolated.  Presnell said they were ahead of the curve by adopting these regulations. 


Taylor asked if we had been looked at, yes, on numerous occasions.  Taylor asked if what adopt tonight comparative to other counties of our magnitude-nothing in approving this would put county at


Taylor approval option 1/V 5-0



Public Hearing-USDA Letter of Conditions for Gadsden County Community Facilities Loan for New Multi-Purpose Ag Facility

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item, not borrowing $ tonight, will be back before them


Mary J. Gavin, Area Director, USDA, appeared before the Board and said are eligible for project & required to conduct public meeting tonight. 


Joel Sampson, Architect, 212 North Adams Street, Quincy, appeared before the Board, general idea of building is less than 10,000 sq feet, 2400 or so farmers market on end, existing office space move into this space, old building used for overflow, storage, etc.


Hinson said good idea but curious if only place site could go, but hate to take business away from another business like Piggly Wiggly and Midway or Havana could benefit.


Ms. Gavin said County needed new Ag complex, her suggestion apply for business development grant to utilize part as farmers market to get grant for that amt of $ and then had $1 Million from State to go toward construction.  If Midway wants farmers market, would love to get application for Midway. Fought to get $200,000 for farmers market for ag complex and was successful in getting grant to match with state grant.  Shortfall is $707,000 based on preliminary architectural report and don’t know if will come in under, over, etc.


Morgan asked costs to taxpayers-2.75% for 30 yrs currently but got email if wait until next quarter, Oct. 1 interest rate could drop to 2.375% for 30 yrs.  Morgan asked cost of application-nothing.


Holt said had say they set aside $ to request $ from legislature


Ms. Gavin said every 2 yrs will look at financials if looks like lot $ to set aside of unrestricted cash (Morgan said don’t) may ask to refinance or pay off but no prepayment penalty.


Taylor said based on architect drawing, heard what they said about fresh market, want to keep people working & make sure commerce disbursed equally.


Shep Eubanks, IFAS Center, appeared before the Board to explain; starts out 1 day and as grows, will grow, Taylor asked about grant


Ms. Gavin said asking tonight specifically for multi-purpose facility in conjunction with farmers market


Chait asked if any comments from audience-none


V said motion was just to approve process and forms-yes


V move adopt option 1


Ms. Gavin explained forms and wanted to remove some tonight to wait until October 1st to get cheaper rate


Hinson second


Taylor asked if motion was to exclude forms-motion for related forms and won’t send-Ms. Gavin said ok







Request Space for a Diabetes Specialty Clinic in the Gadsden Memorial Hospital Building

  Mr. Presnell introduced




Weiss said not on for approval; need input from Board and explained.


Holt asked why CRMC negotiating with Dr. Hart without the attorney? County still owns building and said someone representing the County needed to be involved in conversation.  Holt said Glazer being paid to be attorney for County and he needs to give report.


Morgan asked how got placed on agenda-Holt approved and Presnell met with Dr. Hart.  Morgan felt they needed to have initial conversation and was prematurely placed on agenda.


V said in looked at item, Hart requesting space and said if paying attorney to represent county, attorney should be present to tell how fits together and if they approve space be provided, they could take to next step.


Holt propose motion to (offer) provide space for Dr. Hart & Manager to start conversation/V


Taylor had questions-based on what attorney mentioned to regard to request for space and dialogue and reason for administrator putting on agenda and attorney not present-feel not enough to move forward-need to make sure CRMC on board-something missing-want to make sure no conflict and have ability to approve


Mr. Presnell said placed on agenda prior to CRMC making contact with Dr, Hart-simply trying to see if Board willing to provide space-other things happened after the fact.


Morgan said based on what Robert said, recommends to table for future date-CRMC, GHI and County need to hold conversation-Morgan said


Morgan advised to bring back after all parties have conversation, think have gotten excellent advice from Mr. Glazer, parties need to come together.


Holt said no right way in politics, only win or loss. 


Chair called for vote


V said there was leased space and non-leased space and CRMC have no control over non-leased space.


Craig McMillan appeared before the Board and said to accommodate agenda item, held meeting last week and support them giving space to Dr. Hart.  Understand trying to utilize space already built out as cost saving measure and was why they suggested utilizing that space first.


Hinson said only had heartburn because why worry about place that not ready.


Chair called for vote.  5-0



Request Approval to Renew the Lease Agreement with Neighborhood Medical Center to Lease the Havana Health Clinic

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Hinson/V 5-0



Approval and Execution of State Aid Agreement


V/Morgan 5-0



Approval of Medical Director Contract

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Taylor/Hinson 5-0



Purchase of Adult Defibrillators for use in the Patrol Cars

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


V/Hinson 5-0



Request Board Approval to Accept Bid from the Carpet Studio, Inc. to Install Carpet and Vinyl in the State’s Attorney Office, Edward J. Butler Governmental Complex

  Mr. Presnell introduced item



Hinson question first-need to get into carpet business-seem to be lucrative





Approval of Volunteer Fire Department Interlocal Fire and Rescue Service Agreements

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


Weiss said was recent statutory amendment that required specific language and not in this agreement because happened recently-July 1st-didn’t know about it at time-Holt said if sent out to be signed, needed to be corrected-way proposing to correct is having addendum with specific language added to go to different entities


Morgan/V with addendum 5-0



Approval of the Inter-Local Agreement with the City of Gretna for Animal Control Services




Weiss said same issue-not gone out yet-revise them and will be in signature folder


V motion amended to reflect/Hinson 5-0



Approval of the Inter-Local Agreement with Town of Greensboro for Animal Control Services

  Mr. Presnell introduced


Taylor approval with addendum/V




Interlocal Agreement with Gadsden Soil and Water Conservation District for BMP Technician for Gadsden County




Daniel Stanley appeared before the Board and explained the program. 


Shep Eubanks appeared before the Board and said great opportunity




Approval of Interlocal Agreements with Local Municipalities and the Gadsden County School Board


Taylor/Hinson with addendum  Morgan question-rates comparative-yes





Approval of Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement Amendment with the State of Florida Department of Transportation

   Mr. Presnell introduced


Taylor with comment/Hinson


Taylor asked how money calculated-formulation


Hinson asked how long before goes up





Approval for the Extension of the Contract for Marketing Consulting services with 78 Madison Marketing Group for TDC

  Mr. Presnell introduced above item.


David said same firm-not extension of contract-new contract and proposed 3 year term with 2 proposed extensions


Morgan asked if particular reason chose 5 year


Morgan said paying $30,000/yr at 6 hrs of service per week.


Joe Bouch, 78 Madison Marketing Group, appeared before the Board-get pd $2500/mo at $90/hr-last 2 years built new website; over 30,000 visited it; taken all photography, maintained it; created new app “Discover Gadsden”; created new logo; on-line advertising; had 4-5 million impressions, conversations with people; FB posts shared by people in 3 state area


Morgan said interested in fiscal standpoint-paid $2500/mo; 15% commission on media-Morgan asked what meant & how much $ last 2 years county spent-1st yr foundation built program & no media-2nd spent $89,000 in media and he had 15% commission


Morgan said had done great job-5 years too long, no problem with company, keep contract same term


Joe said he was one pushed to make longer term-almost like political campaign, been all over county last 2 years-of get someone new, essentially start over; if approved-not locked in


Taylor asked – he said based on budget-County tells him what to spend-she asked if within procurement policy to do this-yes


Morgan said 30 day opt out to end contract


Morgan/Hinson 4-1 Taylor opposed





Update on Various Board Requests

  Request to consider Proclamation finding September 17-23 as Constitution Week-have group wanting to use Proclamation on display at their September 10th meeting


Taylor approval


Hinson asked group


Presnell said Ft. San Luis chapter of Daughters of American Revolution and will have display and asked for Proclamation from each county


Morgan said not agendaed item, not voting to approve-Presnell said being Proclamation-need Board approval or can’t do


David said can do if does not impact revenue and considered an emergency type item.


4-1-Hinson opposed


Presnell said need direction from board regarding lobbying contract-one just elected to congress and contract ends September 30th; Morgan said still have lobbyist in place; Presnell asked if want to bring 1 or both-Morgan said don’t need both, can’t provide services-Holt said put on October agenda-Hinson said in all fairness, not Senator that his business, is the business and Lawson works for business, he may not have ownership, might be wife or someone else


Presnell will bring contracts to Board


Budget meeting Thursday-final budget packet in mailbox


Recs and Parks-each commissioner select person and one of them need to serve as chairman


Red light Concord-received packet-bid going out-open bids and bring to Board-Hinson said why take more than 5-6 months for one light; Presnell said can set meeting with engineering firm and discuss


Tomorrow at 3:00 will be senior officials from Elder Affairs and Children & Families at emergency management office to continue discussion about providing more long-term assistance to older citizens in county


Deputy Clerk said scheduled Value Adjustment Board to meet tomorrow at 3:00-email sent last week & Chair and Hinson on VAB


As storm approached-Public Works was out manning fallen trees and had no road closures; EMS people were awesome; came through, Emergency Management was activated; power outages became an issue; those that participated in distribution of items to be commended


Holt said worked out well; want meetings to see if any improvements, etc.


Morgan asked if all utility outages been taken care of-few still out


Taylor said the public might want to know more info-loss of lots of food; families that rely on subsidized food; Holt said met with Montford this morning and working on it from that level and food stamp is federal program and will meet again.  Taylor asked if timeline she could tell public


Presnell said could keep meals coming indefinitely if doing good


Taylor said Holt mentioned organizing meeting regarding emergency management and had areas of concerns that need to be addressed-there storms brewing now heading this way and hoped could get something going in near future.


Taylor wanted to address Senior Citizen Board-need to replace those that were termed out-Presnell said to email names-did not need to be formal action from Board-he said need suggestions-look at district


Crossroads-has development started regarding turn-round


Curtis Young appeared before the Board-engineers scheduling meeting with him and Crossroads to discuss





 Update on Various Legal Issues

  Weiss mentioned that Glazer apologized for not being here, had trial and why not here; has been participating in hospital actions


Holt said received call on how fund airport and was asked how to use the airport for emergencies-Presnell said County dies not fund-fully self-sufficient-





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3

  Morgan said was proud of employees with storm and how they worked and expressed thanks


Cay lot of folks helping out other people and lot to be proud of


Called out Major Wood, worked long and hard and appreciate efforts


Has P&Z member need to appoint and asked for it to be agendaed; Frank Rowan has asked to step down


Wanted to recognize him for service at earliest possible time/Holt 5-0


Regarding County Administrator-coming up on contract ending-where are we at? Agenda it? Want to avoid opening in position and Assistant last day end of this month.  Hope covered




Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5

   Echoed sentiments with regard to emergency management


Morgan stepped out at this juncture


Had one other item wanted to discuss-now can’t think what was-discussed senior citizens and turn-around


Holt said mentioned to manager to get shelter signs up


Morgan returned


He said requested and should have blinking signs


Taylor left




Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

  Remiss if not echo sentiments of Morgan and Taylor of efforts during the storm-was out of area during storm and was impressed with updates


Want to look at-2 parents asked him about juvenile justice referral and teen court-Presnell said $ used for Teen court through Sheriff’s Office-V asked if they could appear before the Board-had questions


Suggested consider litter control in areas regarding dumped furniture, etc. in unincorporated areas


Motion for Proclamation John Conyers, Sr.-Pastor of Celebration Church/Holt-4-0



Commissioner Eric Hinson, Vice Chair, District 1

   Expressed thanks to BOCC for Emergency Management as well-Shawn Wood did great job & Old Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church-asked entire community to come eat and served full-course meal and Sunday around 12-1 cooked another full-course meal, as well as Concord Fire Department-they feed over 400 citizens as well and Emergency Management donated water


Citizens took initiative and was humbled by it.



Dr. V stepped out at this juncture


Hinson asked about roads-Fountain Road; L&J Lounge; without power and mentioned other roads where power was still out


Tree off Highway 27 headed toward Tallahassee fell and still there;


He said everybody put in lot of hours and work


V returned


Presnell said added 2 EMS trucks night it happened and no-one had to wait-woke up Friday Morn and no roads closed


Mentioned lots of folks lost medicine with no power and need to look at assistance in helping replace


EMS and Emergency Management was beneficial in providing assistance in Leon County



Commissioner Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

  Holt said need to look at other areas for retrofit with buildings for emergencies


Call system-


No comfort zones for us-people with respiratory  problems have to have air


How to warn within county of imminent dangers


Thanked Arrie Battle and Mari Vanlandingham for delivering food


Purpose of having emergency proclamation-get request in portal-beat Leon County


Thanked everybody and wanted to do public announcements to thanks everyone


Nursery in Friendship-still lots of metal there-acres and acres there along with cloth


Receipt and File








August 23, 2016-Special Budget Meeting – 6:00 p.m.



  Meeting adjourned 9:16 p.m.