Meeting called to order.

Jack Brown

Don Butler – Gulf County BOCC

John Okaloosa County


Terrance Arrington - yes

Steve Benton

Marcus Collins - yes


Edward Dean - yes

William Farmer – no

Eva Marie Fambro-Price – no

Mark Kutney – yes

Richard LaCondra – yes

Alex Morales – no

Michael Newell – no

Harry Staven –

Fred Vella –


Terrance Arrington – put in top 5


 Marcus Collins – had good background


Edward Dean – wild card- served as legislative assistant; concerns but would like to talk with him


Mark Kutney – has regional planning background; served as Town Manager; has wealth of management experience


Richard LaCondra –


Harry Staven – has relevant management experience; one concern was no dates – fallback


Motion to accept by Jack Brown – second 3-0