Hearing Agenda & Notes

August 3, 2017

9:00 a.m.


Stewart Parsons, Judge Magistrate

Beryl Wood, Deputy Clerk

Anthony Powell, Code Enforcement Officer

Roosevelt Morris, Deputy Building Official

Debbie Joyner, Building Inspection


The Special Meeting was called to order at 9:12 a.m.


Approval of the April 6, 2017 Minutes were done by Judge Parsons.


Mr. Powell was sworn by Judge Parsons.


Old Business


No old business to report.

New Business

Case No. 2017-25

Mary Donaldson c/o Shawn Donaldson  

Parcel ID Number 3-15-2N-4W-0000-00424-0500

Donaldson Lane, Quincy

Note: Owners use 40 Kingswood Road, Quincy 32352 for their mailing address.


Shawn Donaldson, Mr. Powell – All were sworn.


Mr. Powell said there were chickens, hogs on the property.


  Mr. Donaldson said they have been making contact and trying to resolve the issues. He said he has hogs, goats and chickens. He said he has been doing this all his life.


Mrs. Doretha Walker, complainant,-  said she can’t have visitors, because of the smell.


  Judge Parsons said it’s been there for a while. He discussed land use change, non- conforming pre-existing use. 


Mr. Powell since 1991, it should have been sunsetted.


  Judge Parsons said the nursery is permitted, it’s agricultural.


  Anne (Donaldson) McLeroy said they have been this all there life. This was land


  Judge Parsons said he can move hogs. I have to enforce the Code.


  Mr. Donaldson


  Judge Parsons’s problem is it’s a zoning. He entered an enforcement order. I can you give a 30 days to remove the hogs and chickens.


  Shawn Donaldson


  Marcus Donaldson      


Case No. 2017-26

Joyce Coleman   NP

Parcel ID Number 2-17-3N-3W-0000-00234-0200

95 Charlie Harris Loop, Quincy (Scottown Community)

Violation: This property is located in a rural residential neighborhood and has farm animals, thus causing an odor and other nuisance causing problems.


Mr. Powell said they were notified by certified mail and hand delivered and they are not here this morning.


  Nathaniel Barkley commented that the land is close together and it’s a nuisance and the odor is a problem.


  Amanda Lightfoot commented that is terrible. It’s a nuisance to the neighborhood. This residential area.


Judge Parson entered order and enforcement to have farm animals removed in 30 days.


  Mr. Donaldson said that he would try to have them removed in 30 days.


Mr. Powell Additional violation if they come back


Judge Parsons said it will be a daily fine, after the 30 days if they aren’t removed.


October next meeting


Adjournment at 9:25 am