Board of County Commissioners Joint Workshop to Discuss the Planning Commission 9/13/2018


Board Attendance:              

                                Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4, Chair

                Commissioner Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2, Vice – Chair

  Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5 - out

                                Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1 – via phone

                                Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3 – via phone

                                Olivia Smith, Public Information Officer

                                Elizabeth Barron, Assistant County Attorney

                                Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator

                                Beryl H. Wood, Deputy Clerk


PC Attendance:

Commissioner Edward J. Dixon, Chair - Present

Commissioner Libby Henderson, Vice-Chair - Absent

Commissioner Regina Davis, At-Large Member - Present

Commissioner Gail Bridges-Bright - Present

Commissioner John Youman - Absent

Commissioner Marion Lasley – Absent

Commissioner Doug Nunamaker - Present

Commissioner Lori Bouie – Arrived late

Commissioner William Chukes - Absent

Commissioner Antwon McNeil - Absent

Commissioner Gerald McSwain - Absent

Commissioner Audrey Lewis, School Board Representative

Jill Jeglie, Senior Planner

Roosevelt Williams, Building Official







Pledge of Allegiance


Planning Commission    Chair Holt commented the reason for the meeting. She stated that were some concerns of not meeting due to not having a quorum and equal representation around the County.

  Jackson said that staff felt that it would be great to start with some bylaws that were taken from around other Counties. She said they could go line by line to put some bylaws in place. She said there was concern with a quorum, how the Board is made up and that there were no bylaws.


Holt asked did they think they need by laws.


Davis asked why they needed the bylaws.


Bridges- Bright I am interested in having some type of bylaws. However, I have looked through the suggested draft and they do not meet their needs totally. She said that people are absent and some have legitimate reason for being out and they should not be penalized.


Dr. Viegbesie thanked the Commission for their desire to serve. He said he felt the bylaws were needed. We need to look into providing documents to help them facilitate their meetings.


  Nunamaker said they are saying they need rules instead of bylaws. He asked what was the difference.


  Dixon thanked everyone for the gathering.  When they have a quorum they do great work. He said he was not opposed to by laws. They all operate under Robert Rules of Order. He said quasi-judicial the law states how they are ran. He suggested that a 2 hour meeting is long enough. It is dry, dull and hard information given. He said the people that aren’t in attendance on a regular basis they should be spoken to.


  Holt asked did they need reminder. Dixon said they all are contacted.


  Davis asked is there something in document that speaks to unexcused absences. Nunamaker said it would have been great if they had before time.


  Barron commented most counties have some type of bylaws concerning appointed Boards.

  Jackson said staff would go through line by line. She said they could revise to have 9 members, missed 3 meetings then they have inability to serve. She said they are just operating procedures for the Planning Commission. She asked that they adopt some.


  Holt she asked that they decide if they want to do this. She said they are not pushing this on them. She spoke of the importance of Educational and Training Opportunities.


  Bridges- Bright said that she has been on the board some time. She said she has had the opportunity to receive different trainings. She spoke on walking communities and mixed use training she attended. She said learning the language.


  Dr. Viegbesie said they should learn the language. There is no County that is unique. He said he would like to hear how other counties handle land use issues. He said it important to have knowledge of what you are discussing.


  Holt said they are working on the budget now. She said there is training monies that can be set aside. 


  Dixon said he would not like to have a Commission of just professional, we need some real people.  We need to work on the growth of Gadsden County. We need to harness people like Nunamaker who has the knowledge to plan. He said get people to the meeting.


  Davis commented on training opportunities. She said the vision the growth of Gadsden County. She said they need to think outside of the box. She commented on the strength of the joint workshops. What are other rural communities doing such as with solar.


  Bridges – Bright spoke in support of the educational training. She said every organization should have guide lines.  She said whether they go forward or not they do quality work and it would not change.


  Holt said on the educational training it is important. She spoke of visiting other counties. Plan for your development. She said her goal is to get a bus and go on a trip.


Lori Bouie entered at this juncture at 5:45pm; Commissioner Morgan phone in at 5:48pm 


  Dixon commented on Hoover. It involved citizens, developers and Commissioners being involved. The Highway Patrol we wanted the issues clarified on all issues. What is the relationship between Jeglie and Gutcher is.


  Jackson said there are Gutcher is a contractor with the County. She said sometimes they contract out work. Gutcher shouldn’t bring anything before the Commission that has not gone through Jeglie.


  Bouie commented on Gutcher that whatever she presents is almost like she has the final word.


  Nunamaker said he thought Dixon made a good point. Most information is presented by the developers. He asked are there certain areas they are encouraging more growth. Build and they will come, infrastructure.   


  Dr. Viegbesie commented every year Leon County has retreat, the last one at Amelia Island. They are working on 10 year development. We need identity, what do we want as a County.


  Holt she spoke of doing a job without training.  Dr. V said if they feel overwhelmed. Consensus among group Columbus, Mississippi a trip to learn, to look at development. Decide when the next workshop will be scheduled.


  Nunamaker said they need to be proactive.


  Dixon commented a good process…he gave for example City of Midway.


  Holt agreed on educational plan; trip – majority of board goes, Future Land Use Map with plastic and dry markers for next workshop.


  Dixon said Jill has the hardest job. He discussed regulation or help to the people so they understand.


  Holt said they get paid, she suggested they get stipends at least twice a week. It would generate better attendance. Dixon said they said they should be presented the discussion and questions that they have answered.   Holt discussed them being on facebook live. She said it could be a benefit to the community. School Board they need to here.


  Dixon said increasing housing stock would get professionals to stay. He said if they can get ahead of the game, it makes the game that much easier.


  Holt a date they can meet. Jackson said that she would get back with everyone as to a date. Great conversation and she thanked everyone for coming.



Citizens requesting to be Heard on Non – Agenda Items (3 minute limit) – NA


Motion to Adjourn@ 6:50 pm