Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

January 2, 2018

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Nicholas Thomas, Clerk of Court

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



   Chair called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. asked everyone to stand for moment of silence and then led in the Pledge of Allegiance.



  pull item 16, add 1-Shawn Wood-weather update

Morgan/V 5-0





  Shawn Wood, Gadsden County Sheriff Department, appeared before the Board to give a Winter Weather update.  Good chance of snow-County making preparations, Schools will be closed tomorrow; made preparations for emergency services, EMS, Public Works has dump trucks of sand to put on County roads; worried about timeframe between 2:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.


Public can call 850-627-9233-EOC station



Status and Progress of the 2nd Judicial Circuit Guardian Ad Litem Program

  Ms. Deborah Moore, Director of Guardian Ad Litem program, appeared before the Board.


Need more individuals that reside in this community to volunteer.


Commissioner Morgan thanked her for coming and knew they worked with limited resources; advocates are mostly women; have approximately 315 advocates circuit wide;



Barriers on Development

  Mr. Lex Thompson appeared before the Board.  Was asked at workshop to give breakdown.  State requirement that each County have Comprehensive Plan.


Have to get property “shovel-ready”-right now takes 8 months to change zoning.  Putting zoning effects in place would help cut time. 


Chair Holt said if zones 1-5 means can have 1 house on 5 acres, etc.; everyone needs to know the terminology


V appreciated his enlightening information and said we needed a plan to accomplish the goal of economic development.


Gay Steffen appeared before the Board and reiterated the need to make changes to the Comp Plan, as it stands right now, not shovel-ready.


Chair Holt said if can’t get the companies, can’t get the jobs.





   Mr. Thomas was present and had nothing to report.



  Hinson had questions regarding Item 9-said Board had never voted on this before and was never placed on the Agenda and never had names before on Agenda.  Chair Holt asked if they had to have names on there to approve.


Commissioner Morgan asked if they were approving rest of agenda and pulling Item 9-yes


V approval of Consent Agenda except Item 9/Hinson second 4-1 Morgan opposed



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

a.       January 3, 2017-Special Meeting

b.      January 17, 2017-BOCC Workshop

c.       April 11, 2017-BOCC/GCDC Joint Workshop

d.      October 3, 2017-Regular Meeting

e.      October 17, 2017-Regular Meeting



Approval of Adopt-A-Road Agreement with Mike and Vicki Knox for Tindell Road



Approval of Adopt-A-Road Agreement with Mike and Vicki Knox for Reynolds Road



Approval of the Resolution for the New Chairperson Facsimile Stamp



Approval of Signatures for Special Assessment Liens-SHIP (Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program)



Approval of Signatures for Special Assessment Liens and Rehabilitation Contract-SHIP-

Pulled for discussion




  Hinson had problem with Item 9, in past never showed names on County Emergency Repair Program-had elderly woman that has done so much for community but when trying to help her put, didn’t want people in her business and Hinson told her no-one would every know, there would be records of course, but over years never showed names.  Said always brought up approval of signatures for special assessment liens and rehabilitation contracts but not what the BOCC did and never voted on it and wondered why on agenda now.  He didn’t want to put people out like that.


Morgan stepped out


Weiss said not sure entirely understand Hinson’s comments.  Board currently has policy in place and as long as follow policy


Morgan returned


Holt said how can they approve lien if not know who lien is for and terms met.


Weiss said this subject been topic of confusion and discussion lately and recently talked with Administrator about potentially trying to work on policy to address issues that were not entirely clear.  His intent to work on and had conversation last week.


Hinson said not sure why on agenda, work been done and paid for through last year’s budget and his heartburn why name on list because work done last year.  He had told his constituents not to worry, would never be shown and now the information out there and name on list and have embarrassed a lady in Midway. 


Holt said because of State and Federal, have always put it on Agenda whether SHIP money or what, always have come before the Board.  She said to have Attorney look at policy.


Hinson said Assessment liens and rehabilitation with State Housing-SHIP, she was correct because of dealing with Federal dollars, but Gadsden County Emergency Repair Program had nothing to do with Federal dollars an trying to be fair to people.


V said since State requirement for SHIP programs to be handled in certain ways and Gadsden County Emergency Program different from SHIP, why not come up with policies to keep separate.

Hinson said already paid and work been done.  Holt said want to approve this, the lien to be approved.  Hinson said didn’t fall in line with other, other liens Federal and State did liens.  Holt said let Attorney look at this and they did not want to hold up anything.  Hinson said they could approve what normally approve and exclude this because never happened before.  Holt said the Attorney needed o look at this and she needed to know what he wanted to do. 


Hinson asked what minimum requirements were to be accepted to be a part of SHIP program. 


Dee said SHIP program had guidelines individual had to meet, depending on individual and lot of factors, income, number of people in household, etc.


Taylor said work already done, some people in past had work done and then sold house, lien placed there for 7 years.  Hinson said did not have problem with that, asked minimum requirements because people had questions.  Taylor said they need to approve this item because what he’s asking was non-agenda item and Hinson said it could be if he wanted it to be.  Holt said they hadn’t added it.


Hinson motion to approve agenda item excluding Gadsden County Emergency Repair Program  there was discussion


Hinson said once they sign contract, they know there will be a lien.  Holt said would not take that out because they may have gotten money from either one and Hinson said she was 100% right.


Hinson motion to approve/Taylor 4-1 Morgan opposed







  Berta Kemp, Lawson and Associates, appeared before the Board.  Gadsden County Day at the Florida Capitol will be January 17, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and she was waiting on directions.  







Howell Road CIGP-Bid Award

  Mrs. Jackson introduced above item.

V motion to approve option 1 with assurance and guarantee no change order/Hinson second Morgan questions-said contractor could not guarantee no change orders

V amended motion to approval of option 1/Hinson 5-0



Approval of the Geographical Information System (GIS) Services Agreement with the Apalachicola Regional Planning Council (ARPC)

  Jackson introduced above item

V said outsourcing could be very efficient and why was there a problem in filling Planning position


Jackson said biggest problem was salary


Morgan option 1/V 5-0



Ratification of Clark Tractor Company Invoice

   Jackson introduced above item


Holt said would like to see rotation program in place.


Morgan option 1/V 5-0



Code Enforcement Lien Satisfaction Parcel ID No. 3-26-2N-5W-1191-0000A-0010

  Jackson introduced above item 13, 14 & 15 paid by same person


V asked if issue that led to violation been satisfied.


Roosevelt Morris appeared before the Board to answer questions the Board had regarding the lien.  Property been sold and lien paid.


Morgan option 1/V 5-0



Code Enforcement Lien Satisfaction Parcel ID No. 3-26-2N-5W-1191-0000B-0020

  Jackson introduced above item


V option 1/Morgan  5-0



Code Enforcement Lien Satisfaction Parcel ID No. 3-26-2N-5W-1191-0000B-0030

  Jackson introduced above item.


V option 1/Morgan 5-0



Approval of Resolution 2018-001 Revising the Gadsden County Travel Policy

Item pulled



Approval and Award of RFQ No. 17-18 for County Web Redesign

  Jackson introduced above item.


Holt said had several questions-if had 3 sections on website happy, Economic Development, Housing and Tourism. 


Hinson said curious and was discussed and pulled in July, should probably wait until know what they want first; why not create a website themselves-should have someone on staff that understands and can do this type work.  Once have permanent County Administrator, they may have different view, just created website last year and what was rush.


V said Hinson addressed his key concern and other concern was if person would ne administering the website or would that involve more administrative fee.  Jackson said one-time fee would redesign website and train staff, provide 24/7 day services.  Is monthly fee for maintaining services


Ulysses Jenkins said current contract expired, website is outsourced and reason is less risk of being hacked and said he was trained to administer the website.


Morgan said he took different look, not sure why before them.  Issue he had, they have IT Department they fund


V option 1/Holt 5-0





Update on Various Board Requests

  Parks and Recreation Advisory Board had met twice and did not have quorum and sunsets this month-did Board want to continue.  Added did have cost because have to publically advertise meetings.


Hinson said on his side of County they hunger for recreation center or community center and some areas have two or three


Taylor stepped out


Hinson said felt Commissioners should meet with constituents and get team together and then report to Board.  Mrs. Jackson said Board was comprised of eight members that the Commissioners recommended.


Morgan asked where getting response from – Taylor and V’s district but not enough for quorum


Holt said may be not giving them information to look at


Morgan asked if effort was made to contact people from each district-yes-have heard from some Commissioners of their choice and not from some-still waiting on nominees from some commissioners.


Question asked about re-districting-staff reached out to Shirley Knight-has been influx of new voters but cannot determine if 5% population growth.  Said 4 years ago study done by Deborah Minnis and may want to reach out to her for another independent study. 


Weiss said Deborah Minnis did not do independent study-recommendation she had was to hire consultant to run numbers and don’t think that ever happened.


Morgan asked if they have met obligation as far as re-districting-no-did not think so.  Holt asked what obligation was-he said to look at it.  Deborah’s recommendation at time was to hire someone and run the numbers to see if need to redistrict.


Holt said they had to decide if they were going to pay someone to do this.


V said one bullet point was Should the Commission proceed with plan of action for redistricting, an outside firm should be acquired by the Commission to also aid the process.


Taylor returned


Morgan said this was an update and attorney telling them they have not met what they were obligated to do.


Holt asked attorney if could bring back information on this-yes-can only be done in odd-numbered years-can reach out to firm now


Morgan said what important was people representation

January 17th Gadsden County Day at Capitol-will have bus leave here that Staff will be riding in and welcome to join


Morgan asked who had ownership of that project-BOCC and municipalities-lead is County


January 24th-having a Staff Economic Development Supervisor training-Dr. Allen Jackson coming for ½ day and them meeting with City Managers regarding Highway 90 corridor


January  29th at 4:00 p.m. Economic Development workshop at Tri-Eagle


Morgan out


February 5th Emergency Management Workshop at IFAS Center 4-6:00 pm




Major Woods spoke earlier about weather update-dump trucks dumping sand on bridges to prevent problems-asking staff to not come in tomorrow


Morgan back


Hinson said did not want to close down County when people may need services


V said unsure of policy or procedure but Chair speaks on behalf of Board and if Administrator determines emergency, was judgement call


Taylor said correct judgment call however, Board gives Chair direction to speak and in this case, School Board took that direction that all persons, students and personnel that school closed tomorrow


Holt said if call County, what happens-phones routed if call would go to her phone, Clyde, Brad, Executive Assistant routed to their phones


Holt asked what the Board thought-


Holt asked about Public Works and Dee said they were currently working now and would be working around the clock. 


Hinson said there should be compensation for them showing up-not fair for them to show up and everyone else be off


V asked Dee in earlier meeting Taylor mentioned possibility of using road project money for striping-asked for update-asked how much he had left in his budget


Dee said sent out email little over month ago that had balance in each district-waiting on Clerk’s office


Holt said each Commissioner had budget and could not be held hostage





 Update on Various Legal Issues

  Nothing to report


Hinson asked attorney to  look at income levels for emergency repairs-Weiss explained


Hinson wanted record to reflect he wanted to withdraw vote for Item 9 was told could not do it that way


Weiss said once vote taken, can’t change vote, he could make motion for entire Board to rescind or reconsider


Hinson said he wanted record to reflect he wanted to rescind his vote on Item 9 based on information just received





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

  Thanked everyone for their work



Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3

  Expressed appreciation to County Administrator, Southerland, and City of Chattahoochee working on issue of commissioner meeting not being aired in Chattahoochee area and was resolved.


Asked if live-stream option and livestream on Facebook-IT department working on Agenda options


Where at with current County Administrator position-Dee said has not been requested


Morgan wished Stanley Burns well in his retirement



Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5

  Asked Administrator if she would look into people paying 2018 taxes in 2017-Dee said Tax Collector gave press release-most people here not affected by it 


V said his understanding was with Florida law did not allow residents to prepay because the Tax Roll would not be certified until later in 2018.



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice-Chair, District 2

  Wished Gadsden County a Happy, prosperous, healthy New Year



Commissioner Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

  Had 2 young ladies ask about the housing program and why could there not be where monies could be paid back to help future


Industrial Board-have one person appointed by each commissioner-meet once/year and said have no-one coming with industrial businesses-because only meet once a year.


V said Tourist Development Council needed to be intricate part of this Board


  Holt asked for clarity on Clerk’s process on Policy and Procedures-if they decide to buy something to beautify, they should be able to do so and the Clerk pay for it-wants to make sure if anything they need to vote on or anything they needed to do to make sure moved smoothly between “us over here” and across over there and did not mean getting along-means what law says to stop nonsense and not professional and not what Government does.  Said once bought teddy bear for Toys for Tots and was told could not pay for teddy bear even though going to kids.  Wants to go by what law says and do what supposed to and they can do what they’re supposed to-take opinions out.





DEO Letter-December 7, 2017



Death Resolutions





January 16, 2018-Regular Meeting – 6:00 p.m.



Adjourned at 8:33 p.m.