AT A REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY                                                                                                     COMMISSIONERS HELD IN AND FOR GADSDEN                                                                                                                  COUNTY, FLORIDA ON APRIL 17, 2018 AT 6:00 P.M.,                                                                                                         THE FOLLOWINGPROCEEDING WAS HAD, VIZ:


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair Holt welcomed everyone and asked that phones be placed on silent.  She then asked everyone to stand for a brief silent prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the U. S. Flag.  She welcomed the children from the Boys and Girls Clubs from Quincy and Havana that were present in the audience.



  Chair Holt asked if there were any amendments or for approval of the Agenda.


Mrs. Jackson said the family of Mr. T. J. Davis could not be present and the item would be pulled until a later date.


Commissioner Morgan asked that discussion of the County Administrator’s position be added to the Agenda.


Commissioner Viegbesie interjected at this point and asked of the Attorney, that he understood the person or people that were on the losing end on the vote of an item were not able to bring it back on the Agenda and asked if that was correct.  Mr. Weiss said if the wanted to move for reconsideration of an item or move to rescind an item that was true, they had to be in the majority.  But for an item they were referring to add to the Agenda, he did not think there was any reason they could not propose that in terms of discussion and added if there had not been action taken on the motion.




Commissioner Hinson said he was true to his word, was told was a process and during election, he made tough decision during his election to move forward to find a County Administrator.  Said first going thru process and now look like not moving forward and that politics.


Taylor asked to separate two items


Holt TJ Davis to be removed/Taylor second


Chair said motion not needed for that


Weiss said typically if doing as amendment or approval, remove and approve as amended.  Think consideration can be approval of agenda.


Morgan motion to add County Administrator position under General Business/Hinson 3-2 V, Holt, Taylor opposed Motion failed


Approve Agenda as amended V/Hinson 4-1 Morgan opposed





Resolution Honoring the Life of Mr. James E. Peacock

  Chair Holt introduced the above item and asked everyone to step forward.


Commissioner Morgan read the Resolution aloud and it was presented to Mrs. Peacock.



Resolution Recognizing the Years of Service for Mr. T. J. Davis

Item pulled.



Proclamation Honoring Mrs. Mary Brock

  Commissioner Hinson asked Mrs. Mary Brock to come forward and read aloud the Proclamation and it was presented to her.







  Morgan/V 5-0



Ratification Memo











   Harold Bailey, PO Box 658, Chattahoochee, FL,  appeared before the Board.  He said he was before the Board as a result of the meeting this morning of the Gadsden County Parks and Rec Advisory Board.  He said he had been asked to assist with and in the process was a formation of a new baseball team in town, Gadsden County Cardinals.  He said it was an adult baseball team of 16 years old and up.  He said they were to have a Showcase Classic this past weekend and was rained out.  He said he was here on behalf of the Cardinals to let them know about it and it took a little money to do it right.  He said there was a franchise fee, uniform costs, baseball costs and insurance costs.  He said the bottom line was $1,900.  He said all parts of the County was involved in this matter and they had plans of coming about other monies but needed to start-up money.  He said they were excited about it and thought it would be something good for the County.  He said he would like to see the Gadsden County Parks and Rec adopt the team and sponsor them.


Chair Holt explained any item that came before them had to come to the Administrator.







PUBLIC HEARING (Legislative) Adoption of Ordinance 2018-004 for the Perkins Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendments (SSPA 2018-01)

  Mrs. Jackson introduced the above item.


Jill Jeglie, Senior Planner, appeared before the Board and explained the item.  She said it currently was Ag II and wanted to change it to commercial.  She said there were no wetlands on the property, no level of service issues,


She said Planning Commission recommendation was option 1.  She said Mr. Perkins was a Gadsden County resident and would like to move his business from Leon County to Gadsden County.


V said Scotland Road, approximately 10 years ago, was also in the long-range CRTPA widening plan for 2020-2022.  He did not think the capacity issue would be an issue.


David Perkins appeared before the Board.  He said he owned Perkins Electric, were electrical contractors, wanted to build a shop and would be used only for storage. 


Chair Holt asked if there was anyone that wanted to speak regarding this item.


Commissioner Morgan asked Ms. Jeglie if there were any discussion at the Planning Commission.


Taylor moved approval/V  5-0





Approval of Memorandum of Agreement for the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Northwest Rural Area of Opportunity Boundary Change

  Mrs. Jackson introduced the above item.  She said if this item did not pass would make them ineligible for monies.


Taylor approval/V  Morgan asked questions


Any other changes other than boundary-no


Chair called for vote 5-0



Write-Off of EMS Accounts-Bad Debt

  Mrs. Jackson introduced above item.  $558,101.49 is amount to be written off-want to turn over to a collection agency to try to collect the debt.


Taylor/V  5-0



Approval of the County Email Policy Number 18-02

  Mrs. Jackson introduced above item.


Hinson asked if original copy was attached.  Said wanted to have original and strike and underlined version.  Mrs. Jackson said previously it was the Email and Internet policy and was no way they could do a red-line version.  Commissioner Hinson asked if they were getting rid of the whole policy and she said yes.


Mrs. Jackson said when there was a separation of an employee from the County, the former employee would be locked out from the email account.


Commissioner Viegbesie said during the Pre-Commission Workshop that question was brought up.


Taylor said question was asked about the old policy, she said she was concerned with the timing of this policy and felt they may be facing litigation with this issue.  She felt there were statements in the policy that should be discussed, one dealing with participation in any political or religious debate.


Mrs. Jackson said if any litigation happened, it would be under the old policy.  Chair Holt said this was addressed in the Workshop.  Taylor said her concern was how they would enforce some of the “nevers”.


Chair Holt said they had to update the policy. 


Hinson asked questions.


V said he understood the concern that the fellow commissioners had on the item, but this policy had been in existence since 2005.


Commissioner Morgan said he felt it was important that the Board realize it was only as effective as it was enforced.


Morgan motion to approve option 1/V second 3-2 Hinson Taylor opposed



Approval of the County Internet Usage Policy Number 18-01

  Mrs. Jackson introduced above item.


Commissioner Morgan asked the Attorney is he had any concerns with this item and he said no, but on page 7 of 9 there was an inconsistency and should be changed to less than 10 minutes during the work day.


V said this was a question he raised during the workshop. 


Hinson said he was told to send it to an email.


V said he felt this item was one they needed to take some time on. 


Hinson said for the record, if received something, send to your County email, he said they were told to do in the Ethics course.


Taylor said someone made a point to give Attorney some direction and she agreed with workshop.


V motion to workshop item and during workshop these discrepancies would be ironed out/Taylor second 5-0



FDOT Highway Beautification Program at I-10 Interchanges

   Mrs. Jackson introduced above item.


V said when he looked at item, he was elated about it and came from a discussion that started when Four Star Freightliner wanted trees cut. 


He said he was looking at option 2 but would hold motion at this time.


Morgan asked about the costs to the County.


Beth Kirkland appeared before the Board.  She said this was procured by a State Marketing Grant.  FDOT recently advised there was $243,584.70 in mitigation funds that were available to use in the Highway Beautification program.


Mrs. Jackson said until the letter was sent to DOT, they would not know, this was just to get started with the letter saying they were interested in the Beautification process.


Taylor said both options talked about reasonable agreements and seemed with both they were agreeing to do some type of maintenance.  She said she would agree to any form of beautification.


V said he was referring to the maintenance agreement between ? and DOT.  He said there would be maintenance costs


Holt said there was data they could look at.


Hinson said this was something he had brought to the Board the past 4-5 years, when goes to Plant City, they have beautiful palm trees.  In Washington County, they placed palm trees there and he was excited about it.


Morgan thanked Beth for clearing up the items but they were talking about something completely different from what he saw on the Agenda.  He said they had to have a game plan on how to maintain and put this in place without compromising service.


Holt asked if there was a deadline, first come first serve basis, 16 counties in District 3.


Hinson said he concurred with Morgan but at same time, was clear.  With that said, would like to see if could get ball running.  Not fiscally strapped, ? in Reserve.


Taylor said agreed and did not think there was anyone that did not want $. 


Hinson motion to approve option 1 and there was discussion and questions around the Board.


V said personally as County representative on CRTPA, had no problem with Susan ? come give clearer process so they would know what they were incur after a year. 


Hinson motion to move forward, approve option 1/V second Taylor asked instead of one interchange, could it be changed to “the” and V said the Board would prioritize which one to do first.


Chair called for vote.  4-1  Morgan opposed





Update on Various Board Requests

  Parks and Rec Advisory Board met this morning and have decided to meet monthly


East Gadsden Park and Multi-Purpose Complex in St. Hebron groundbreaking scheduled for Tuesday April 24 3:30


EMS workshop scheduled for Thursday April 26 at 4:30


Travel Workshop scheduled for May 8th at 4:30  Dee asked if internet policy could be added, make workshop 4:30 – 6


Quite a few policies to come before the Board-would they like to have 3 policies at time, workshop  or do way have been doing.  


Holt said felt bring before Board and could then vote if wanted to workshop.





 Update on Various Legal Issues

  Have entered into Contract with Medical Examiner effective October 1st last year that provided with potential 13% increase of rates and was based on new building-have not started  building yet.  Will look to see what rate increase may be


Holt said had requested a previous meeting/workshop with the Clerk to work out things, purchasing, whatever and asked for update.  Weiss said not sure what attempts made as far as scheduling workshop, he and administrator made attempts and have not received response from meeting requests.  Dee said no response from Clerk on anything, or from any attempts.  Holt important to continue to reach out to resolve problems may have and said other departments are having problems.


Morgan said with regard of increase with medical examiner, will that be postponed-way reads rate increase takes place June 1st or when building completed, whichever happens last. 





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

  Hinson said every year he’s asked the Board to add 10 additional jobs for handicapped students for Summer Youth Employment and was told this year it would not happen.  He asked if still going on. 10 jobs already satisfied but Board made decision that 10 jobs to be set aside for students with disabilities.  Need to encourage staff, may be do customer service training.  Asking Board to continue to make this happen so kids could work this summer.


Holt said this was brought up before and asked about liability.  Weiss said could not discriminate against person with disabilities.  Holt asked that he look into it and bring it back.


Thanked Chair, felt had good meeting, and thanked them for being prepared. 



Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3

  Made comment regarding the Parks and Rec Board and thanked Mr. Bailey and said he was the first that agreed to serve on the Board.  He said he would need direction pretty quickly and if they decided to support, will need to be budgeted.



Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5

  Taylor said she appreciated the presentation from Mr. Bailey.


Chair Holt  stepped out


Taylor said according to track record and they budget items , not trying to discourage


Construction in Shiloh, understood road development going on causing issues with roadways and have had phone calls


Holt returned


Jackson said had not received any calls and Mr. Young said he neither.  Taylor asked that they let her know something the next day so would have clarity on issue.


Morgan left the meeting.


She said she was informed some time back there were contracts being signed without Board approval.  Mrs. Jackson said was couple of discrepancies that would be bringing before Board next meeting.  Taylor asked if no contracts had been signed prematurely.  Dee referred to attorney.


David said yes, his understanding were couple signed without Board approval, apparently related to items that had come before Board and was approved but confusion as to whether the specific contracts, one related to Parks and Rec Trail had come before the Board several times but Grant Agreement never did and was confusion as to whether had been approved.  Same with Four Star Freightliner.  Issues had been before Board but those documents had not. 


Taylor said Chair should never sign contracts without Board approval.  This ideal situation for an emergency meeting to be called if something needed to be signed due to time constraints.  Anytime contract signed without authorization from Board, not binding contract, need to be ethics there and advice should have been given. 


Weiss said he agreed 100% and his advice was not soft on it and never had knowledge of it & contract should not be signed without approval


Holt said in that situation, paperwork was with other paperwork and all was signed at one time and packet was approved. 


Dee asked attorney to clarify little further.  Felt both contracts had been before Board and had been discussed board and felt clerk’s attempt to...


Holt said everything was there together


David said as previously stated, contracts should not be executed without going before the Board.


Taylor said once this Pandora’s Box opened, there was discussion but never formal approval for documents to be signed.  Concerned when understood papers were being signed.  Based on what just heard, contracts should have never been signed.  Concerns her because once started, does not stop and opens up Pandora’s Box.  Already have issues with Clerk and now contracts being signed that did not have Board approval and gives them additional ammunition


Dee said both items will be brought back in blank form for Board approval.


Taylor said asking in future that no contracts be signed by Chair without Board approval and when questionable, seek Counsel’s advice.


Asked if Clerk paying bills,


Dee said Clerk has always paid, lot are delayed because of back and forth, bar changes constantly.  Gave example of may send over name plate that needs to be purchased for one of Boards and could be $7.00 and next time send over following week different procedure to get paid, that type of stuff all time.


Taylor asked attorney and Administrator, said the two entities needed to be in a better work relationship.


Dee said there is a “historical issue” not just her as Administrator with Clerk, relationship that is toxic between Clerk and some Constitutionals.  Depends on who is as to whether they get pushed back on certain items.  Hopefully can fix, have made several attempts, have met before but recently stopped responding, attorney reached out and has not responded.  Asked him to bring his attorney if felt more comfortable and doesn’t respond.


Taylor said needed to make sure bills are paid and communicate.


David said that had been intention in trying to set up meeting, want to know process and wants Clerk’s input.  If policy that says need X, W & Z, then they need that.  At end of day, if can’t get response, can draft own policies. 


Taylor said if she had done anything to offend the Clerk, she publically apologized and wasn’t intention.  Wanted to have good government.  If continues, and only willing to wait month, then need to develop policy that can send over and has to be implemented.


Hinson talked about persons with disabilities or special needs and mentioned 10 slots and her opinion should not be limited, form of discrimination, should say at least certain number be considered.


Then said Commissioners should be allowed to voice their opinions on agenda items and have rights to own opinion. 


Holt said in response, contracts were in packet or would have not been signed and would never had signed documents without permission of Board. 


Respect time of citizens in audience.  Owe it to public



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice-Chair, District 2

  Commended Taylor for being courageous enough to publically apologize.  Understand that everyone on Board is Christian – said in spite of differences, seek unity


Thanked Mr. Bailey for bringing project to the Board


Grateful to Staff-Greenshade building now up


Groundbreaking for East Gadsden announced earlier


Thanked Public Works for striping of roads, look good and improved



Commissioner Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

  On Youth program, wanted them to consider using some as Ambassadors to welcome people to events.


Have a May Day festival downtown on May 12th.

Receipt and File



FY2018 1st Quarter Community Organization Reports (10/1/17 – 12/31/17)







Adjourned at 8:43 p.m.