BOCC County Commission

CBOR Meeting Workshop
June 21, 2018 at 04:30 PM
Edward J. Butler Governmental Complex




                                   Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3 (absent)

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk


  1. Welcome
    (Brenda A. Holt, Chairperson)

Chair Holt gave general housekeeping rules and commented they would begin the meeting when the remainder of Commissioners arrived. She welcomed everyone to the workshop.

             Mrs. Jackson presented Mrs. Gutcher who would present the remainder of the discussion.

Taylor arrived at 4:40 pm; Dr. V. arrived at 4:55p.m. ; Hinson arrived at 5:07 p.m.

  1. ORDINANCE NO: 2010-005   
    (Allara Mills Gutcher, AICP Principal, The Planning Collaborative)

Mrs. Gutcher presented Ordinance 2010 - 005 which states: An Ordinance of Board of County Commissioners of Gadsden County Florida Adopting a Citizens Growth Management and Planning Bill of Rights. It was adopted in the year of 2010. This is your COBR. She provided chart that had the language already broken down. She went through section by section.  

Section 1 of the chart – Sub. 7001.1 – Necessary Corrections – Gadsden County does not have “major site plans” or “major land development reviews.” Comments – Is the intent to require this for all comprehensive plan amendments, or to apply to map amendments? A text amendment may or may not impact a particular property but be a county-wide policy. The

  Taylor I agree with comment.  Comments with replacing term with developer (I agree); renaming of Planning and Zoning; deleting homeowner association, they do register with Clerk’s Office with some degree (restrictions in place they do) and I think it should remain. It should be some type of mechanism to track it.

  Holt on the Home Owners Association we don’t monitor because it is a private organization. “I am against us getting involved.”

  Mandated Citizen Participation Plan – Developers must prepare  a citizen participation plan; Developers must notify by mail and newspaper impacted property owners and neighborhood associations within on half mile; Growth Management Department must verify that proper notification has occurred; Developer shall conduct workshops with citizens impacted to identify all issues of concern prior to any public hearing’; The developer must present to the Planning Commission  and BOCC a list of all issues raised, and indicate if and how they were resolved;  Unresolved issues then become the

  Holt – Hwy 267 walk through process and Mrs. Gutcher (large scale – 20 amendment) replied pre application meeting with staff should come first, then CBOR; Planning Commission hears make recommendation to BOCC  and then BOCC votes yes then they send to State for requirements (DOT, Water Management, etc). then adoption hearing – another 30 days of waiting; whole process takes – CBOR 30 days before application days is filed; about 6 months.

  Dr. V. transmittal to State to vote; does it require super – majority; Adoption requires also. We need 4 votes each time

  Weiss – most is State requirements

  Part B

  Holt - Pre – App Meeting is it necessary to meet with anyone else but staff. No, just staff. Timing needs to be defined.    

  Plan C

 Plan D: Super – majority (needs to be clarified) She then gave summary  

  Holt commented on rural residential.

  Taylor commented on family exemptions. She said 5 acres of list does not fit on this criteria. She

  Weiss said there was two separate issues; if you need comp amendment if it is a large scale state review less than 20 you don’t quick process; family property subdivisions – immediate – does not apply, you don’t have to have super –majority vote. Only a major development      Taylor said family should be able to do what they want with their property. She wanted clarity on family members, she said it is only major development. I support some of the recommendations to correct the language. This is people that they live here and they should be notified. “Things that come into the community should mirror what is there.” Homeowners Association should stay.

  Holt said what the Attorney is referring to she gave clarification.

  Jill Jeglie said the reference person was not family exception property. He wanted to replat. The family exception Ag 2 and 3 properties limited to 3 acres.     Jeglie comments

  Hinson asked for the last minutes for revised section 2013/14 on the family exception. He recalled a great conversation, a lot of which they had already discussed.

  Taylor said the CBOR does not have anything to do with family exemption. A plat is not a part of the CBOR, it doesn’t get in the way of family issues. She advised that they read the Ordinance. She asked them to get understanding   

Discussion occurred among the Board.

Taylor left at 5:45pm; Viegbesie stepped out at 6: 33 returned at 6:37pm

  1. Gadsden County Land Development Code Citizens Bill of Rights Subsection 7001.1
    (Allara Mills Gutcher, AICP Principal, The Planning Collaborative)

Citizens Requesting to be Heard on Non-Agenda Items (3 minute limit)

·        1. Lori Bouie    concern overall growth of County and super-majority was adopted the Legislature. She recalled when the state of Florida had to vote on pigs. Concern for guidelines we use it across the Board. Small County should use majority rule. One person can swing votes. Needs clarity on application process; recalled different situations on application process; Complimented Staff and just asked for more clarity. She mentioned the neighborhood meetings; family exemption; super majority is abuse of the rule. Mrs. Bouie is on the Planning Commission voted yes CBOR and super majority no.

·        2. Linda Dukes, 4332 Attapulgus Hwy, Quincy, FL – Gadsden has been stagnant over the years. In support of business; we need to get away for the 4 – 1 vote, do away with super- majority. This county is broke and people have no jobs. She asked that they do the right thing.

·        3. Charles Morris, 23201 Blue Star Hwy, Quincy, FL – 5 step process asked that they repeat. Holt repeated process. Neighborhood Association where is the list; Holt they are registered at the Clerk’s Office; He echoed supermajority comment of Bouie. He commented that a county with 29,000 74% democrat, county adopts Friends of Florida lobbying, we have errors in our policy. How a majority democrat county adopts a conservative policy. He said it came in 2010.

·        4.    Arrie Battle, 919 Hardin St, Quincy, FL – concur with other comments. She commented about personal property. She asked that they go out to districts and explain. She said they are voting us.

Hinson- register votes an

·        5.    Sam Palmer, 1225, Berry St, Quincy, FL – representing self and NAACP, in favor of removing the Super – Majority and go back to Planning and Zoning. Make business more accessible.

·        6.    Marion Lasley, 5 Dante Court, Quincy, FL – Time frame on CBOR Meeting -   wording about second meeting, she agreed with removal of second meeting; supermajority vote, if it is a good project and good location, it can get 4 votes. Infrastructure needs to be in place. She suggested the Board work on getting grants; She asked what happens next, would it go through the Planning and Holt said BOCC.   Marion Lasley (came back up for additional comments) variances and special exceptions need to be included in the CBOR. They don’t fit into the Code.  Holt    Gutcher – applicant gives notice with radius and County gives notice as well.   Hinson commented 

·        7.    Thomas Hawkins, 308 N. Monroe, Tallahassee, FL – 1000 Friends of Florida, non-partisan, I don’t know any community has used it as it was printed. Quasi-Judicial some counties use, urban growth boundaries (8 counties); unique rules exist in most counties. He said Gadsden County needs to do what is best for the County;    Public Notice in the era of internet needs to change. Comp Plan Amendments 6 months if that is your time line that is great.  Be proactive about the kind of community you want, the growth. He said there is a lot of different ways to look at this.   Holt mapped (FLUM) needs to be changed.   Hinson I believe in proactive. He thanked Chamber &  GCDC and asked that they be more proactive.  Holt comments on 8.  8. Antonio Jefferson, P.O. Box 220 Gretna, FL – we support changes brought up by Mrs. Gutcher. He discussed the super-majority vote. He said they support community participation. They don’t want super-majority how long do we want to be last in everything. He said this is an important issue. We have no jobs and students are leaving the county. None the counties around us have super-majority vote. He said they need to be competitive. We support citizen participation. You should know what is being placed around you. He said everything impacts this.

Chamber (file against your government if they don’t work for you).  

·        9.    Debra Chatham, 6277 Flat Creek Road, Chattahoochee, FL – thanked Commission for the super –majority and was in favor. She said it works. She commented on family property split.  She said things are getting done in the county. We do need to change zones, FLUM.  Subsection 7001.1 – striking of last sentence   shall comply; we still need to make sure they comply. They are in place to protect all of us.  We need to make sure the citizens are notified of things. She suggested they be simple, be mindful and be slow. You will be clear and you can get super-majority vote. I want to see growth in the County, but the right kind.  Holt needs

·         Taylor said there is not two CBOR, workshops are mandated by the State. If we can get businesses ready. She said it has not stop development and had staff put together list. No growth in incorporated areas. Yes, there is some things we need change. We are not perfect. We need to fix some things. She said you want the 5 people working together. You don’t won’t 3 people running County. She said they all should work together as a body.

·          Holt commented on the counties that have a super-majority vote. We don’t have companies coming, because we have this in place. She commented on Commissioners not being present. 38 counties in small county association and none have this. We must change this. She clarified about the plat. She discussed 4 Star Freight being in Midway because they didn’t have to go this CBOR. The zoning needs to correct. We need to fix this to become competitive. We have to prepare for companies.

·        Kathie Grow, 465 John Yawn PL Havana, FL – CBOR – left


·          Gutcher – being proactive to change map. Suggestion overlay districts, find appropriate change.   Holt – Community overlays she explained the process. We need to make decisions.   Viegbesie commented that Mrs. Gutcher is working with us. He said he is ready to vote up or down the suggestions given.   Hinson commented what we can get out this right now. He said they should focus on the land. He said they could get 4 votes. He said they go over Comp Plan parts of it, every two weeks. Ag zoning in residential area, whole set of additional rules. Residential 1 house per acre.   Holt said it has to come back. We can vote it up or down. We have P&Z to work this and they did and sent to us.


·          Hinson commented on workshop date, he suggested they pick time and referenced the time of this workshop.   Holt we make a decision and bring it to a regular board meeting. He said Taylor brought up comments, we need clarity, and we must give citizens a vote. This has already gone to P&Z.

  Dr. V. – make need changes that is need and bring it to the Board for vote. Let’s make changes and then vote up and down.


  Holt asked Allara to take comments and make changes, present to BOCC and we will vote up or down. We need to fix this in the eyes of the outside world. Referenced the golden triangle referenced good development.   She asked that the Attorney get ethics rules for missing meetings.        

Motion to Adjourn @  6:52 p.m.