Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

August 21, 2018

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair called meeting to order and asked everyone to stand for moment of silence and then led in Pledge of Allegiance.



  Morgan add discussion and action on County Administrator position/Hinson second with question-asked reason for discussion, was this to start process-Morgan said need permanent County Administrator for stability of County, staff, etc.


Chair called for vote-Morgan clarified for discussion and action 2-3 Motion failed, V, Taylor, Holt opposed


V/Holt 4-1-Morgan opposed





IBTS Disaster Recovery Presentation

  Bob Dennis, Institute for Building Technology and Safety, appeared before the Board and gave a brief presentation.  Non-profit organization established to provide unbiased professional services, while enhancing the communities.  Gave menu of disaster services available.


V thanked him for following up and said he saw this service at either a NACo or FAC conference.



  V/Morgan 5-0


Chair Holt passed out documentation concerning the name changing of Barack Obama Blvd and discussed-no costs to citizens for change of address, driver’s license, etc.



Approval to Accept the FY 2018 3rd Quarter Report



Approval of Audit Engagement Letter



Ratification Memo









Public Hearing-Quasi-Judicial-Havana Springs, LLC Special Exception Use (SEU-2018-01)

  Jackson introduced the above item.


Jill Jeglie appeared before the Board and was sworn in by the Deputy Clerk.  Ms. Jeglie gave a brief description of the item.  Meet setbacks for special exception-Planning Commission recommended approval 10-0.


Holt announced public hearing. 


Garvin Bowden, Esquire, Gardner, Bist, appeared before the Board, introduced himself and said he was present in case anyone had any questions and there were none.


Morgan option 1/V 5-0



Public Hearing-Legislative-Consideration of transmittal of LSPA 2018-04 to Amend the Recreation and Open Space Element of the Comprehensive Plan

  Jackson introduced the above item.


Jill Jeglie appeared before the Board and gave a brief description of the item. Adding two categories; one discussion was Open Space-2 options to transmit with amendments


Holt announced public hearing and asked if anyone wished to speak and there was no-one.


V asked how transmittal be successful-would anything prevent approval of transmittal when sent to DEO and would it restrict approval of transmittal and opportunity for economic development-no-should not restrict County’s ability to adopt land use categories


Morgan asked why adding 2 new land use categories-for several years intent has been that County adopt zoning & if adopted when go to zoning map would allow little more flexibility-he asked what listed as-10 Master Plan Categore-2) ...he asked if for planned communities-yes


V option 1/Hinson 5-0



Public Hearing-Legislative-Consideration of transmittal of LSPA 2018-009 to Amend the Infrastructure Element of the Comprehensive Plan

  Jackson introduced above item.


Jeglie said has not been updated in many years and recommendation of consultant was to delete and adopt new policy


Holt announced public hearing and asked if anyone wished to speak on item and there was no-one.


Holt asked if this would affect interchange exits and would not affect them.


Morgan said no recommendation from Administrator’s office and asked if she would recommend this-yes


V option 1/Morgan 5-0



Public Hearing-Legislative-Consideration of Adoption of Ordinance 2018-010 to amend Chapter 2 of the Land Development Code, Definitions and Interpretations (LDR 2018-03)

  Jackson introduced above item


Jeglie said this recommended amendments to definitions to the document and definitions are listed in packet.


Holt announced public hearing and asked if any comments from audience-no


Morgan asked about deletion of residential park-replaced with different wording? Jill said did not reflect current terminology used and should not stop or hinder


Holt said would help Tourist Development Council


Morgan approval/Hinson 5-0





Approval of Actuary Services for 2018 Required Optional Post Employee Benefit

  Jackson introduced item


Weiss said they have fiscal year ending June 30, 2018 but ends September 30, 2018; does make caveat & says money estimate and may be subject to change


Taylor stepped out


Weiss suggested if Board inclined to approve, approve as fixed price for services listed in respect to fiscal year-end September 30, 2018


V asked if, in motion have to be specific in motion to approve for $5750


V motion to approve for fixed amount of $5750 ending September 2018/Hinson 4-0



Approval of Extension of Contracts for J.B. Coxwell Contracting and D&J Enterprises, Inc. for Emergency Debris Management Services

  Jackson introduced above item.


Morgan/V 4-0


Taylor returned



Approval of the Professional Services Agreement for Engineering Consulting Services for Gadsden County

   Jackson introduced above item


Morgan option 1/V 5-0



Approval of Purchasing New Chassis for Brush Truck

  Jackson introduced above item-was budgeted in this fiscal year


V/Hinson 5-0



Approval to Accept the State funded Emergency Management Preparedness and Assistance Grant #19-BG-XX-02-30-01-XXX and Federal funded Emergency Management Performance Grant #19-FG-02-30-01-XXX

  Jackson introduced above


V option 1/Holt 5-0



Approval to Award RFQ No. 18-12 to Provide Profession At-Risk Construction Management Services for the Budgeting and Construction Phase on the Proposed Gadsden County Courthouse

   Jackson introduced above item and wanted to amend and said always encouraging staff to shop locally, not sure will of Board but recommended they choose Option 1


Weiss said nothing in Procurement Policy that required    can’t consider anything outside of Procurement Policy when deciding.


Morgan said before saw who selected, looked at evaluation forms and could not understand how committee decided and understand why may be heartache with ranking-suggested revamping committee and bring back before the Board.


Jackson said goal of Staff for Board to move forward and would hold up Courthouse.  She said 4 companies,


Holt said better to do old-fashioned way


Morgan said his issue was ranking committee that was put together.


Jackson said Staff working with attorney to comprise


V asked attorney what legal ramification of not going with one chosen.  Weiss said issue, as Chair pointed out, evaluation committee set up to look at all options and give scores.  Board makes selection but need some basis for it.  If they select someone else, need basis to do so.  Local preference not in policy.


Holt said had concern with should be ready to go, but do not have applications before them and going on recommendation of committee.


Morgan motion option 2-died lack of second


Taylor said not going with anyone-put back out for bid-Weiss said have discretion to reject bids


Hinson said had no problem but felt should go with local person-disclosed talked with one of persons who name is listed, Finley Cook of Cook Brothers,


V asked County administrator how many times asked for extension-1 extension and have until June 30, 2019-he asked if any legal ramification


Taylor asked if re-bid, change committee and follow Procurement process, it could not be challenged because have process in place


Morgan said understood when local companies apply, concerned with make-up of committee and why made motion to not approve.


V motion to honor recommendation of committee, option 1/Hinson 3-2-Taylor.Morgan



Approval to Award Bid No. 18-13 for HVAC Services to Air Mechanical & Service Corporation

   Jackson introduced above item.


V asked term of contract-1 year term


Morgan said only one vender that responded-yes.  Has County done business with this vendor in past-no.  Could this be rebid-yes.


Hinson said was fair to reach out to others.


Jackson said staff was open to rebidding this particular item, have list of vendors that are used for smaller projects


Hinson/V 5-0



Approval to Opt-in to Class Action Lawsuit for PILT Act Recovery Funds

  Jackson introduced


V option 1/Hinson  Morgan question-asked Weiss if any reason to not do this-with any class action benefit is no out of pocket costs.  Will either be settlement or trial as to underpayments-will take whatever can get.  Class Action attorney will take 33 1/3 off top-reall no


Chair called for vote-5-0



Approval of SimplexGrinnell Service Agreement Renewal

  Jackson introduced


V asked for clarification-this is second 5 year-yes


Morgan/V 5-0



Ratification of Inv. 1049763; Elections System & Software, LLC for the Purchase of Elections Equipment & Software

  Jackson introduced above item


Morgan/V Taylor question-where funds coming from-sufficient funds budgeted-


Morgan stepped out


Jeff appeared before Board to address question-funds in Supervisor of Elections account


Chair called 4-0



Agreement for Video Recording Services

  Jackson introduced item

Hinson/V 5-0



Task Order for Professional Engineering Services with Dewberry for the Pat Thomas RV Park Expansion

  Jackson introduced above item


Taylor/V 5-0



Discussion on New Agricultural Extension Building Financing

  Jackson introduced above item-Jackson asked for direction if they still want to pursue – bids have come in over $1 Mill


V asked $2 Mill for design-is that for design only-for design and construction


Morgan said did research and discovered USDA, in their offer, required dedicated repayment source and former County Administrator did not think good move-not looking at $2 Million  Think die to current financial position in, not recommend to go into debt to pursue this-need to think through this before committing $700,000 in debt


V said Morgan eluded to it-for discussion and direction to staff-V asked about staff exploring other sources of funding to see if can locate financing entity that would charge much lower fee could work with and glad to know can get another extension on project.


Shep Eubanks appeared before Board-was told under no uncertain terms June 30, 2019 was drop-dead date and would be no more extensions.


Hinson said biased because did internship with Extension Service when was in college-if case-hate to slow down process-said Dr. Grant said few years ago almost lost this-felt this good thing for County-think community would love this and farmers


Hinson motion to approve-


Shep reappeared before Board


Hinson asked how long process would take


Joel Sampson said have 9 months in project to wrap up-clarified have 60 days on bid-figure gave them year ago hit pretty much nail on head at almost $2 Million-


Hinson asked if could go on next Agenda because this was for discussion only


V said if at 2.?% and finance for 20 years, amortize payment-annual payment could be written into operational part of budget and was his recommendation to staff to find lending institution and only way that could go to get project done


Morgan said again-very important project and want to see it come to life-have to have a dedicated funding source in budget to pay for this-way spending on so many things is why County in such shape-no revenue to support-this was intended to give Staff direction and want to see where dollars coming from – summer youth program, eliminate position-


Joel reappeared before Board-$2 Million for construction design not in that amount


Taylor said felt needed to make motion to have agendaed and give Staff direction 1-look for lending institution and locate source


Taylor motion


Morgan pointed out 2.75 interest rate was in 2016 and does not want them to think that number accurate


Motion to agenda





Approval of Off System Bridge Project Agreement #50032-Salem Road over Swamp Creek and Resolution 2018-008

  Jackson introduced above item


Taylor motion to approve/V second with comment-


V said this bridge was able to go on FDOT replacement-bridge in very bad shape-CRTPA put it on for 5 years-2022 and Attapulgus Creek bridge next to it and is one construction started Monday on-will be totally replaced-upon his re-election will push other bridge on Attapulgus Highway-on CRTPA for replacement-currently he is Vice-Chair of CRTPA


Hinson asked about bridge on Iron Bridge Road-how is that


Justin Ford appeared before the Board-every year State commissions to evaluate bridges in County-Iron Bridge does not ring bell as one in poor condition but will check on it as far as deficiencies


Chair called for vote 5-0



Health Insurance Renewal 2018-2019

  Jackson introduced above item


Hinson said was serious and not sure if have union-was it properly advertised and was union informed if have union because just received this today and was not properly advertised-Jackson said was provided online last week


Jackson said this was provided last week and at time


Jackson said they were going up on rates and she strongly opposed-instructed staff to go out for next year and look for the best rates


Lonyell B\lack, HR, appeared before Board-as Jackson said, looked out to other agencies for other rates.  CHP provided with renewal rate of 5.9%-insurance committee chose to accept rate


Hinson asked who was on insurance committee-committed compiled of representative from every constitutional office


Taylor asked if would be annual increase of $130,000-is that after shared costs and to be absorbed by Board-Board portion is $68,000


V asked if no reason why County does not have CHP, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Metlife so employee could choose their provider and drive them to have competitive rates


Black said County considered a large group-51+ employees-have to have 70% of workforce enrolled


Hinson asked how many employees-inclusive of constitutionals – could join with School Board


Black said that was question addressed last year-


Weiss said under statute that regulates insurance, could not be grouped with other-prohibited by statute


V said felt why conversation came last time-this body cannot go into group with other entities-paramount into forming cartel-


Hinson said all in FRS and was under State-if case-work for State-


Holt said when Weiss brings back State Statute-will have to be followed


Hinson asked if letter could be sent stating all under State


Taylor motion to approve option 1/Morgan 5-0






  Request proclamation for Quincy Kiwanis

V/Hinson 5-0


Jackson said able to get FRDAP grants


2) Planning budget meeting for 30th-not good can do 27th or 29th – do Wednesday, 29th @ 6:00


3) September 6-6:00 first public budget hearing


9/13 BOCC/Planning Commission workshop @ 5:00


September 17th 6:00 – second public budget hearing


Jackson said bid award on next agenda for Ag center-


Taylor said did not see how can withdraw-put on agenda moot point when don’t have funds


Weiss said if bids submitted-County needs to act on it before bids expire-can’t do so after the fact


Jackson said was brought up shopping locally-bring back – do research and let Board look at


Received letter from FAC would like V on


V asked when schedule of meetings put together-email to commissioners













Holt asked said had meeting in her district regarding private road-attorney wrote opinion can’t do with public dollars-process they have to go through


V said know collecting petition for private road in district 2


Morgan said can tell political season when talk about roads-have shortfalls in budget


Taylor said been here for 10 years and not campaigned-have asked for private roads to be adopted from day 1-


Taylor left meeting at this point


Hinson said there could be tweaking-comes down to costs-lot of folks have fixed income





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

   Motion to bring up roads so can have discussion


V said ordinance in place for roads and may need to look at revising


Morgan said if something Board wants to look at fine but in middle of budget season and have important issues to deal will first after budget season over-Holt agreed


Hinson said could bring back in November


Hinson said every year near and dear to his heart-are they prepared for hurricane season-make sure culverts clear-Hampton Heights, near elementary school have issues along with Richbay area and Dupont Road



Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3

  Asked Administrator-county accepted beautification grant and installed gateway signs and wildflower signs-have there been changes-no changes made


Hinson left one thing out-need to look at budget booklet and go through couple days before-Holt said for her to give new copy of budget



Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice-Chair, District 2

  Motion for resolution to recognize Gadsden County Healthy Start coalition/Hinson 4-0



Commissioner Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

  Mentioned to Jackson earlier – in looking at Chattahoochee exit-in County-easier for County to get grants for infrastructure than municipalities, Ninety East and West-water, sewer and electric


Hinson asked how could help with infrastructure in Midway/I-10


Thanked Admin, Staff, Road and Bridge for help on Barack Obama Blvd dedication

Receipt and File



July 13, 2018 Letter from FDOH

July 30, 2018 Letter from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

August 1, 2018 Email from the Florida Department of Transportation

July 31, 2018 Letter from Mediacom

July 21, 2018 Letter from Mediacom

Waste Pro Summer Newsletter







  Adjourned at 8:37 p.m.