Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

September 18, 2018

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 2

                                Gene Morgan, District 3

                                Sherrie Taylor, District 5

                                Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator

                                David Weiss, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair said Attorney was running few minutes late and they would go ahead and start.  She called meeting to Order, asked everyone to stand for moment of silence, then led in Pledge of Allegiance.



  Morgan motion to add discussion of County Administrator to Agenda/Hinson 3-2  V, Taylor, Holt opposed


Chair said request to add Straw Ballot Amendment to Agenda  for it to be brought back before Board and request to alter or not put on ballot


V motion to add to Agenda discussion of item reflective of Florida Statutory authorities to add item reflecting language


6:04 Attorney appeared


V repeated motion/Holt second


Weiss said if just for discussion purposes will not alter any action that has already been taken-Ordinance generally states that can’t add things unless emergencies or that will not impact General Revenue.  If Board considers to be emergency on basis that this last opportunity to make change before goes to print on ballot, would be basis for making an action item.  Holt said was told reason for group to request was to make 1 question and not 3.


  V said whether 1 question or three questions, his FS – if all can do is straw ballot, does that mean questions need to be reflective of straw ballot – yes whatever questions go on will be for straw ballot and not for referendum


Morgan said understood their request  to potentially have removed and reason having discussion  of removal  is because of timeline regarding printing of ballot; beyond that no emergency for further discussion, if going to do that, need to do as their Ordinance suggests and do proper way


V said his motion was to discuss as to number of questions


Morgan said action can take by Ordinance is whether to delete or keep on ballot


Holt said if altered and this last opportunity or to take off ballot altogether because of deadline with Supervisor of Elections office


Morgan said fine as long as they know approving to add to Agenda.


Chair called for vote 5-0


Weiss said Supervisor would appreciate if added sooner rather than later





Resolution Honoring the National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc.-Gadsden Chapter

  Mrs. Jackson said there was one presentation for National Hook-Up of Black Women and was requested by Commissioner Hinson.


Commissioner Hinson asked that everyone step forward, he read aloud the Proclamation and it was presented to the group and they posed for pictures.



  Morgan/V 5-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of the State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Annual Report



Approval and Signature for Special Assessment Liens-SHIP







M. H. Allen, 61 Clearwater Street, Quincy, FL – CW Roberts, Item 8



   Georgia Ackerman, 145 B 5th St., Apalachicola Riverkeeper-appeared before the Board-focus will continue to be outreach of efforts



   Rebecca Jetton, 3126 Camelliawood CI W, Tallahassee, FL - Apalachicola Riverkeeper-appeared before the Board.  Since river runs through 6 county region, AR stays abreast of news involving river.  Have gone to each County and asked that they amend their  Comp plan to prevent



   John Coffman, Armada Ammunition, Inc., 2230 Greensboro Hwy, Quincy-Veterans Assembly Day-appeared before the Board and invited everyone to First Annual Veteran’s Assembly Day and said they would be hosting Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) at the Florida Public Safety Institute on Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Commissioner Morgan said this had been in the planning for many months and would highlight the County, Mr. Coffman is a relatively new resident



Don Stewart, 102 Timber Row, Land Use Poll on Ballot


Ed Allen, #8


Commissioner Viegbesie said he had a doctor’s appointment earlier today and was given some medication and he may be leaving the meeting early and wanted to state that for the record.



Public Hearing-Legislative-Consideration of Adoption of Ordinance 2018-011 to amend the Traffic Circulation Element of the Comprehensive Plan (LSPA 2018-02)

  Mrs. Jackson introduced the above item.


Alara Gutcher appeared before the Board.


Chair Holt asked if there were any comments from the audience and there was no-one.


V asked Gutcher if she was bringing back the language that was sent to DEO and if it was the same-yes.


Commissioner Taylor asked that Ms. Gutcher give an overview-


Had not been updated since 2011


Taylor motion to approve/Holt Morgan had questions


Morgan thanked her for updating all this. Does this meet all State Statutes-yes-Morgan said read all new businesses to provide at least one bicycle parking area within the development site, by including a bicycle parking rack.


Taylor said Morgan brought up good point-want to make sure regarding bicycle rack-wants to make sure would not take up parking space


V said recalled with CRTPA, they are requiring motorcycle parking that would take up less space than a car





Public Hearing-Legislative-Consideration of Adoption of Ordinance 2018-012 to Amend the Conservation Element of the Comprehensive Plan (LSPA 2018-03)

  Mrs. Jackson introduced


Gutcher appeared before the Board and explained the Ordinance


Holt announced public hearing and asked if there were any comments and there were none.


Hinson asked if she could list the changes.  Ms. Gutcher read over the changes


V asked if to adopt with correction of numbering


Chair announced again public


Taylor said was letter addressed to Chair from DEO and had questions concerning same.  Gutcher said they had no comments regarding County’s amendment.


V/Holt 5-0


Mr. Ed Allen had a question.  Said was trying to understand



Public Hearing-Legislative-Consideration of Adoption of Ordinance 2018-013 to amend the Comprehensive Plan by deletion of Chapter 9, Concurrency Management Element (LSPA 2018-05)

  Mrs. Jackson introduced above item


Gutcher said was amendment that was transmitted in July


Chair announced public hearing


V stepped out at 7:02 p.m.


Morgan asked Gutcher to explain-


Morgan motion to approve/Hinson 4-0



Public Hearing-Legislative-Consideration of Adoption of Ordinance 2018-014 of an Amendment of the Future Land Use Map +/-145 Acres from Agriculture -3 to Conservation and Mining of the Comprehensive Plan (LSPA 2018-07)

   Mrs. Jackson introduced the above item. 


Gutcher re-appeared before the Board and explained the item.  Was same information that was transmitted in July – State agency had no objections Recommendation was for approval


  Bob Flowers, President of CW Roberts Contracting, appeared before the Board-had public hearing at Bear Creek facility, no-one showed up for hearing. 


  Elva Peppers, Florida Environmental Land Services, appeared before the Board.  Have no new info but was available for questions.  Six agencies commented on this project including FDEP, Florida Department of Ag and Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission and no concerns raised about project.  DEP visited site recently and raised no concerns.


Holt asked about recommendations-Peppers said there were to get gopher tortoise relocation permit, provide bear-proof trash cans; during construction Florida Pine Snake is in area and asked for consideration and allow snakes to move out of way of one seen on site.


Chair Holt asked if anyone wished to speak that opposed-


Morgan stepped out at 7:12 p.m.


   M.H.  Allen, 61 Clearwater Street, Quincy, FL appeared before the Board.  She said no-one showed up for meeting at Bear Creel because no notice received.   Read letter into record.


Morgan returned at 7:14 p.m.


Jackson said if she was talking about the meeting at Country Boys it was advertised.  Ms. Allen said it was mentioned there was a meeting at Bear Creek and she had no notice of that meeting.


  Ed Allen appeared before the Board.  Department of State was concerned about burial sites, historical value and archeology sites and asked if another survey was done.


Gutcher re-appeared before the Board. Property has not been surveyed and Dept of State sent letter and said project area not been surveyed and not sure what could or could not be there.


Mr. Allen said at last meeting, he stated land had not been mined in over 20 years-had asphalt plant.  Mrs. Peppers said it was mining property.  He said another sand pit not needed there.  Board will not be supporting own Ag Use


  Vinette Godelia, Esq., Hopping, Green and Sams, representing CW Roberts, appeared before the Board.  Comments were made about illegal mining-wasn’t used for mining-was used for storage-comments about compatibility-to be clear what Ag-3 allows,


  Elva Peppers reappeared before the Board.  Spoke with Ryan Phillips and went through recommendations with her, he did not request to get onto site.  Will not be big hole in ground but will be lake after mining completed. 


  Holt asked about areas where timber was clear-cut-any plans to re-plant-logging was on another piece of property


  Taylor said she had comments to make at appropriate time.


Chair asked if any questions or comments from audience and there was none.  She then said regarding campaign contributions, she tells them she works for the citizens


Mr. Allen said took them 5 years to get asphalt removed from property.


Holt said she wanted this to move forward, follow


  Hinson asked if require super majority vote-yes.


  Taylor said she appreciated comments, have known M.H. and Ed for long time.  Meeting was hosted at Country Boys and was well attended. Learned from majority they did not mind company coming.  Yes she indicated she was interested in application moving forward but was a meeting so citizens could get CWR to provide amenities while they were there to make mining not intrude on their property and privacy. Said to CWR wanted buffer and they agreed, said wanted regular meetings to make sure only mining for sand , asked for turning lane, number of trucks were discussed and it was concluded was impossible for that many truck to come and go.  She said had to think about economic development and growth.  Also said to CWR, if do not hold true cannot come to her for anything else.


  Hinson thanked Taylor for leadership in community


Taylor motion to approve/Hinson


Morgan asked for roll call vote.


Hinson – yes

Taylor - yes

Morgan - yes

Chair Holt –yes


Motion passed 4-0



Straw Ballot

  Mr. Weiss explained item


  Sam Palmer appeared before the Board.  NAACP and DEC is ones that sponsored this initiative-did not sponsor for non-binding resolution but after got into it found out Statute dictated had to be non-binding resolution and feel basically the information there but some things they did not request.  Asked that initiative be deleted and will come back before Commission to deal with concerns of citizens.  As the committee, do not want straw vote or non-binding vote-recommend they do not approve this to go on ballot.


Hinson motion to approve


Weiss said appropriate motion would be motion to rescind-in crafting questions, his intent was to put on paper what he thought the intent was


Asked for rescind of motion


Hinson motion to rescind/Taylor 4-0


  Don Stewart appeared before the Board.  Also member of Gadsden DEC, did not vote on petition when Palmer put forward.  In July had State Party person there and knew nothing about this until read in Herald.  Would have been descending vote-don’t think good idea to do away with Citizen Bill of Rights, don’t think good idea to change all agriculture to one per acre but did agree did not want on ballot.  Want to have citizen workshops to go back to drawing Board and work with Commission.  Look forward to working with Commission.


Morgan stepped out at 8:09





Approval of the Inter-Local Agreement for Animal Control Services between Gadsden County, FL and the City of Midway, FL

  Mrs. Jackson introduced above action


Hinson approve/Taylor 3-0



Approval to Award Bid 18-19 to Lease Space in the Gadsden Memorial Hospital Building to Eye Associates of Tallahassee

   Mrs. Jackson introduced

Taylor/Hinson 3-0



Funding Request from the Gadsden County Law Enforcement Education Fund (LEEF) for Less Lethal Instructor and SWAT Less Lethal Courses

  Mrs. Jackson introduced

Hinson/Taylor question


Taylor asked fiscal impact- fund comes from LEEF




Taylor said she did not  second and Holt made second 3-0


Morgan returned at 8:11 p.m.



Funding Request from the Gadsden County Law Enforcement Education Fund (LEEF) for Basic SWAT Course

   Jackson introduced

Hinson/Morgan 4-0



Funding Request from the Gadsden County Law Enforcement Education Fund (LEEF) for Tactical Carbine Operator Course (TCOC)

  Jackson introduced

Hinson/Morgan 4-0



Funding Request from the Gadsden County Law Enforcement Education Fund (LEEF) for Firearms Training Ammunition

   Jackson introduced

Hinson/Morgan 4-0



Approval of the Fall 2018 E911 Rural County Grant Application for E911 System and MapSAG Annual Support and Maintenance

  Jackson introduced

Morgan/Hinson 4-0


Approval of the Annual Contract Between the GCBOCC and the Florida Department of Health for the Operations of the Gadsden County Health Department

  Jackson introduced

Morgan asked how changed from previous year and explained


Hinson/Holt 4-0



Approval to Award Bid No.: 18-15 for the Replacement of the Second Floor Windows of the Edward J. Butler Governmental Complex

   Jackson introduced

Taylor/Morgan 4-0



Approval to Award Bid No.: 18-16 for the Supply and Install of 4 Split Heat Pumps and Duct Work in the Stevens School Building

   Jackson introduced

Taylor/Morgan 4-0



Approval to Award Bid No. 18-17 for the Demolition and Replacement of the Electrical Wiring and Fixtures at the Stevens School

  Jackson introduced

Taylor/Morgan 4-0











  No updates-


Holt said P&Z met with Planning Commission-Planning Board consistently requested  to visit some of developments-want to look at commercial and neighborhood developments  Came up with idea to go to plant in Mississippi-will pay own way


Taylor asked if should be agendaed-getting to that


Hinson said BOCC travel budget was cut in half and will have problems-


Taylor said one of commissioners brought up concern-probably need to move forward and put language in policy and procedure about representatives on P&Z in districts.  Thinks need to formalize that and understands have had attendance issues, also need language about number of absentees and commissioner needs to be notified when have attendance issues.  Want to make sure representative from district and how many absentees before red light-make sure ample people there


Holt said bring back travel information; one thing did address was attendance and felt if had direction would improve attendance level.  Also no pay-was totally volunteer


Morgan said with discussion heard, think important to have equal representation across county.  These are resources could find available through FAC and should pursue.  Against Stipend-chance to give back to community-have no problem with travel to certain areas and would need to be discussion






  Nothing to report





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

  Hinson said had few concerns-basically about budget and hope one day can amend and bring back some programs


Cut $82,000 from Summer Youth Employment-now 40 something jobs and in past had 120 jobs.


Also hurricane season, cut from emergency housing, received phone call today, need to help seniors as they are on fixed income


Cut nearly $50,000 from Veterans Services and think few things need to amend


Met with 2 students that were former FSU football players and others to see how could connect to give them experience in County.


Need to figure out way to help people



Commissioner Gene Morgan, District 3

  1) Veterans event for November 3rd, hope Board and public can find time to support


2) Make motion to add discussion and action for County Administrator position to October 2nd agenda/Hinson said would do no good but would make second  2-2  Holt/Taylor opposed



Commissioner Sherrie Taylor, District 5

  Taylor motion to put P&Z on agenda and direct attorney to come up with language for Ordinance and representative from each district on board for fair representation and language for attendance/Morgan


Weiss clarified


Hinson said also FAC put V on committee for finance


Chair called for vote-3-1 Holt opposed


Abandoned houses-mentioned


Morgan left meeting 8:38 p.m.



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice-Chair, District 2



Commissioner Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

  Holt said mentioned in previous meeting, can work within budget and need to come up with funding mechanism outside budget such as grants


Holt said needed to look at grant writer position-Taylor asked about Jackson-she doing Interim County Administrator job now


Jackson said she currently holds position and 2 grants were submitted last week.

Receipt and File



August 22, 2018 Letter from DEO

Proud Dad Fatherhood Conference 2018 Resolution

Resolution Honoring Ms. Janice Maxwell





October 2, 2018 Regular Meeting-6:00



  Adjourned at 8:41 p.m.