Board of County Commissioners & GHI Board of Directors

Gadsden County, Florida

Joint Workshop

December 6, 2018

5:00 p.m.



Present:                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2 - Present

                                  Sherrie Taylor, District 5 - Present

                                  Brenda Holt, District 4, Chair - Present

                                  Eric Hinson, Vice - Chair, District 1 - Present

                                  Gene Morgan, District 3 - Present

                               Dee Jackson, Interim County Administrator

                               David Weiss, County Attorney – Absent

                                  Nicholas Thomas, Clerk

                               Beryl Wood, Deputy Clerk


Present:                 Herb Sheheane, Chair - Present

                                Arrie Battle, Vice-Chair - Absent

                                Arriane Graham, Secretary

                                Jimmy Suber, Treasurer

                                Craig McMillan- via phone

                                Dr. Hantz C. Hercule, M.D., Ph.D.

                                Scott Whitehead

                                Sam Palmer

                                Sen. Fred Dudley

                                Mike Glazer, Hospital Attorney

                                Brad Johnson, Assistant County Administrator

   Lauren Bradley, Interim County Administrator Executive Assistant

                                Allen Keesee, CRMC




1.       Welcome   Welcome from Chair. Each person present introduced themselves.


General Business


2.        Discussion of the CRMC – Gadsden Campus Lease Agreement   Mr. Kessee gave update. He presented PowerPoint information on the Gadsden Campus. He said they had seen 163,023 patients treated since opening in 2010. Over 50,000 patients were treated after 7pm and over 50,000 on the weekend. He discussed the performance measures. He highlighted the strengths of the hospital, the Gadsden Campus. He mentioned Hurricane Michael were they bought generator on site to that they didn’t lose power because they were prepared. Discussed how proud he was of their preparedness for the storm. He discussed the specialty service physicians that are in the timeshare. He said they are looking forward to modernize the County.  He said they are trying to move the ER entrance to the main entrance with the canopy and added that is about 1.3 million in future investments. He said they plan to keep up with the growth of the County. He discussed patient performance and patients choosing Gadsden as well celebrated with staff. He said they are committed to the facility and county. He said they will provide stability. He said they would like to offer the tax monies generated for the hospital back to the County.


  Chair V. commented that he h   .How would the relocation of the ER facility change. Mr. Kessee said they currently lease the lobby. Mr. Kessee they are 8 bays and 4 beds and including trauma room and isolation room.


  Commissioner Holt said she requested a workshop so they talk and discuss. She was in favor of them working together. She commented on the increase in Medicaid pay out.  She commented on Medicaid dollars when they are transferred out of the County. She said that is why she is favor of overnight stays.


  Mr. Kessee said the Chief Financial Officer, no collections or obligations 23 hours if they are outside of the County. Mr. Kessee said they would look at formulas.


  Holt said she was in favor of a small hospital. She asked about swing beds that are paid by federal institutions.


  Commissioner Morgan commented in 2010 were charged with coming up with a model for coming up design. He said the numbers are there this did work and we are successful. He said he gives credit to all involved for the hospital’s success. He mentioned the vast number of municipalities. He said he mentioned the services in Chattahoochee that other municipalities may gain from.  He said he wanted to build on success that they have.


  Commissioner Taylor asked CFO about finding on Medicaid.    Mr. Kessee said when the patient leaves the ER for Tallahassee- limited consultant’s average daily census. He would look into with staff and have answers.  Mr. Kessee we provide for strokes through tele- medicine.  Made pledge to citizens that we would open some type of hospital. We have commitment to the County to look into getting 3 or 4 beds. Come up with innovative ideas to open up rooms.  Mr. Kessee said it was not possible at this time.   Funding Source new equipment   Mr. Kessee said they don’t own, we lease he said the County should buy.   Discuss giving back some dollars she asked were funds restricted.  Mr. Kessee he said the original, He said he would like to see investment for EMS, He said they are not restricting funds.   Contractual Agreement asked Mr. Glazer she asked is it contracts or is it nailed down.   Glazer said if we reach an agreement, only be limited by health care tax. He said it would not be limited 50% of debt services.


Clerk Thomas said it would be  


  Tom, CRO – It is his belief; it wouldn’t impact county funds in anyway.


  Mrs. Graham said they should try to stick to as possible for what the citizen’s vote. Emergency Care versus Urgent Care.  She commented on 23 hour observation beds. She discussed the transportation issues in Gadsden County. She mentioned the concern of a 20 year contract. She said she supported tele-medicine.


  Holt said she wanted another workshop. She asked about termination  Mr. Glazer said he thinks contract ends June 2020. June 2019 renews unless a decision is made prior to that date. Hospital has 180 days and County has 1 year notification.  She said they needed to see if this was possible. The obligation to repay would still go on.  Mr. Kessee said as soon as lease is signed the funds would stop coming to them. He mentioned two hospitals that have closed and increase in patients and services.


  Taylor said she was in support of CRMC.  She said in the contract please go back and look at ways to help us the County.

·         EMS – 900,000 in the hole every year

·         Indigent Care -600,000

·         Look at ways to help us and maintain


Taylor left at 6:07pm


  Chair V commented indigent care – no stipulation on how county uses it. Space -70,000sq ft. CRMC 15,000 sq – 62,000sqft space will reduce due to EMS relocating, the right of first refusal, County should be able to lease to other specialist. He said they have interest like – Lab Corp and other Specialist.  He said the innovative ideas well make hospital more effective. He asked that they get all this together and they are heading down the right path, to continue relationship.


  Mr. Charles McMillan spoke in support of the hospital. He said he has served on the previous board when it was a hospital. He said what they have now is best for our community.


  Holt commented on 12 month clause, why we don’t have same amount of time as CRMC. The glass, people want to talk face, funding mechanism besides $600,000.  She commented on buildout funds.


   Chair V. discussed service numbers.   Kessee – privately organization I can’t share. Chair V. said he would like to see other funds to trickle down beside 600,000.


  Commissioner Hinson – review of sales tax, indigent tax, He mentioned dad was the face of CRMC he face was everywhere. He said he wanted positive services for the citizens of Gadsden County.  He said he would like long term commitment.


  Graham commented that this was a profitable venture for CRMC. She commented a lot of things are driven by the dollar sign. She said she would like to see beds, she would like for room in contract for possible growth. She understood financial side. She said she would like the best for Gadsden with the challenges. She asked that they be creative in coming up with ways to move the hospital.


  Mr. Sheheane said they have heard the request. He said somewhere after Christmas after January.


  Chair V will have another workshop with both.



3.       General Discussion


Citizens requesting to be heard on Non- Agenda Items (3 minute limit)


Motion to Adjourn @ 6:27 pm.