Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

March 2, 2021

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1 – appeared remotely

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair welcomed everyone to meeting at 6:02 p.m.  asked for moment of silence and then led in the Pledge of Allegiance.



  Add Proclamation for National Association of Women in Construction, pull #12, add 13a-Debris Removal





National Association of Women in Construction

   Chair Holt presented a Proclamation to Kerwyn Wilson, President of the Tallahassee Chapter in honor of the National Association of Women in Construction and she spoke a few words.



  NeSmith disclosed he was a member of the organization Men of Gadsden, Inc. with Item 5.


V/ 5-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

·         September 11, 2020-Emergency Meeting

·         October 2, 2020-Emergency Meeting

·         December 4, 2020- Emergency Meeting

·         December 15, 2020-Workshop

·         December 22, 2020-Emergency Meeting

·         February 2, 2021-Regular Meeting



Approval of the West Florida Livestock Show



Approval of a Resolution in Recognition of Red Cross Month



Approval for Adopt-A-Road Agreement with Men of Gadsden, Inc. for Barack Obama Blvd.



Approval of a Proclamation of the 100th Anniversary of the University of Florida’s North Florida Research and Education Center





Due to COVID-19 and the efforts of Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners to continue the practice of social distancing, Commissioners want to continue to hear from citizens under the Citizens Requesting to be Heard section of the agenda.


If citizens have any questions, comments or concerns, please email and anticipate receiving a response within 48 hours.


Chair Holt read aloud the COVID statement.



   Bishop Willie C. Green, 296 Bradwell Road, Quincy, FL  - Miscellaneous – appeared before the Board.

Wanted to speak on behalf of M.G.C.B. Inc. that he represented as well as other citizens that have called him about concerns relative to broadband issue.  Know had been challenging time for everybody and has received calls from upset citizens.  Here tonight to ask to work through whatever issues are to resolve in best way that most favorable to meet needs of citizens.  Read contracts-4-5 revised contracts-and read minutes from meetings and think good idea for commissioners to review minutes of previous meetings to ensure they do not make statements or take positions that were totally contradictory to their previous positions without reasonable cause.  Convinced that with patience, perseverance and prayer, dispute can be settled to the best interests of citizens.  Keep in mind they represent many citizens who may seem to be voiceless and was often the least, last, left out and looked over and asked they continue to work hard for people they serve.  Asked to be patient as issue is worked out and resolved.







Approval of the Safe and Healthy Regional COVID-19 Public Service Campaign/Helping the Big Bend Get Past COVID

  Dixon introduced above item and seeks Board approval to add the Safe and Healthy Regional COVID-19 Public Service Campaign/Helping the Big Bend Get Past COVID to the current CARES Act spending plan.  


Asking the County become part of a unified message and asking for $25,000 and approve Option 1.


Ron Sachs appeared before the Board.    Thanked for opportunity to appear before the Board tonight. 


  V suggested he considered a number of members of religious community, pastors, to reach out to their members concerning this and to encourage them to take the vaccine.   


  Hinson said did not know Sachs personally, but issue here was tried to go into hardest communities


  Green said for clarity, this does not cover just Gadsden County-correct.


  Sachs said very sensitive to Hinson’s comments but this media market was very cost effective. 


  Green said he did understand where Hinson was coming from.  Had question about funding source and understand could come from CARES


  V said his only request was voices used in religious community used, hoped would use Gadsden County voice so people could buy into safety of vaccine.


  NeSmith asked if this was a continuation-yes-received money for COVID is Real campaign $65,000.  This is new campaign. 


  Dixon said County does not have tv, radio market.  Felt this was best way to reach and educate people.   


  Holt said knew what population looked like-need to invest something and have to take initiative.  Agreed with Hinson need local people to be a voice.


  V said $25,000 to be part of regional plan and at right time till move to approve


V motion to approve/Holt second


Green asked longevity of marketing plan


  Hinson said again, very strategic and no doubt of marketing skills.  Won’t stop because helping somebody.  Need to come up with plan. 


Chair called for vote.  5-0  



Gadsden County Legislative Advocacy Services and Public Relation Services

  Dixon introduced above item.


Hinson motion to approve/Holt second


Dixon continued-to extend contract for Lawson & Associates.


  Hinson had question, set aside $40,000, was talking to consultant and need more resources


  NeSmith asked if have lobbying firm?  Had, Lawson and Associates. 


  Green said funny asked question because was going to ask accomplishments-what were they going by?  What have benefited from and he would make motion for option 2.


  Holt said has been very unusual last 3 years; was confusion; last year problem came that cities wanted to pull out; Taylor wanted to go with same list had year before.  Lobbyist told Holt everyone had to be on same page.  Don’t have lot of time. 


  V said in politics, got to play if want to win and no-one here has skillsets to play.  Process to follow should be County Procurement process but now don’t have time.  Session already started today.  Current provider, Lawson & Associates, and know his height is not just physiological and has connections.  $25,000 is actually a “pro-bono” fee and going to vote in support of retaining them for this year.


  Green said made sense to move forward for the sake of time but when could this be back on the Agenda if don’t see productivity from lobbyist-would like to see it back on in next few months.


  Hinson said this disturbs him little…Chair asked for him to let them vote on this.  He asked for some respect.  Just approved $25,000 and few months ago gave $65,000.  Need to change mindset. 


Chair called for vote.  5-0


  V asked for point-Green made comment and asked if he would add develop Legislative Agenda for next session.


  Holt asked what in current budget-starting in April.  Dixon said will be active and be progressive and assertive.  Always tell you to have things ready July year before.



Approval for Gadsden Road Inventory Professional Engineering Services Task Order

  Dixon introduced above item

V/Green 5-0



District 5 Striping Project Bid Award

  Dixon introduced item

Green/V 5-0


Quincy Senior Services Roof Replacement

  Dixon introduced


  V had question-will there be guarantee of no change order.


  Knowles said there is an amendment clause that requires written approval if go over certain amount.


V motion to approve/Green


  Hinson had comment-what type of roof is approved?  Certain types make if hard to get service on cellphones.


Chair called for vote.  5-0



St. Hebron Walk and Bike for Life Trail Notice of Limitations of Use




Approval of FDOT Grant Resolution

  Dixon introduced above item


  V approval/Chair 5-0



Approval for Debris Removal

  Knowles introduced above item.


  Holt asked for fiscal impact – Knowles said this is two new contractors


  Holt asked if any of the contractors had a history-said need to have one under contract.  Asked for some information on the contractors.


  Dixon said Asst. Administrator comes from “hurricane alley” 


  Daniels appeared before Board-Miami used Ashbritt.  After Hurricane Irma, State put in place to prevent price gouging. 


  Hinson asked if this was added today?  No, Knowles said tried to add to last agenda and meeting was canceled.  Hinson said this was paramount.  After Hurricane Michael, very few locals got contracts.  Sounds like easy motion but impacts community and lot of people lost money in 2018.  Need to look into this before voting on this.


  Holt said added to contract for minority carve-out. 


  V said they are retaining a service provider.  If wait until hurricane comes, may not be able to be competitive.  Fortunately, when Michael hit, had contractor under contract.  Do not believe local sub-contractors would have heavy equipment.  Have no problem with tabling this item to can read thoroughly so no-one has heartburn.


  Green asked if have been bid and was going to concur for local workers.  Was going to ask if could look at this at next meeting.


  Knowles said page 13, utilizing using local workers.


  Holt said had no prob


  V motion to table item until next meeting/Green 5-0      











  Dixon Wednesday March 10 @ 6

Tuesday March 16 @ 4:30

March 17th is Legislative Day at Capitol


  V asked if this was FAC Legislative Day-yes-V said doing his virtual


March 23rd-tentative date-4-8 p.m. for follow-up


Holt said need to come up with ideas on funding looking to get


  Dixon said kept talking about $65,000-health council paid for first $40,000.






   Thanked everyone for well wishes on birth of daughter.





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

   Said had phone calls about Senior Citizens funding and thought board approved funding.  Dixon said will check it out.


  Also talked with Al Lawson today and was told Board needed to look into one major project could come together for.


  CARES Act-need to put date tonight and have workshop.  Know all money has not come in yet but at least could look at how to distribute it.


  Reason was so passionate about project-2018 – was giving subcontractors $7,000/day to pick up debris and lot of people lost lot of money because never got opportunity.



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

  NeSmith thanked Board for awesome retreat had on Saturday.  Looking forward to feedback



Commissioner Ronterious Green, District 5

  As NeSmith said, week-end went well.  Was excited about 23rd for continuation of what started.


Said have a good board and very excited.



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

  V said was going to mention, need to plan in advance, asked that Dixon request that County be able to submit on time request. 


Also wanted to add marketing pictures from County.  Would like to have picture of County on his virtual and wanted to use something that would highlight Gadsden County. 


  COVID-19 initiative-glad working on it.  School Board has motor home in city somewhere and did not know why could not reach out to them to make use of that to reach different areas of County to furnish vaccinations to eligible citizens.


  Library-was contacted about property of library.  Look into library reciprocity.   


  Need to look into renewable energy.  In budgetary process, need to look into renewable energy away from gas.




Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4

  Holt said need to research


  Dixon said when do not give date certain, because don’t have information and do not have staff that can to that job.


  Holt said when they give staff opportunity to do research, they need to do research as well.


  Need to plan trip to look at items, maybe virtual to look at projects.


  When cities annexing, need to annex roads as well. 


  V suggested for Dixon and Public Works Director to look at-when resurface roads, is there somewhere millings are stored? 


Curtis Young appeared before the Board.  He said they have done that in past and when they can, give us millings and they can be reused.  Young said also depends on if road is milled.


  Holt said may depend on what their bid is too.  Are times State keeps millings. 


Receipt and File









Adjourned at 7:55 p.m.





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