Board of County Commissioners


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

4:30 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk

                                Hannah Pope, Clerks Office



   Mr. Dixon welcomed everyone to the workshop. 



Due to COVID-19 and the efforts of the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners to continue the practice of social distancing, Commissioners want to continue to hear from citizens under the Citizens Requesting to be Heard section of the agenda.

If citizens have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email and anticipate receiving a response within 48 hours.

The Board of County Commissioners would like to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility during this time.












Review and Discuss the April 6, 2021 Regular BOCC Meeting Agenda (Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator)

  Mr. Dixon went over the agenda for the April 6, 2021. Item 3 is approval of USDA Loan. Roberts family. Item 5 has been pulled. Item 6 is a lean satisfaction. Item 7 is consolidated waste removal. Grant that public works uses to remove hazardous waste. Item 8 is a public hearing.

Commissioner Green entered the workshop at 4:36 pm

  Ms. Quigley stated that tower ordinance from land development code. Towers could not meet setbacks.

  Ms. Quigley stated if you have to. Reworked the entire chapter. Reordered everything. Added a section on small towers section is on page 121. Updated design standards. Visual impact. Prohibit white lights, only red lights. Mostly clarification of things. Exceptions instead of variations. Make these more of administrative review.

Chair likes the camo towers.


NeSmith asked the number of towers.

Knowles  answered 40 something

Quigley  stated that some are communication towers for public service.

NeSmith once they are no longer in use do, they remove them.

Quigley  the do have to remove them. Also, with that it encourages colocation.

Chair so if there is a problem is there anything in here to collocate two towers.

Quigley it would have to and it does add to property tax

Knowles typically the property owner has an agreement with the tower owner to cover property taxes.


  Quigley the tower operator covers the increase in taxes.

Chair is there use for emergencies.

Quigley stated yes that it would have to work with emergency agencies.

Chair we need to look into that. Have something that could aid in communication.

Quigley look into that for the board

Knowles  sated that has asked for collocate ems for free.


PUBLIC HEARING: (Legislative) Consideration of Ordinance #2021-005 to adopt amendments to Subsection 2102, Section 5800 and Subsections 7201 and 7202 of the Land Development Code


Approval of Lower Interest Rate for the USDA Loan

  Knowles introduced item 9 close all of 9b is to approve the lower rate.

  Knowles introduced Ms. Jolinda Herring who came before the board. She stated that the board borrowed money from BB&T bank.

NeSmith asked the amount of the loan.

Herring 632,000 dollars but the board is borrowing the bond. The bond is 674588

NeSmith No longer have to pay off the loan but the bond.

Herring They want you to pay it off.

NeSmith What kind of funds are available.

Herring This is what they consider a community facility. They will loan you money for a forty-year period.

NeSmith Pay off the loan is the rate completive. What determines that rate.

Herring The agency. Public investors. Which asks investors to invest in the community. Rural development is the only loan that

NeSmith Do you have a list of programs. Like new facilities.

Chair If you set out. It will drop extremely quickly.

Herring Rates are low.

Knowles Can you go over the rates.

Herring When they approve the loan they set the rate of the loan. Current rate is 2.7%

Chair USDA called us.

NeSmith So any capital projects.

Knowles Explain payback process.

Herring Payback with taxes.


Confirmation of a Planning Commissioner for Commission District One

  Dixon item 11 is love where you live campaign. Take a long time look at garbage. At a annual bias. A program which has funding in house. Funding this thing on an annual bias. Put our best foot forward.


Love Where You Live Campaign

  Steele showed part of the slides from the power point.

Approval of AshBritt, Inc. for Emergency Debris Management Services

   Dixon item 12 is approval for Ashbritt.

Knowles there are actually two vendors who are here. The county was not satisfied with services. Add a minority participation clause. Hiring locals to help. Have to have a contract for FEMA reimbursement. Unless the board says otherwise.

NeSmith asked is there two separate vendors

Chair there was two before. Have to have more than one. FEMA paperwork is known thew them. In order to get paid. These are the only ones who are certified. They come

Knowles there has been some guidance. Per cubic yard is x amount of dollars. Get the word out. Here’s what you need to do.

Chair Trucks are so heavy that they tear asphalt up off of the roads. They are so wide and so large.  


Presentation from Granicus (Michael Kohan, Regional Sales Manager/Alex Chacon, Account Manager/Bryon Gillin, Account Manager)

    Steele introduced the above item.

  Gillin put together an agenda.

There are four goals.

We want to make the county more accessible.

Help with streamline staff. Make it extremely simple for staff.

Created a digital curb appeal. Show that Gadsden county



Walk through a customer journey

  Gillin go through google. Search for specific inters

Sign up for digital messages

Choose other topics

Receive targeted email notifications

Provide feedback

Receive meeting email alerts

Provide comment to council

Engaged int the legislative process

  Gillin solutions that fit you. They only work with government.

Bring sites under one roof. They have 250 clerks. Pre meeting once its organized giving it in meeting.

Promotion. Has worked with 10 originations. Engaged with 76% of the county.

  Gillin Showed the clay county, Fl website that they have worked on to the board.

Translate the sight into a different language.

That’s how the

It has size integrations.

Social media input

  Green stated that he loves this idea. Cost is his only question.

Gillin crated a platform. It is an annual cost. Is a longer term that is annually. 30 thousand yearly.


Chair asked how to get a building permit.

Gillin showed the process.

Green asked if there was staff to do daily maintenance.

Gillin it is all backed up and has 24/7

Steele stated that each department will have training. Each department.


Dixon stated that they are the company that we already use. This is just an upgrade.

Knowles always air on the side of bid process.

Knowles stated that they needed to look at that a later date.

Chair stated that we needed to update


  V entered the workshop at 5:39 pm        











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