Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

April 6, 2021

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Nicholas Thomas, Clerk of Court

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair welcomed everyone at 6:01 p.m., called meeting to order, asked for moment of silence and then led in Pledge of Allegiance



  Add 9b-Approval of Capital Improvements of Revenue Bond; pulled items 5 & 13


V/Green 5-0





  V/Green 5-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

·         March 27, 2020-Emergency Meeting

·         July 24, 2020-Disaster Recovery Meeting

·         July 24, 2020-Emergency Meeting

·         July 29, 2020-Disaster Recovery Meeting

·         November 17, 2020-Regular Meeting

·         January 21, 2021-Regular Meeting



Approval and Signatures for Special Assessment Liens State Housing Initiative Partnership Program (SHIP) (Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program)



Approval and Signatures for Satisfaction of Special Assessment Lien



Approval of Code Enforcement Lien Satisfaction (Parcel ID No. 3-11-22-4W-0000-00321-0700)

Item Pulled



Approval of Code Enforcement Lien Satisfaction



Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. SC108 Small County Consolidated Waste Grant





Due to COVID-19 and the efforts of Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners to continue the practice of social distancing, Commissioners want to continue to hear from citizens under the Citizens Requesting to be Heard section of the agenda.


If citizens have any questions, comments or concerns, please email and anticipate receiving a response within 48 hours.


   Commissioner NeSmith read aloud the COVID-19 statement.



   Bishop Willie Green, 296 Bradwell Road, Quincy, FL-appeared before the Board.  All of Gadsden County praying for their success. 



Don Stewart-Holt read aloud his email



Marion Laslie-Holt read aloud her email





PUBLIC HEARING-(Legislative) Consideration of Ordinance #2021-002 to adopt amendments to Subsection 2102, Section 5800 and Subsection 7201 and 7202 of the Land Development Code

  Dixon introduced above item. 


  Diane Quigley, AICP, Growth Management Director, stated for record corrected Ordinance Number is 2021-002.


Survey was done and County Ordinance was found to be very restrictive.    She gave brief overview of changes to revised Ordinance.


She listed options for Board to choose from.


  Holt said for public’s knowledge, Agenda is on-line and can be viewed, Commissioners can meet with Administrator and there is also a workshop before the meetings.


She asked if there was any comment from the public and there were none.


  V asked if P&Z considered the possibility of radio interference and gave examples. 


  Quigley said had not heard accounts such as he explained; can encourage co-locations on towers.


Holt asked if any other questions and there were none.


Dixon said there was question in workshop about LEO and EMS using existing towers for emergency management. 


Holt said during hurricane was so intense had no communication because towers were out.  Asked about using some of towers for emergency management.  Felt could do and would require generators also. 


  NeSmith asked if needed to include language to current Ordinance.  Knowles asked if wanted to add that language to current language.  Explained can accept or reject Planning Commission’s recommendations and if want to add or take away language, can do that now. Dixon asked what language would be. 


Quigley said where possible could encourage/require to consider…


Green asked if they could vote for it contingent upon adding language and Knowles said if they went that way, he and Ms. Quigley could collaborate with language and Chair could sign.


  V motion to approve contingent upon Knowles and Quigley working on additional language in regards to sharing of communication and Chair sign upon satisfactory construction of language


Holt said amend for emergency use-motion amended for emergency use  Green made second






Approval of Lower Interest Rate for the USDA Loan

Dixon deferred explanation of item to Mr. Knowles.


  Knowles introduced above item and said was for approval to lower interest rate regarding project financing for the new Agricultural Extension Building.


  NeSmith motion to approve/Hinson second 5-0



Board approval of the not to exceed $675,000 Gadsden County, FL Capital Improvement Revenue Bond, Series 2021

  Knowles explained item of Resolution which authorized and not to exceed $675,000 Capital Improvement Revenue Bond, Series 2021


Green/NeSmith 5-0



Confirmation of a Planning Commissioner for Commission District One

  Dixon introduced item and Mr. Eugene Sherman.


Mr. Eugene Sherman appeared before the Board.


V/NeSmith 5-0



Love Where You Live Campaign

  Dixon introduced above item.  Campaign to address trash on streets.


  Leslie Steele appeared before the Board.


Costs of campaign for remainder of this fiscal year is $50,000.  Will need more funds next year to stay beautiful.  Currently in pre-launch phase.


Administrator and staff taking directives seriously and working on setting times on Monday to pick up litter voluntarily during work day.


Campaign deliverables will include billboard, radio commercials, social media, t-shirts, newspapers ads, roadway signs, yard signs, window clings, website content updated continuously as well as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. 


Community partnerships-Cannot be successful if don’t have buy-ins by Constitutional Officers. 


Public Works working on budget to bring back dumpsters in each district.


Vehicle wrap-will see if Big Bend Transit interested in wrapping Gadsden Express and will purchase more if others interested.


Campaign based on 5 key principals-encourages personal responsibility and positive action, work in partnership with neighbors, tale responsibility for keeping own immediate area clean, raise awareness in education about prevention of littering and make easy for people to no drop litter.


  V said was elated with regards to what just have seen.  Have to be proud.  Only suggestion will make-not in support of yard signs and will not encourage that.  Encourage permanent road signs to be added to stop signs, etc.  Will require financial support.  Love idea of wrapping county vehicles.


  Green said not to be redundant, commended Administrator and PIO in making this reality.  Would like to see bumper stickers added to campaign. 


  V said one thing asked for, in lot of remote, virtual meetings and background filters have asked them to develop such to can help market County. 


  NeSmith said could not commend everyone enough for coming up with this. 


  Hinson said thought was great idea and asked if up for vote tonight-yes.  Felt before jump into it, with bulky item pick-up, they do that every year.  Asked about Waste-Pro-what kind of contract have with them and will it interfere with them.


Holt asked if he wanted to put that on Agenda and have them come regarding contract.  Before jump into make need to make sure in compliance with Waste-Pro.


Dixon said this campaign was just about campaign.  Bulky item pick-up for was later discussion.


Chair asked will of Board.


  V moved for approval of this project with revision that ensures non-conflict with services of trash pick-up with Waste-Pro services of trash pick-up.


  Steele said $50,000 asking for was for marketing and not dumpsters.  Asked to give $50,000 to allow Sachs Media Group to do marketing plan.


  V amended motion for approval of $50,000 for marketing/Green second  Holt made comment-add “don’t litter” to “love where you live”


  Hinson said don’t have heartburn with company, but paid $65,000 few months ago, just paid them $25,000 few weeks ago and now $50,000.  Why paying 2 full-time people that County pays to do marketing.  What’s logic in paying 2 full-time people and then pay company for marketing?


Chair called for vote-4-1  Hinson opposed. 



Approval of AshBritt, Inc. for Emergency Debris Management Services


Dixon introduced above item.


  Knowles discussed item


Holly Raschein, AshBritt, Inc, appeared remotely.


Holt asked-may have people that want to work during/after hurricane.  What would they have to do to be certified.


She said love to use local contractors, have a process and would love to have number of local contractors pre-certified.


Go to


  Hinson asked them to look at page 2 of 22-staff recommending contract with 2 companies but options is to sign contract with one company. 


  Knowles said second contract will come before them, this is only for AshBritt.  They will work in conjunction with each other. 


Hinson said should approve AshBritt and Ceres.  Also County Administrator


  Holt asked attorney, funds receive will be federal-yes. 


  Casey Clayton appeared before Board.    Encouraged Board to not mandate but to keep it “encouraged”. 


  Green said he thought Hinson was intending for local participation, just need to register at website.   He asked attorney if could include environmental companies. 


  V said Green eluded to his comment-local participation.  Ms. Raschein eluded to it, need to be aggressive to make sure they meet requirements, insurance, etc. 


  Dixon said if will of Board, Raschein has offered to help..


  Hinson said in fairness, not sure what going on.  Almost everyone he knows drives trucks and have bobcats. 


Holt said she understood what he was saying.  Now know better and will do better.


  NeSmith asked what companies were primarily responsible for removing debris.


Holt said had D&J and ?  When hurricane hit, had no idea would be that bad.  When did hit, was lucky had 2 companies already under contract. 


NeSmith asked if any local companies able to partner-yes-put ads in paper.  Weren’t prepared then, now getting prepared. 


  Knowles explained


  Holt explained language. 


  Holt asked why other contract was not brought forward-brought prime contract forth first.


Holt said voting on one contract at time.


  NeSmith asked if language was incorporated


Chair asked for\


V motion to approve contract provided/NeSmith  Hinson asked where 5.11 was-page 15




  V motion to approve Ceres contract contingent-Knowles said will bring tomorrow. 



Proposed Addendum to the FCI Contract

Item Pulled











  Green stepped out at 7:30


Meeting tomorrow at 6:






  Still working on law clerk program and asked to piggyback that on any other workshop to get feedback from commissioners.


Green returned 7:32





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

  Thanked Administrator and Public Works for providing great service to District 1; doing awesome job.  Thanked attorney for making last item clear.


Wanted to bring back as agenda item summer youth employment-wants 125 jobs – can vote next meeting.  Mental health killer for lot of people. 


Also want to add emergency housing repairs, had $20,000/district before hurricane. 


Holt asked if he wanted to add to 4:30 workshop-yes-Want to vote for $50,000 instead of $20,000.


Holt asked if Dixon already working on summer youth program-yes.


Hinson said want 125 jobs in summer youth in 2 weeks.


  Had Christmas gift given by Clerk-all money pulled down by CARES Act-$3.? And $1.3 remains.  Citizens hurting heavily and bad.  Want on board to discuss ½ go to residence assistance and other ½ to small business program.  Want to give people opportunity to re-apply. 


  Holt said that would have to be workshopped.  Have to plan that. 


  Dixon said once knew number, will come with plan for Board perusal and will workshop it.  Currently no budget for summer youth, working with 2 big partners.    



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

  NeSmith said dates were given and asked for dates of campaign again.  Will get them to the Commissioners.


Green eluded to presentation for website, was informative, need new website but like Green, do not know-may need workshop on how to move forward and if
RFP needed.


Holt said asked attorney to look up State opinion on State Contracts. 



Commissioner Ronterious Green, District 5

  Green said had hand up when Hinson was talking about summer youth program. 


Asked for schedule of road-side cuttings in district. 


Pleased with striping of roads in his district.


Received letter-Janice Harris-Simmons for prayer last week


Said if had to bury loved one due to COVID, possibility of receiving assistance



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

  V commended everyone for what have been doing for good of Gadsden County. 



Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4

  Holt said was doing better and moving forward in positive way.


Asked if could get list of cutting and striping.  


  Green said was pleasure to meet new grant writer yesterday.


  NeSmith asked if received follow-up information from Gabrielle 


Receipt and File





  Adjourned at 7:57 p.m.





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