Board of County Commissioners

Budget Workshop

Thursday, June 17, 2021

4:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Hannah Pope, Deputy Clerk



   Ms. Daniels called the workshop to order at 4:02 p.m.

Holt led in the invocation and then the pledge 



Due to COVID-19 and the efforts of the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners to continue the practice of social distancing, Commissioners want to continue to hear from citizens under the Citizens Requesting to be Heard section of the agenda.

If citizens have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email and anticipate receiving a response within 48 hours.

The Board of County Commissioners would like to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility during this time.


   Viegbesie informed of the board of the time he needed to leave. Then he read the above statement.



NeSmith exited at 4:04 p.m.

NeSmith returned at 4:05 p.m.




  Introduction / Summary Highlights (Georgette Daniels,  Assistant County Administrator)

  Dixon came before the board to introduced the above item. He informed the board that he will be having to leave early due to an alement. He stated that Ms. Daniels will be stepping into his place to run the workshop. Those budgets will not be growing that much since the new revenue sources are limited. Looking at the policy’s that effect long term plans such as the dirt road policy.

   Daniels came before the board to inform the board regarding the budget process. 

1.       Funds Balance Summary

    Daniels this is information that was presented for the fund balances that was concluded from the auditors. General fund has 3.5 Million dollars unassigned and 1.8 Million dollars assigned. The other funds have the following amounts transportation has 2.8 Million dollars, cares has 2.7 Million dollars, EMS has 530 Thousand dollars, Library has 270 Thousand dollars, and Fire has 640 Thousand dollars.

Green entered at 4:13 p.m.

  NeSmith asked what the unassigned amount is.

Daniels that is the general fund. The county does not have a technical reserve fund. The General fund is considered the reserve. 

NeSmith is there a carry over from the previous years and is the amount in reserves what was collected this year.

Daniels it is total of cumulative amount from over the years.

NeSmith based on the reserves where are we.

Daniels the auditors stated that it is recommended that the county have two months of operating expenditures in reserves. The amount is a little above that amount.

NeSmith how is the amount that we have in reserves now compared to the amount that what we typically have.

Holt very seldom do they drop below that amount. They were below that amount at one time. The county needs more than that since it is only a little over 2 months. The county needs to have enough to be able to run for three months.

NeSmith in order to protect the county we need to a significant reserve. How significant has the reserve account been.

Holt it depends when you get the taxes in. What may ever happen. The other thing the fund balance is not.

  Green asked how do we get from where we are at to where we want to be regarding the reserves.

Daniels states that where we want to be and setting aside the amount of money to increase the fund balance.

  Hinson stated the best person is the Clerk of Court and see the finace personelle. Other then when hurricane Michel the funds dropped because of unforeseen cost.

  Holt asked if they could pull those numbers

Daniels stated that they can. Clarify aside from making the commitment. Not all money is spent so it can go to reserve. Its not assigned for anything else or departments do not spend. Any thing that is not allocated it could be used.

  V if there is amount that has not been spent it drop goes into the general funds. In the past look to 5.4 million and then 1.8 is already assigned. The county is does not have.

NeSmith asked if the line items that are positions have not been filled.

Daniels if there is a position that is not filled there is a offset there. Anything that is not spent falls to fund balance. In the advent there is a position that is not filled.

NeSmith what percentage are we staffed.

Daniels we are pretty much fully staffed. Its all in the departments budget. There is a lot of extra advertising.

2.       Ad Valorem Tax Revenue Summary

  Daniels at the first workshop of growth in the. The property aprasers have given the. The property taxes went up by 7 percent. The next fiscal year the amounts will go up. Budget has to be done at 95 presnet of the taxable revenue. This is at the current millage rate. 

3.       Major Revenue Sources Update

  Daniels took a look at the major revenue sorcies. Budgeted amount. Most people pay early to get the discount on the property tax. Ad Vlorem taxes are trickling in right now.

Holt asked if they see the CRAs in the top corner. Is ask for a report on the CRAs. Look across the street you see the CRAs taking effect

  Green asked how often do we get CRA reports.

Holt stated that the CRAs have been very confrontational in the past. They do not have to give the County updates on the CRA. The county can set up CRAs as well.  Able to capture taxes in the CRAs also.

  NeSmith in addition Greens question do we make a contribution to the CRA.

Holt that they get the money before we get it. They capture the taxes before they get to the county.  

  Daniels property taxes are what we are going to give to taxes. Try to revitalize the area. Don’t get any reports on what they are doing.

Holt if you have the money. Don’t see the production.

  Green had a served on the CRA board for Quincy. He knows that they are working.

  V one of the ways. The downtown area was not part of the CRA. That became a issue it took the they don’t have to annex part.

NeSmith exited at 4:47 p.m.      

4.       Potential Revenue Options

  Daniels looking at using the local option fuel tax yet some of that tax revenue would have to go to the municipalities. Do not have the ninth cent fuel tax. Increase the tourist development tax. Increase the property tax rate. Pay off library debt and re-use pledged revenue.

   Green when do we make the consideration of the options

Daniels on the millage rate at the august 2nd meeting. Then you could decerase it but not increase the amount once it has been voted on.

NeSmith returned at 4:51 p.m.

Daniels voter approval is need for gas taxes.

Green is there a timeframe issue for this revenue.

Daniels it’s a ballot issue because it has to be on a ballot.

Green if it is approved will it go to general fund.

Daniels those go to transportation fund.

NeSmith asked that both the gas taxes. If we are into the next budget. Do not have to be at the beginning of a budget cycle. It doesn’t stop us from using those funds if approval is met.

    V this is a benefit principal tax so most of this generated on I-10. We have to sell the why we are doing. The goal with the hospital was the promises were too lofty. We still can. This is how we can fix the roads.

Holt that’s what we are going into for those taxes. Good why is to get rid of the dirt roads. Pave the dirt roads. Those without dirtroads. Carry the county on the referendum. Be willing to put money on marketing.

NeSmith there is some experances. There are some major challenges regarding the roads in district 3. Given the past experances. We know what we need to do for safe an navialbe roads. Make sure the people could travel the roads. Looking at the revenue generating.   

5.       Constitutional Officers FY21/22 Budget Requests

  Daniels Clerks of Courts has a 6 percent increase.

Holt asked for clarification on those increases.

Daniels they are looking into getting those.

V if we can work with them to itemized documents relating to the requests.

Knowles stated that the tax on the fuel tax option. This can be voted on by the board via super majority vote or by ballot.

Holt is that the ninth cent or the local.

Knowles that is for the local fuel tax. Statue 336.025 3b

Holt stated that the people will be coming for us if we do that. If a increases is done it should be done via referendum.

NeSmith asked so the best approach is referendum and what passes the referendum.

Holt stated she thinks that it is 50 plus one.

V there is some state that has failed beauces of the percentages.

Holt look at what the majority. Good thing to have it. Just approved to give money. Have some clarity.

Daniels the percentages for increase in budgets are as follows: Property Appraiser 6%, Sheriff 11%, Supervisor of Elections 25%, and the Tax Collector 0%. The Supervisor of Elections has a legislative reason for their increase and the Tax Collector has a different time frame for submittals.

NeSmith asked if that is a mandate that is funded or not funded

Daniels it is not funded so the county must come up with those funds.

6.       New County-Wide Positions

  the new cares act funding promotions. These are contractoly postions that are approved at this time. The following are the positions and the budgeted salaries: Government Operations Coordinator $ 65,000, Grants Coordination (Contractual Services) $ 50,000, Grants Monitor $ 50,000, Senior Housing Specialist/ SHIP $ 45,000, Communication Tech/Motorola $ 58,000, and Budget Technician/OMS $ 36,720

V asked that that totaled


Departmental FY21 vs FY22

  Daniels the departmental budgets that are being looked at that have not been requested. And if you look at the very last page all funds. The totals are $52,858,873.

  V asked if this took into account the increases that have been stated.

Holt there are improvements for the county. If we want to come in to. Can’t have everything. Once this budget needs to be turned in on time. Want to give to this non profit. This is why we need the positions to look at

  NeSmith watching this lesion the budget is a. generate new revinuw the citizens the best resources in place. Look at every avalible resources need. We have to enhace the qulity of life for the citizens.

Holt we have a good board lets go to work.

Green we are going possiply have revenue. Exited about the grant writer. Get the right qualified people to get those funds.

  Holt once that money comes in someone has to say where it goes. Meeting those dead lines is a job in its self. We need pull all contracts. Check to see if they are giving the contracts are giving a good project. Do not minoriy prefrance.

Daniels would have to reserch that.

V scott got rid of that. Enterprise and development agency is different.

  Holt could be used to hire more people in those areas. Need to go back and help the employers get employees. Large developments are getting broken up in the county. It may not make you money. But it will save you. Board conduct needs. Need to do better in the board room. Workshops works. One of the bussnes people where embarrassed.

  V getting to individual nextork. That is not geeting to administration. Please forward emails form network. Not only the directors for looking for funding. Those grants are out there for those areas. Looking for grant sorces then provide them for grant writers.

  Holt send those messages to admin because if you are supenas, make sure to send it to them. Small grants may not be worth their time.

  Daniels looking at grants. These expenditures are erayl in the game. Its kinda erlly. Certifiable tax ready. July 1 have completed by September 30. The august 2 meeting is one of htem. The other thing is the personell expences. Need new rates. Provide.        

7.       Non-Profits



Board of County Commissioners Priorities and Direction

   Daniels Need direction from Non-Profits direction how do they want aid those programs.

How do you want us to handle these process. How do we recommend. Handle the entire process.

NeSmith needs to workshop that process.

V Leon county is visit the non profits and what goes to those. Not enough time for this fiscal year to create a process like that. Determain the amout what goes to the non profits. The process what we have appropriate the staff for authorize the amounts.

   Daniels there was never a specific amount.

Holt could we do a trial run on that issue. If they are going to.

NeSmith we already have it to wher they can get funding through cares.

Holt if we have them give written

NeSmith need aids.

Holt we had one for a commissioner. They had to be an employee and other catigories. Don’t know how to afford it.

NeSmith more and more adents. Still have citizens who have needs. The budget is. what we have done in the past needs. Need help in moving the county forward.

  V stated that lets explore the leon county model. Grass is always greener on the other side.

Holt asked how much is being sent out in medicaed.

Daniels right out one million dollar.

Holt do not get the money back is not coming.

  Daniels policy update on dirt roads. If we want to get the roads. Looking at regarding multpurse complex.

V dirt road policy

Knowles the problem is that citizen do not have the funds to get them done.







Daniels adjourned at 5:51 p.m.





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