Board of County Commissioners


August 3, 2021

4:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5 – appeared remotely

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  V welcomed everyone, asked for moment of silence



Due to COVID-19 and the efforts of the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners to continue the practice of social distancing, Commissioners want to continue to hear from citizens under the Citizens Requesting to be Heard section of the agenda.

If citizens have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email and anticipate receiving a response within 48 hours.

The Board of County Commissioners would like to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility during this time.














  Mr. Dixon spoke, going to discuss TRIM Notice


Chair Holt arrived at 4:12 p.m.


  Georgette Daniels, Asst. County Administrator, appeared before the Board.  July 1st received certified taxable values that came out.  Have not finalized potential final budget. Gave history of fund balance.


  NeSmith asked about fund balance between 2018-2019 and if they had to reach into fund balance to recovery of hurricane.


Holt said knew had overtime pay but was not sure where funds were gotten.  Had assistance from FEMA and State.  V said was reimbursed and replenished what was taken for overtime.  Holt said had several things applied for and were several things could still apply for. 


NeSmith said in reference to Asst. County Administrator’s statement that sometimes have to reach into fund balance to balance general fund, if that primary reason why have to reach into it?  Holt said don’t know what may happen, any emergency could come up.



Summary Highlights

  Millage rate has remained slack from 2008 until now.  Have to set millage rate today-can lower after today but cannot raise it.  If keep at current rate, will receive approx. $1 Million. 


  NeSmith asked about millage rate. 


  Green asked if heard correctly that could not raise but could lower.  Daniels explained would have to raise today.  Is way to raise but will have to send out TRIM notices, will have to send out new TRIM notice to every property owner at BOCC’s expense.


  NeSmith wanted to understand this was last day to raise and can reduce up to last public hearing in September.


  V wanted to state on record, should they decide to set at higher rate, does not mean have decided to raise millage rate for county.  Just want to make sure, if need to, can do so but not saying will be raised. 


  Green asked if could explain possible benefits if decide to raise.  Daniels said would be increase in revenue that County could collect. 


  Daniels said this was setting tentative millage rate, and by State Statute, have to do so within 35 days of receiving the certified taxable values from Property Appraiser’s office and this was 34th day.  We have to adhere to that schedule and if not, will put in jeopardy the ability to collect shared revenue.


  Holt said did not remember ever not meeting deadline. 


  NeSmith said this was 34th day and deadline was 35th day.   Daniels explained were no meetings in July. 


  Holt said if did increase, normally have a focus as what want to do with it. 


  Daniels said everything ready, just waiting on vote.



Fund Balance Summary

   Looking at some of major revenues and how anticipate will end fiscal year.  Ad Valorem-collected little more than budgeted and good there.  With Ad Valorem or property tax revenue, get majority of that in November because most take advantage of discount.


CRA-2 in Quincy; 1 Midway; 1 Havana—Intent is to take blighted area and revitalize it.  Is usually downtown areas.  Have received approximately $12.6 Million in revenue.   


  Holt said have CRA contracts and have not checked in while. 


  Daniels said had contract and was for certain number of years.  Once timeframe ending, County can agree to enter into new agreement.  Can bring back information.


  Also looked at State Sharing revenue. 


  NeSmith asked Daniels this was projected-she said for current year to give update. 


  Projecting ˝ cent sales tax to be little better. 



Ad Valorem Tax Revenue Summary

  Talked at last budget workshop exploring for additional revenue. 


Currently at 8.9064 and if went to 10 Mils, would get approximately $2.8 Million.


With Local Option Gas Tax-already utilizing 1-6˘ portion and could generate up to $1.1 Million if went to 5˘, have option there if increased it-1˘ would get $230,000; 2˘ would give $450,000; 3˘ would get $680,000; 4˘ $900,000 and 5˘ would get $1.1 Million.


  NeSmith asked about State Revenue Sharing-was $850,000 all County received?


  Holt said depended on if good year and how well lobbyists working.  Daniels said currently budgeted at $821,000 and projecting will receive approx. $860,000 this year.


Holt explained if fiscally constrained county, won’t generate high taxes.  Daniels said could also receive distribution for being fiscally constrained County. 


9th cent motor fuel tax-not currently utilizing that tax.  If were to levy 1˘ tax, could receive $245,000.   Have to remember can only go to roads and bridges.  There is small portion of general fund money that utilize in Public Works.  Could make changes to ordinance-institute 9th cent that would go to Roads and Bridges and if change Ordinance, Still restricted.


  NeSmith asked if not been using and Daniels said no.  Holt said when ordinance was passed, was passed to build jail.  Then passed for road and bridge. 


  NeSmith said County in desperate need of road repaving, etc. Need as much revenue as possible. 


  V asked Administrator, while playing with numbers, would like to seriously consider adding street lights to projects, as well as striping, etc.



Major Revenue Sources Update

  Expenditures for next year-hard because do not have set millage rate yet. 


Need to look at putting tanks at Public Works underground-$400,000 to do so


Building Inspection requesting 2 vehicles


  EMS looking at new ambulances and getting Captain’s Response Vehicle and will be equipped with items but not used as transport


  Some grants are grant match such as phase II of St. Hebron and generator for Butler Building; work needs to be done on elevators in Butler Building and Courthouse, radio tower was left that needs to be de-commissioned and moved.


  Holt said page 7 was requests.  Wanted to look at what have to do now.   



Potential Revenue Options



Constitutional Officers FY22 Budget Requests

  Have received requests from Constitutional Officers and County Department


Sheriff and Law Enforcement looking at approximately $480,000 increase and justification is increase in salaries, taxes, retirement and health insurance and Detention and Corrections looking at approx. $248,593


Supervisor of Elections mandated to get new equipment and is $110,000


  Clerk Finance-increase in health and FRS rate – looking at about $30,000 increase


Property appraiser-Asking $72,704-Clerk Finance had been doing accounting for PA Office at no costs and now charging going forward about $20,000 and other part of money they need a dedicated IT person and asking for funding for that.


  County Commission has had several insurance claims that have hit.  When have settlement that must pay, have deductible that must pay of $10,000 for each claim and have had increase in liability insurance.


  County Administrator budget-was granted new positions with CARES residuals and moved some positions around that was being budgeted somewhere else such as Grants Coordinator and position being budgeted in Budget Office and moved under County Administrator as well as couple of other positions. 


  V asked in moving Special Projects Coordinator to PIO should have no impact on current budget because position already exists and do not see how will require increase-will be part of $320,076.  Will grant writer remain contractual or be position?  Daniels said took money for position and moved to contract. 


  V said way reading was re-organization of structure and should not have any changes because merging and moving positions around. 


  Holt asked what position were needed.  Daniels said Assistant to Administrator but was named something else, Grant Coordinator, Grant Monitor, and one other position that was located somewhere else.  Holt said before, had Asst. Manager position and needed it; had person over budget and when this happened, only had one and threw budget off.  That’s why need to look at positions, what do they need to run to get there?  Just like with Sheriff, if approve for increase in salaries, will have to do next year also.  That draws off what they say they want to do.  Was why said look at what have to do and then what want to do. 


  Nesmith said already voted to add additional staff, not the issue and asked about the $320,000.  Daniels said $320,000 was not new money, it was realized from someplace else.  NeSmith asked about new positions that were approved earlier…Ms. Daniels said did include 2 new positions and NeSmith said more than 2 were approved.  Yes, in other areas.


  V asked looking at moving Special Projects Coordinator from under County Administrator to PIO is not additional costs.  How will impact?

Restructuring of organizational chart – was questioning numbers


  Green said for sake of clarity, millage rate that could be increased, could it be used for general funds to provide for these positions?


  NeSmith said think what asking, could millage rate be used to cover increase in salaries?  If not restricted.


  V said see now what document saying.  With reorganization and new positions, this is amount of what will change


  Daniels said HR Department and Purchasing Department were combined and had hard time seeing who spent whose money and split them up and can see better - also moved portion of her salary into Purchasing budget as well


  V said appreciated presentation, without questioning and explanation, when actual budget presented, someone may question


  Daniels said lot of ends and out but wanted to show significant changes and tried to provide explanation


 N asked if cell towers could produce revenue-will have conversation with Administrator.


  Holt said to make a note, need to inventory equipment.  



Departmental FY21 vs. FY22



Enhancement/Reduction Summary



Board of County Commissioners Priorities and Direction

  Holt stated over years had temporary (summer) and need to look at hiring total crew for cutting and pick up trash and not able to do all things.  Need another whole crew.  With Building Inspection, if getting calls she’s getting, shows problem in-house and should be able to take care of it.


  NeSmith echoed what Holt said earlier-met with CA earlier about roads and medians and need to give roads attention


  Green said what happened to considering contracting out cutting


  Dixon said considering all options, not light task, need to consider what to do with manpower in winter. 


  Holt said want to look at set aside for that



  Adjourned at 5:48





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