Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

October 19, 2021

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk



  Chair welcomed everyone to meeting and called to Order, asked for moment of silence and then led in Pledge.



  Dixon said wish to pull items 13 and 14 because of legal issues.


Holt asked to add an invoice for FCI as 18a


  Green approval with changes/NeSmith 5-0







Check Presentation to Capital Medical Society Foundation-The We Care Network

  Dixon asked We Care to come forward for presentation. 



Check Presentation to Gadsden Community Health Council

  Presentation was made to Gadsden Community Health Council.



Gadsden County Extension Update

  Robbie Jones appeared before the Board for an update.


Mentioned peanut butter food raiser.  Have to have jars to be matched.  Have set goal to be number 1.  Also wanted to make sure community was aware that ?? was 100 years old. 


  Hinson said have lot of students that have strong interest in science.  Could info be forwarded to him? Yes. 



NeSmith/V 5-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

·         August 13, 2021 BOCC Emergency Meeting

·         August 17, 2021 Contracts/Committees Workshop

·         August 19, 2021 Budget Workshop

·         September 7, 2021 BOCC Meeting



Approval of the 2022 Holiday Schedule





Anyone wishing to speak on agenda items or non-agenda items should schedule or notify the County Administrator’s Office before attending the meeting and will be asked to follow the Gadsden County Public Meetings Citizens Access Guidelines.  Also, public comment for Commission meetings can be submitted via email to until 11:00 a.m. August 17, 2021.  Comments submitted after the deadline but prior to the meeting will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.

  Dr. V real the above statement aloud.



Danny Miller,



   Cametra Gibson-Bryant, 7123 Havana Hwy., Havana, FL

Wanted to share her experience regarding the ARP.  Turned in info to Ms. Hamilton (gave timeline)


Last document received was


Wilbert Butler



Shane Wellenderf, 13093 Henry Beadel



Rolland Maser, 25 Talquin Hideaway Road




Ruth Maser, 25 Talquin Hideaway Road



Marion Lasley


  Dixon said before getting started with public hearings, wanted to introduce
Justin Steel, Interim Planning Director.  Mr. Steel spoke and told little about himself.



Public Hearing (Legislative) Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment (CPA 2021-03) Ordinance 2021-08, Polic1.1.1.k Commercial-Consideration to approve transmittal of the text amendments to Policy 1.1.1.k of the Future Land Use Element to the Department of Economic Development

  Dixon introduced above item.  He said the text amendment would allow RV’s to drive on non-arterial roads.


Been to Planning twice and both times P&Z rejected it.  Neighbors have indicated not happy with this program


  Danny Miller, appeared before the Board.  Idea is to bring eco-tourism to Gadsden County by bringing RV resort, not doing trailer park or RV campsite.  Will be tourism opportunity.  Want to bring 5-star restaurant to lake.  Ordinances does not allow RV parks on non-arterial roads and property will present excellent opportunity.  Text amendment will allow to move forward to have RV park. 


  Green thanked him for presentation.  Asked for estimation of jobs this opportunity would provide-approximately 10, maintenance workers, have to put in modular package sewer plant, will treat water.  Will be spin-off jobs to RV park.  Restaurant will employ 10-15 people.  Green said had opportunity to come look and think could be great.  Had chance to speak to people will impact and in speaking with some, could restaurant sustain without RV park or would it be package deal?  Biggest issue is size of RV’s taking up road.  Miller said did not think restaurant would be feasible without having RV element.  Said road at narrowest point was 21 feet wide and at widest was ?.


  Hinson disclosed had opportunity to meet with Mr. Miller.  Believed in economic development and how would this impact environmentally?  Water retention would be in form of holding ponds.  Have done discharge study.  Tonight, just asking for ability to bring plan forward.  Have to meet requirements in order to build this.  Hinson said


  Miller said crappie event was national event but haven’t had since COVID.  Feel like could bring crappie tournament back.  Fishermen all travel in RV’s, will have place to park them, have restaurant to feed them.  Bringing in people as tourists for economic development.  Hinson asked in his opinion, how would this benefit County?  First, impact and value for Gadsden County was tourism.  Second, create jobs for local people, would be buying groceries, fuel, etc.  Feel may be cottage industries that may be made such as car washes for RV’s.  A lot that comes are northerners, what is called “snowbirds”.  Park would not have permanent residents.  Want to bring people in that would spend money.  Been responsible developer, been doing it for 40 years.  Opportunity is for Gadsden County.  Hinson said former Commissioner Lamb also called him up and spoke highly of Miller.


  V said also met with Miller and understand this is not an approval for development.  Question he had was would this be trailer park and was told no.  As professor of economics, got excited.  With college homecomings, see this as way for economic development for County.  Asked how would generate noise, people would come and would leave.  Also saw way to grow crappie fish tournament.  Until COVID, attended fish tournament.  See as way to grow.  Think wonderful thing instead of shutting down.  County been crying for jobs and here are with some idea of chance to develop.  V said, if want economic development, open their minds to it.


  Miller asked to show his presentation to everyone. 


  Holt said looked at property.


   Shane Wellenderf, 13093 Henry Beadel Drive, Tallahassee, FL, appeared before the Board.  Hold conservation easement on Reynolds Road across road from property being considered.  Requested deny this amendment.  Will be change to commercial and once done, that designation stays on this property and would open doors to other types of commercial projects.  Think bigger concern is not RV park or restaurant but opening up commercial to other projects.  Would like to see this kept as rural.  Ask they deny land amendment change. 


  Miller said Tall Timbers is good organization but owns conservation easements.  Does not contribute to economic development to County.  Trying to offer a RV development, not asking for commercial zoning to put in Walmart.


  Ruth Maser, 25 Talquin Hideaway Road, appeared before Board.  Am homeowner in gated community adjacent to Miller’s property.  Reynolds Road not wide enough to accommodate RV’s.  RV’s usually hauling their toys, jet skis, etc. Septic system wants to use is drain field with spray feature. 


   Rolland Maser, 25 Talquin Hideaway Road, appeared before the Board.  Give credit to Miller for more than 4 years to try to build this park.  Think a little fool-hardy.  Easement road is used by property owners.  Asked they not approve this project without serious thought.  Asked they consider the questionable pay-back.


   John Brown, Holt said he was opposed to this project.


  Marion Lasley, Chair said she was opposed to this item.


  Miller re-appeared before Board.  Said would not be spraying anything, was a modular sewer plant.  When bring back for final approval, will have sanitary person to appear before board.  System talking about using is used in rest areas.  Will have own road put in that would not affect Tyndell Road.  Want to be responsible developers. 


  V asked Miller if had maps available during P&Z community meetings?  If had may have been able to more effectively communicate his position to them.  Suggested if could in more cordial way, as opposed to both parties being antagonistic.  Miller said understand and point well taken. 


  Green asked how many community meetings were offered.  Miller said 3 years ago had CBOR meeting.  Never been sweared at as much before in his life.


  Hinson said see few things that leave him perplexed.  Asked what staff recommends.  Dixon said saw no different than Pat Thomas Park, is opportunity.  Talking about road because listening to citizens.  Had to improve road for Robert F. Munroe and Four Star.  Said current law did not allow RV’s to travel down road.  Just received $50,000 to improve roads.  Hinson read Policy 1.1.1 K-3 Density allowed.  Felt Staff was giving different direction than what he sees.  Way he reads it, they are in violation with Pat Thomas Park. 


  Dixon said thinks what Hinson highlighting was same reason Commissioners did away with CBOR because does not encourage growth of any type.  See way to improve where people could operate within the law.


  NeSmith said since he arrived on this Board been talking about 2 issues and number 1 was economic development. He also met with Miller and always focus on best interest of Gadsden County and residents.  Had opportunity to travel and many of these cities are thriving in mist of pandemic except for Gadsden County.  Not only have lack of economic development, also have issue with keeping residents in County because they will move to community that was growing and thriving.  Will always find issue to not approve economic development but have to change that.  Just received census and saw reduction in population.  Not approving plan that was not before them.  Need to grow.  Need to move toward economic develop so can grow County.  Work with citizens and have dialogue and grow county. 


  Hinson said first, not against this.  At Twin Creek in Havana, built in area where whole community under water.  When look at things, have to ask questions.  Great idea, inspired by it. 


  V stepped out at 7:26 p.m.


  Hinson continued and said had to ask questions.  Appears staff lambasted this thing.  If vote for something that will be problem, staff could say gave every reason.  Trying to build at Pat Thomas, same thing.  Want to make sure people reading this.  Staff lambasted the opportunity.


  V returned at 7:29 p.m.


  Dixon said did not have that staff anymore. 


  Holt said this was something had for 2 weeks and had opportunity to read through.  Need other roads other than arterial roads.  Why very important to make decisions based on facts.  People that used to own land have said want land back if had opportunity. 


NeSmith motion to approve/


  Green said not approval of project, just to move forward.  Hopes in process can have better dialogue and don’t want to be hypocritical.  If shut down everything every time, will never move forward.  Just to open door for other areas. 


  NeSmith made motion to approve comp plan amendment/Holt second.  Holt said option 1.  Passed 5-0     



Public Hearing (Legislative) Reynolds Road Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendment (SSPA 2021-02)

  Dixon introduced above item


  Hinson motion to approve/V second


Holt said public hearing and asked for comments. 


  Miller said comp amendment would change to allow


Holt asked that page 4 of 116 be placed on screen.  


  Holt brought up speakers


  Shane Wellenderf, 13093 Henry Beadel


  Ruth Maser, 25 Talquin Hideaway Road, appeared before Board and said would not like it to be changed to commercial.  Hard to tell what would go up and property value would go down. 


   Rolland Maser, 25 Talquin Hideaway Road, really respect everything doing.  Spoke to NeSmith that he articulated very well.  Lived here number of years and asked him what would bring these people into that area?  Yes, need to build up area but RV park has to have attractions and Miller has optimistic ideas on paper.  Feel sorry for folks that live on Reynolds Road and would like to help them out.  Get all down pat before approving.


  Miller said at point will bring forward, will do national marketing campaign to bring people to Gadsden County.  Will bring people in on continuous basis. 


  Holt asked for discussion or comments.


  NeSmith wanted to reiterate statement from Green and Hinson-we are not approving plan, just another step in process


  NeSmith motion to approve option 1/Hinson second.  Holt read aloud the option.  Called for vote.  Board voted 5-0 and passed item.    





Medigreen Medical Waste Management

  Dixon introduced item.


  Hinson had question-why bring this to Board?  Dixon said contract.


Green stepped out 7:49 p.m.


Hinson stated was under $25,000.


Dixon said trying to clarify what Board wants to see and not want to see.  Board made clear want to see contracts.  Dixon asked Deputy Clerk.  Response was Board has to approve all contracts and that the Chairman signs them.


Holt said this very important because needles, etc. has to be disposed of.

  Hinson/V 4-0



Approval of Point Milligan Road SCOP CEI Selection

  Dixon introduced




  V said if could also provide approved construction amount so will know how much on each road.


Chair called for vote 4-0



Approval of Potter Woodberry SCOP CEI Selection

  Dixon introduced item


V/NeSmith 4-0



Neighborhood Medical Center Mediacom Agreement

  Dixon introduced above item


  Green returned 7:53 p.m.


NeSmith/V 5-0



ALS 360 Stryker Agreement

Item Pulled



Contract with I.F.W. Security, LLC to Provide Security Services at the Butler Building and Gadsden County Public Library in Quincy, FL

Item Pulled



Funding Request from the Havana Community Development Corporation, Inc.

  Dixon introduced


  V said from workshop, all understand importance of this project.  Will impact healthy food from farmers market.  In support of this project but funding is what is giving him heartburn.  If can find way to creatively put this project and work with Havana CDC to see what can be worked in annual budget to ensure will get something they could work with county on.  $600,000 in one lump sum, not very comfortable with.  If could find way to creatively fund, ok.


  Green said did not want to be redundant, need to make sure can move money for others that have already been approved.  In agreeance with V. 


  NeSmith thanked Hinson for bringing forth an awesome program.  Had opportunity to tour.


  NeSmith wanted to make recommendation to Board.  County Admin alluded to this earlier.  Is major project that could … Would like them to partner with County so could find major dollars to find all resources needed to be beacon.   See if could work on major projects for facility.  Amount requested not enough for school.


  Holt said presentation was great.  Said whatever do, have to do for Gretna Elementary.  Said everyone gets same thing, she’s good, but everyone has to present plan like Mr. Butler did.  Need to see how can rotate.  Need to figure out way to do it. 


  Hinson said she did great job for coaching up team.  Talking economic development, mental health, kids.  Don’t believe in tit for tat and what have to do for one, do for all.  Hinson said they took money from small businesses and gave it to other projects.  Got $1.3 Million that is not restricted.  Got American Rescue Plan.  Asked Dixon how much money was in General Fund-couldn’t tell him right now.  Before make decision, have to know first. 


  Mr. Butler appeared before the Board.  Understand supporting vendors, however nothing was in till about Gretna or any other project such as this.  Had workshop several years ago and only thing came out was aquaponics.  They spent money to keep that going.  Doing things in community that would put people to work.  Selling products online.  Just got Department of Ag to come out to approve them growing hemp.  Need Commission to step up and give them $200-300,000, do not deny them.


  V said like earlier, residents in Havana vote for him as well as Sims?  There are religious organizations in Havana that needed money.  Who among the voters do they ignore?  Do they please one group to the detriment of others or abandon ones already promised to do for others.  Will do what conscience tells him to.   May not be able to give all $600,000 but Board could instruct staff to look at books and see how could work organization into annual amount.  $600,000 is not near enough they need to ask for.  Voters come in all shapes and sizes.


  Hinson said personally, $1.3 Million plan was put before them and they were told to vote for it.  That money not restricted because went back into General Fund.  Asked Board for workshops first so community could have input.  Brought it and was voted for same night.  Next agenda had $4.4 Million and voted for everything that same night without looking into it.  Put more money into churches than did small businesses.  Barbers and beauticians could not work and they laughed.  Wasn’t funny to him.  Now act like so concerned about people.  Get money from wherever could get money from.  Said would like to do would like to vote for something in the blind.  Want to table this item and could find out how much in General Fund to make a right decision.


  Holt said could not threaten or bully them into anything.  Said look at budget.  To try to degrade commissioners is not way to get them on your side.  No-one said did not want to fund.  Said need to look at this.  Getting tired of him insulting Commissioners. Young lady that commented was not only one that complained about distribution.  Sheriff also commented about distribution.  Think everyone would be happy if this item comes back.


  Hinson motion to table item until have all info before them/V seconded.  Asked Administrator to have open door access to Mr. Butler and Havana CDC to see how can help and work with them down the line for the good of the citizens of the County.  Board voted 5-0



Approval of Resolution 2021-034 in Support of Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act of 2021 to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for vaccines under Medicare Part D

  Dixon introduced


  V said this would support HR 1978


  Green approved/NeSmith 5-0



Board Approval to Submit a Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) Community Development Block Grant-Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) Small Cities Application Seeking $1.6 Million in CDBG-CV Funds to Rehabilitate, Improve and Furnish the County Owned Facility, that once served as the Cafeteria to the William S. Stevens Historic High School for the Resolution Approving the Submittal of the Application

  Dixon introduced item.


  Hinson/Green 5-0



Board Approval of the Gadsden County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Duplication of Benefits Policy (DOB) and the Four-Factor Analysis Language Assistance Plan (LAP)

  Dixon introduced above item.


V/NeSmith 5-0



FCI Invoice

  Dixon said Holt submitted this item.


Holt said this item was added because there was an invoice, already approved the contract for items distributed, they approved contract for items that were distributed and Figgers sent info showing wanted to get vote to approve and move on.


  Hinson said spoke with Dixon few months ago and if not mistaken, talked about this.  Gave away food cards.  Asked how were they purchased.  Dixon said as vendor submitted, signed off on them and Clerk’s office created number to go with name and had people be present with vendor to get signature.  Hinson said normally purchase food card first then give them out.  Ready for this to be done with.  Allow then to give the 25,000, pay for it first, they have surety bond that covers $2 Million anyway, so if order just like food cards, purchase it, they send it and then they distribute and move on.  Then FCI not responsible for delivering anything.  Think fair because they have surety bond.  They won’t have to worry, County will distribute.


  Holt said did not bring before Board for that.  Looking at what they delivered for their amount of money.  Once was cease and desist, especially at that park, have no idea how many given out but lot of people there and IGA.  Know certain amount that was given out.  Have a contract but in looking at it, either need to do what need to do to settle this part; or will end up in Court, that’s where I believe will be, and did not have problem with it.  She said knew x number of devices were received but were never turned on because they stopped.  Only talking about amount of instruments given out, if could halfway settle that part, will be happy.


  V said he has said before, nothing personal, strictly business.  Said again have never met Figgers.  If recall correctly, Board voted for 100% attestation of devices before being paid.  Invoice being presented right now ($40,383.20), could delivery be attested, if not, why being presented for payment.  The amount that was attested was approved for payment and if could be provided documentation that this invoice was invoice for fully attested delivery of the instruments and they were fully provided, will have no problem, otherwise not in favor.  About principals and he stands on principals.


  Dixon said, like him, he just received invoice from Chair, not staff.  Met with Figgers/FCI and once again tried to move beyond situation.  Had good ideas, did what Board asked to verify the number of devices, submitted that for payment as Board instructed on what could verify.  The amount was for $1700.00 roughly that they could verify.  Not here saying they did not give to people, he saw some of the activity, was people all around. However, like food cards that was just brought up, were lot of people around but only had one person said did not receive food card out of 1700.  Have tried to move beyond this knowing that they thought it was settled activity, that they proved what they could prove.  Said to them if the devices were later proven to be handed out and put on line, would be glad to submit for payment as they moved through program, they declined.  They said pay this or bust.  In last meeting, scheduled them for next meeting, they said wanted to come before BOCC, and then he had no choice but to end discussion and was placed on agenda for Board to make decision on.  Cannot move if they’re not willing to move.  Sat with Hinson and thought had good ideas about how to make it go but they refuse to entertain anything beyond this invoice being paid in full.  Told them he did not have authority and have nothing verifiable that could be verified to be submitted to Board to justify payment.  That is where he and staff are and have not seen anything to differ. 


  Green asked if the invoice came directly from Figgers, where numbers came from. Holt said invoice came from Figgers company.  Green said based on previous approval, there was substantial amount of money invested into devices.  Would $40,000 clear out what was owed?  Holt said was what they said.  Said what was brought to IGA, they gave out everything. 
She called Bebe about what was being said negatively about County about distribution.  Was people lined up out of parking lot and they did that even though they were supposed to have someone from County for distribution.  She called Bebe and said did not appreciate young lady making negative comments about County and asked it be taken down because they thought County was ones giving them out.  He was to bring them here and Administrator was to verify and then be given out.  She asked if they had started giving them out at Tanyard Creek Park. 


  Bishop Green appeared before the Board, said did not know this was on Agenda and requested permission to speak.  Green said he shared in meeting with Dixon, one of his biggest concerns to both parties, County has contractual obligation and each party responsible to do certain things.  This issue is one he knew that has dragged on too long.  County hired company to create, advertise and distribute device, be responsible for device and all its components.  Sat with them through several meetings where went through contract, redid contract, renegotiated it.  Contract law one of most difficult challenges but black and white.  Just abide by agreement and avoid lawsuit.  Can’t say how many actually worked and can’t say how many was actually given out, but saw them be given out.  If trying to canvass, no way if devises given out in February, would be active in May, 3 months expired.  If don’t handle correctly, will be no winners and real losers will be citizens.  Can’t get what was received in contractual obligation from FCI from any other vendor and will not get going forward from any other vendor under this kind of treatment.  Was told data usage was attached and sent with invoice.  Cure for it is in the surety bond, got a guarantee.  Don’t see how County can lose but can see how all can lose.  Think tonight at crossroads, need to make decision to either honor contract, pay invoice or prepare for litigation and citizens will lose.  If find out he did not produce and distribute number being paid for, have remedy covered in contract.  He has to make devices good.  Bishop said he read contract and why have contract and have to go by.  Fact was they asked Administrator to verify each device and hard to verify something in July that was distributed months earlier.  Was a limited 3-month contract and he charging for device and data usage.  If he’s committing fraud, submitting document that is fraudulent, he assumes not only civil liability but criminal liability.  Think in best interest of citizens to honor invoice, pay it because have recourse.  Last point is stop beating this horse, either bury it or ride it.  He has good product at a good price.  Think will do Board, community and FCI a great service if could find way to resolve this in peaceful manner and pay invoice. 


  Holt said brought item because looking for settlement on this.  Trying to get one tonight.


  Green said wanted to be clear, want to settle this part of invoice. 


  Holt asked if would be scheduled-Dixon said will be scheduled for next meeting.


  NeSmith asked Administrator that did not know could bring something like this to Commissioner, if was appropriate.  Dixon said was item they voted on to add.  Asked Administrator what would be on Agenda-Dixon said direction for how to handle this.  Said what asking for, if want to do contract, not County that is holding this up.  Can choose to talk about $40,000 or talk about the $1.7 Million.  Can talk about $40,000 that cannot prove.  If want to put food card out, same thing, could prove what went to who.  Don’t know how to fix this, based on Board’s direction on what he was told to do.  In best interest from his conversations with each of them on how to move forward, said talk about $1.7 Million and how can get other 20,000 distributed.  They do not want to have any conversation about that and don’t know what to do without Board direction.


  Hinson said he recently purchased 400 items from Amazon and got them 2 weeks later after paying for them.  Food cards, paid for them first before given out.  Want to come to resolution, have surety bond.  Only fair, got out money anyway.  Didn’t get surety bond for food cards. 


  Holt asked attorney about surety bond, would County be paid in case he does not satisfy contract?  She said in this instance, yes, surety bond would cover failure to perform under terms of contract.  Said party A pays, party b doesn’t perform for payment, then surety bond would come in to ensure that party a would get paid.


  V said thought decision was made this item would be placed on agenda for next meeting.  Need to get appropriate documentation and bring back on next agenda.  Also heard what Attorney said if no delivery, but claim that delivery was made.  So, surety bond not really applicable in this case because Recipient saying all of delivery was not made.  Surety bond not guarantee because service provider saying he delivered.  Not sure why surety bond being brought into play.  Agenda and come back to it as Administrator has suggested. 


  Attorney said if party a would be paying, party b providing product, dispute whether certain provisions in contract were performed or required to be performed.  Dixon sated having hard time being able to document that product that matched that invoice actually went out.  Fundamentally, issue is where did it go, is there documentation to support.  In general, surety bond can cover failure to deliver a product and can cover performance issues on contracts.  Don’t know if slam-dunk, fundamentally, issue about contract provisions and whether certain provision performed and from their vantage point, not to say think right, whether they had to perform certain provisions of the contract in certain way. 


  Green asked if way FCI could verify data usage on devices?  Show proof what was delivered along with usage on each device.  Dixon said they can prove delivery, they gave away 572 devices and had data usage information.  Our point goes back, never knew you had food card.  How do we know was our food card person was cashing.  Board said prove every one of them before paying and have done what could do to best of ability.  In perfect world, would have done just like food cards; sold us stack of food cards, County would initial, paid for them, and redistributed.  In this instance, they would distribute but would have been written a $900,000 check because would have verified up front.  Why keep trying to move to second piece of contract because can go from talking about $1.7 Million and how can make sure done right and not stuck on $40,000.  Not what they want to do.


  Green asked for clarity, they don’t want to agree to pay this invoice.  Dixon said they say pay invoice of $1.7 Million or $40,000 or they don’t do business with us.


  Holt said would save rest of $1.7 Million if pay $40,000. If cancel $1.7 Million contract, would save money.  Holt said everything has to be documented.  How they want done very important.  Can’t say company wants to do that, they have to give something.  If not services, becomes null and void anyway.  Attorney said would be question about default.


  Green said (inaudible) but want invoice paid and Administrator said would be on next agenda but want invoice paid.


Green made motion to pay invoice in front of them of $40,383.20/Hinson second


Chair called for vote passed 3-2  NeSmith and V opposed.   











  V asked Administrator for update on Havana EMS and get update on St. Hebron Walk and Bike Trail.  Asked for timeline.  Dixon said will respond in writing.










Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

   Echoed what V said earlier.  Contacted Administrator about Havana EMS


  Jerry Lee said Public Works paved driveway and should be completed tomorrow with lime rock.   Hinson asked for location-Highway 27 across from L&J Lounge.  Hinson wanted to look into purchasing property next to it so can move forward because planned on building a building, not have portable. 


  Holt said to make sure have line item, how it would be budgeted.


  Hinson said based on information, already voted on FCI, made motion and voted on it.  Don’t need to bring back and look at anything, just give County administrator direction.  Don’t see reason for meeting again on something already moved.  They have surety bond.  Reason bringing up, was in Havana and lady there and asked when they would finish situation with FCI.  Moved here from Miami in 1992 and could not get service.  People, kids need service.  Have all answers with $2 Million surety bond.  Need to look at if purchase anything, public works, facilities, when order, purchase and then get produce.  Hope can do same practice with FCI. 


  Holt said no way she would agree to that, have to have everything in place.  In favor of meeting, taking care of same way she was when they get complaints about.  Get them in room, get everything out, If anything in contract they have questions about, could take care of same time.


  Hinson said Board voted for it.  Not first time seeing it.  Holt said she wanted to see it.  Not interested in staff giving out anything.  They have jobs to do. 



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

  NeSmith said with broadband issue, supported statement she made, looking at big amount of $1.7 Million and would like for them and Figgers to do whatever to work out this arrangement.  Citizens need broadband, have contract and want to meet as often as have to, to work this out.


Thanked County Administrator for new badges and to rid them of the key fob. 


  Thanked everyone for giving him opportunity to travel, been phenomenal.   Will be bringing ideas and have to focus on economic development.


Do what need to do to work things out with Figgers.



Commissioner Ronterious Green, District 5

  Green said also attended symposium and one stuck out and one particular place had too many jobs and not enough people.  Said to bring that to Gadsden County. 


Want to say to citizens, encourage them to be patient with Department of Transportation on Bainbridge Road and High Bridge Road. 


  Dixon said understood from Lee and staff to go ahead with Cane Creek-had to wait until knew would be reimbursed.



Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

  V said had several:


1)      One that Green and NeSmith alluded to-December ? will be economic summit and will be come items on that summit that pertinent to what County needs


Would like to schedule workshop regarding placing brick pavers around memorial.


Issue going on around County regarding no alcohol sales within certain district of Church.  Church can come to where alcohol is. 


Other is working on evaluation for attorney and County Administrator.  One for Administrator due on 21st.  His concern is when sign with attorney, don’t sign with individual but with firm.  In opinion, should be question that determines whether …  Suggested change from evaluating attorney to evaluating law firm. 


  V had clip shown that was testimony to SHIP program.


  V said did not know if had any program in County for cyber security-TCC requires of every employee and is mandatory. Need to train employees along with Commissioners on cyber security. 



Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4

  Holt said need a follow-up meeting with legislative committee. 


Transportation-know coming up-need to go after some of Amazon jobs.  Need transportation there and back.


  V said had CRTPA retreat this morning and was one of conversations he brough tup.  Told Admin would be getting call from Tal-Tran and he said would suggest will bring in Big Bend Transit and Star Metro. 


  NeSmith asked if have rescheduled trip to Golden Triangle-being worked on now.  Holt said definitely want that.  Dixon said on that idea, working virtual through internet, all could think about was Havana Northside.  If create where people could work virtual. 


  Look at having free truck driving classes.  At one time was able to work with company in Gretna about cyber security.  Young people very good at that.  


  V thanked her for mentioning-NACo now providing that.  Will forward the NACo training to Administrator. 


Asked for update on Dollar General in St. John.  Dixon said moving quite deliberately throughout the County.


Need to look at training-is amazing. 


  NeSmith wanted to make sure for second year of Administrator’s contract, have evaluation form done.


  Holt said would agree later to do law firm.  If firm could send anyone,


Holt asked if still doing Resolutions for all funerals-yes.  V said in past staff went through newspaper unless made special request.


Receipt and File





  Adjourned at 10:02 p.m.





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