Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk


  Chair Holt welcomed everyone and called workshop to order at 5:03



Anyone wishing to speak on agenda items or non-agenda items should schedule or notify the County Administrator’s Office before attending the meeting and will be asked to follow the Gadsden County Public Meetings Citizens Access Guidelines.  Also, public comment for Commission meetings can be submitted via email to until 11:00 a.m. August 17, 2021.  Comments submitted after the deadline but prior to the meeting will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.

  Green read aloud the statement





  Dixon said had before them the Havana Community Development Corporation, Inc.


  Hinson arrived at 5:05 p.m.


  Dixon said issue being brought by Hinson and HCDC. 


  Wilbert Butler, appeared before the Board and passed out information to the Commissioners, Administrator and Attorney (Deputy Clerk was not provided copy).

He said this started with a dream.  Started with Bill McGill and when died, passed on to Harold Henderson. 


  NeSmith returned at 5:08 p.m.


  Butler said Harold Knowles not graduate of school but was one of board members.  One of individuals that was on Board was Phyllis Moore, who was now deceased.


Listed some of things center would be able to do.


Asking under CARES Act, asking

  Under ARP asking $250,000

Under non-profit organization assistance program asking $90,000

Under non-profit Healthcare assistance asking $60,000

Total of $600,000


  NeSmith thanked for the presentation.  Asked about the funding and him to explain again.


  Asking to reallocate $250,000 from Church Assistance program



  Green asked for more clarity, their Board has contributed $200,000 and they were asking for support of $600,000.  Green said his understanding of the CARES Act was to help with loss and asked what his loss was.


  Butler said have several things going on with County.  Asked for $50,000 but lost more money than that.


  Green said his question was not answered.  But is there a fee for utilizing the Facility. 


  Hinson asked if Health Department also used facility to give vaccinations-yes.  Asked how many years Boys and Girls utilized facility-this 3r year.  Hinson said for them to also think, when this happened his goal was to furbish Stevens High School.  Had $600,000 from insurance but because of State, got $4.5 Million.  Can use $ that was going to use for Stevens for this funding.


  Holt asked Administrator is $ been used-don’t know-will check.


Holt said $ on hold.


$ that will be coming for CDBG-CV grant is not from County.


  Green said wanted to be clear on the $600,000, was money from insurance that could be used for other things and to ask if they have applied for any other funding resources.  Butler said apply for grants on regular basis; applied for $ through State and was rejected; applied for ½ Million and being reviewed. 


Green asked for someone to answer the question about the $600,000 grant.  Holt said quite a bit has been spent for plumbing.


  Hinson thanked Butler for coming and at time, attorney said funding was for County, not necessarily Stevens School.  Want to add another 3-4 thousand to funding.  Attorney at time said could use $ in Havana, Chattahoochee, etc.


  Dixon said Hinson correct, once comes here unless decide to rebuild Stevens…

Think bigger issue here than what Board looking at, so many projects coming out of Gadsden County that no project may be funded.  Needs to be part of bigger plan.  Whatever Board decides to do with Havana CDC needs to be planned. 


  Butler said agreed with Dixon, have tried to pull people together.  Not trying to recreate well, trying to pull all businesses together for one accord. 


  Holt said have to look at people have not funded, have non-profits, etc.  Have several people that did not get funded. People still need help.  She said Gretna Elementary requesting money along with others.  Will need to consider.


  V said no doubt this project was needed in community.  Since workshop will hold comment.  His concern is what Green referred to.  All money in CARES Act should be related to COVID.  Workshop had recently that some small businesses have not been funded.  Need ambulance because at times have had to borrow one from Calhoun County.  After have moved money that not expended.  Don’t know what can do right now.  Access to health is prominent need in County. 


  Hinson said one reason, was school board member when Dixon and Holt came to school Board and made sure


  Hinson said $1.3 Million left from COVID could be spent for anything now, does not have to be spent for COVID-no longer restrictive.  Said he saw what they were doing during COVID. 


  Green wanted to be clear this was excellent idea but concerned about affordability.  Doesn’t matter where this is.


  V said for clarification-$1.3 Million that was left-Dixon said used every dime.  Think make mistakes when reduce conversation down to certain line items.  If can sit and plan and talk, imagine getting County to sign off and City sign on.


  Holt said not a definite no, County has to get things in order.  Said was happy what Hinson brought to school Board.  Holt said school should not have been sold, should have been in partnership with County,


  Dixon said should be asking for legal partnership.


  Holt said did not think anyone that did not agree with this. 



  Workshop adjourned at 5:57 p.m.






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