Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

November 2, 2021

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk

                                Sara Green, Deputy Clerk



   Chair called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m., asked for moment of silence and then led in Pledge of Allegiance.



  Dixon asked to table Items 16 & 18

 Knowles added Item 18a Gadsden County Participation in National Opioid Litigation

(No Motion, Second or Vote was taken on Amendments and Approval of Agenda)





  V/Green 5-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

·         September 7, 2021 Workshop

·         September 21 2021 BCC Meeting



Records Management for Florida Public Law Enforcement Agencies Training Request



Approval of Funding from the Law Enforcement Education Training Fund for Staff to Attend the 2021 Florida Sheriff’s Association Executive Leadership Conference and Fleet Exhibition



12th Annual Instructor Training Seminar



Approval of Temporary Construction Easement I-10 & US 90



Approval of The Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) Inter-Local Agreement





Anyone wishing to speak on agenda items or non-agenda items should schedule or notify the County Administrator’s Office before attending the meeting and will be asked to follow the Gadsden County Public Meetings Citizens Access Guidelines.  Also, public comment for Commission meetings can be submitted via email to until 11:00 a.m. August 17, 2021.  Comments submitted after the deadline but prior to the meeting will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.

  Green read aloud the statement.



Angie Pitts



Larry Ganus



Libby Henderson



Joe Parramore



Dan Hunter





Public Hearing- First Reading of the Ordinance Relating to Immigration Services; Creating Article XX, Section XX-XXX of the Code of Ordinances of Gadsden County, Florida; Prohibiting the Unlicensed Practice of Law for the Provision of Immigration Services

  Dixon explained was first reading of Ordinance relating to Immigration Services.


Knowles said have created Ordinance – recommend Option 1


Holt announced was a public hearing and asked if any comments from audience and was none.


  V said as of most recent census, Hispanic stands at 10.9%. This Ordinance is being passed by all Counties across the state.


  NeSmith asked attorney if this would infringe on Hispanics rights and he explained notaries or notaries públicos when translated into other languages, especially Spanish, could be misleading as it translates to mean attorney or individual licensed to practice law.


  V/Green 5-0



Public Hearing-Second Reading of Road Adoption Ordinance 2021-010; Adopting Procedures to Acquire Property Interest in and Accept into the County Maintenance System Under Certain Conditions Certain Private Roadways Located Within the Unincorporated Area of the County

   Dixon introduced above item and Knowles further explained the Ordinance.


  Larry Ganus, 2174 Frank Smith Road, Quincy, FL  appeared before the Board.  He suggested an adjustment to the Ordinance. 


  Green asked Administrator if he had done due diligence and he said no, he had not had chance to.  Green suggested they not vote on this item until due diligence was done on the item.


  Dixon said way Ganus laid out could be 3 miles and could take 8 miles in the system.  Not condition could support. 


  V said spoke with Ganus and brought to his attention his email was actually sent to old Board and the 2 new Commissioners did not get.  Since Admin not had opportunity to look into it, asked if could table it; attorney said yes, if make substantial change will have to start over.


Holt asked Ms. Steele to show video.


  V said there were also other roads that looked like that in other districts.  Wished could make motion to adopt with that change but was unsure would pass.


  Green thanked her for video-will support that can add in future.


  Dixon said he and Knowles had struggles about roll-out of program.  Might be too cumbersome to make move fluently.


  V asked if understanding even if this 1 mile per year was adopted, could come back.  Dixon explained.


  Holt said some instances farms closed down and had water pipes from wells running.  If state no pipes under road, don’t think if is and pipes burst, County will fix.  Certain things cannot do.


  Hinson said spent many years with Mr. Ganus on Planning and only reason considering tabling, need to know first how much have in gas tax and how much forecasting to get in tax before making a decision.  If don’t do right first time, may take lifetime.  Need to take time and have one big workshop.  His opinion to table until has all info.


  NeSmith thanked him for insight that did not consider before.  In light of letter received, do think need to move forward with adoption of language in front of them because can amend.  Don’t want to sacrifice progress for language just received.   In support with moving forward with current item.


  V said in addition to request from Hinson, would like to workshop process and look at costs of maintaining 1-mile road, how much would cost per year. 


  NeSmith motion for approval/Green 4-1 Hinson opposed






Approval of the Town of Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department’s Interlocal Fire and Rescue Service Agreement

   Dixon introduced above item.  Are currently in situation with former volunteer fire department and have met with parties several times.  Comes down to with Town of Greensboro


Implored to Parramore to go back and hold conversation with Greensboro. 


  Dan Hunter appeared before Board.  Over past 7 months, men and women part of volunteer fire department have created new 501(c) ; no longer had confidence in Town protecting firefighters due to Town not maintaining and replacing aging equipment.  As non-profit, exist solely to provide fire services.  Each person stands to profit zero.  Intend to be community’s fire department.  Have partners willing to stand ready and able to provide service.  New Board does welcome opportunity to partner with Town.  Their decision to award this to Greensboro, Inc. will be neighbors helping neighbors.


  Angie Pitts appeared before the Board.  Embarrassed to be standing before them in regard to this matter.  Should stand together as a community.  Asked they allow the ire protection to remain under the Town for the protection of the citizens and Town of Greensboro. 


  Dr. Joe Parramore appeared before the Board.  Public safety refers to the welfare and safety of general public.  Primary goal is prevention and safety to general public…  Menand women sacrifice lives simply because have service heart.  Imperative they be provided with any and all necessary equipment.  If servant not protected, neither is public.  Volunteers have tried repeatedly to work with Greensboro.  Have attempted to enlist County Administrator and Fire Chief. 


  Libby Henderson appeared before the Board.  Have spoked before the assure the Town of Greensboro wants to work with the County to continue the contract.  The town believes in strong dedication to the County.  Former members demanded the Town take action by surrendering money to spend as they saw fit.  Would violate contract with County.  When Council voted would not do that, they quit and walked out.  Joined Mrs. Pitts in apologizing to them.  When they quit and walked out, they took their bunker gear and radios with them.  What was taken and not returned has put them in bad situation.  They can’t serve within the Town limits without agreement with Greensboro.  They are not in position to be awarded contract.  Asking the ratify contract with Greensboro.


  Green said was very disheartening.  Asked attorney some legal advice. 


  Knowles said an incorporated area was different from unincorporated areas.  He further elaborated the issues.

  Green said where he was with it, have followed it several months.  Does not live in that district but have concerns for entire County.  If no firefighters now, what has happened in last 6 months.  Who has volunteered over last few months?  At end of day it’s about providing service for ones that live there.


  V said reaffirm feeling of disappointment.  While not a resident of that area, is a Gadsden County citizen.  One question was what was operating status of TOG, heard non-existent.  According to recent newspaper, there are vacancies that impede town government to make policies.  Would volunteer fire department be willing to sit with TOG government to come to a meeting of the minds?  His focus was about the safety of the citizens.


  Libby Henderson reappeared before the Board.  Have two moms leave town council but have had quorum for meetings. 


  Green asked for his question to be answered as to how many committed volunteers-have 1 in room and 3-4 more ready to go.  Chief Walker has made sure they were covered with fire coverage.  Asked to please keep in mind they walked out. 


  Joe Parramore reappeared before Board to clarify.  Volunteers did not just walk out.  On April 12th have video and in conversations Libby could be heard saying if volunteers did not like way funds being spent, they could find somewhere else to go.  Have repeatedly attempted to talk and work out with town.  They have not shown any willingness.  Believe was because how they were called into question how they were spending taxpayer dollars.  Not to be used to pay for certain services. 


  V said his question was on point as to what heard about why volunteers left and why at impasse.  Asked Parramore why was there question on issue with concern on spending taxpayer funds.


  Parramore said was contacted by Hunter about spending and what they deemed was misappropriation of funds.  Did public records request and found was paying counselor’s salary, ??? and was number of questionable when lack of equipment…  Ongoing concerns as to their ability to maintain.  That was what brought to this impasse.  February 8th, Mr. Willis asked fire department if wanted to separate they said yes.  Libby made formal motion that firefighters bring back plan for town to consider.  They came back and made no demands.  Libby made remarks if they were unhappy, they could find


  Holt said they were looking at legal-public equipment and public dollars.  If does not become auctioned off, has to be on public property.  If allegations of misappropriations, becomes issue.  Asked Knowles to look into it and asked firemen to return equipment to proper place.  Asked him to look into the legal issues first.  Greensboro needs to show have taken care of financial obligations. 


  James Shellman from Chattahoochee appeared to discuss a mobile home was trying to get moved in.  Dixon asked him to give his number and they could discuss later.


  NeSmith said has been quiet because have been involved with discussions.  Have had chance to work with volunteers and considered them to be very passionate.  Have also worked with Dennis Henderson and this has been ongoing issue.  In support of them moving on this action tonight.  Do recognize authority of TOG and regardless whatever fire department comes into their town, they have the ultimate authority.


  Holt asked to talk to Walker


  Chief Walker appeared before the Board.   Holt asked him to get inventory of equipment.


  Green wanted to make sure understood question-Holt said equipment and TOG need to get their documents. 


  V said thought was good direction they have proper inventory and would be interested in getting itemized spending because seems to be issue between parties.  Need to get to bottom


  Green said was why asked about money being audited or accounted for because would depend on how he voted tonight. 


  NeSmith said supported any acquisition of documentation for funds.  Spoke to Administrator earlier and asked if he was aware of any issues prior and did not bring any concerns to his attention. 


  Dixon said what was referring to was not how every dollar goes to the fire truck. 


  NeSmith said felt comfortable based on allocation at that time and comfortable in moving forward.


  V said his position, knowing what just heard, made motion


  V motion approve option 1 interlocal agreement contingent to provisions of explanation on how money been spent


  Knowles asked if prior monies and equipment from previous years.  V said asking, TOG wants acquisition of County property that is outside their possession currently.  Volunteers want an account of how monies were spent in regard to fire services.


  Green said his motion would be different. 


Holt asked for second.  NeSmith said would second with friendly amendment.  Equipment is not in possession of Town, but a volunteer group.  Not issue between County and Town.  Asked if V would remove aspect town would take possession for inventory purposes.


Holt said why not asked Chief Walker to get inventory along with financials. 


  Dixon said former firemen have no relationship with County.  County has entrusted with TOG the equipment.  If town says do not have equipment, no reason for volunteer to have anything (equipment) that has not been assigned. 


NeSmith said he withdrew his second.


  Green motion to table until receive documentation of equipment and financials/V second  Nesmith question.


NeSmith asked what position puts town in as far as rebuilding.  Dixon said coverage would continue


  Holt asked for time certain.  V said first meeting in December.


  Hinson said was trying to appease everyone.  During winter months have influx of house fires and don’t want to delay progress.  Can’t micro-manage departments.  Don’t need to postpone for two weeks.  No way to placate or appease everyone.  Either fund volunteers or TOG.  Make decision and move on.


  Holt called for vote and stated did not decide on time certain. Green amended motion and said two weeks and V amended second.  NeSmith and Hinson opposed 3-2



Approval of the Chattahoochee Fire Department’s Interlocal Fire and Rescue Service Agreement

  Dixon introduced above item.  Agreement for 1 year because looking at how displaying fire and medical services.  Believe can cut down on response time and services. 


   Hinson asked how long-Holt said agreement for 1 year-additional funding for next five years because they not using County truck, using their own truck


  Dixon said met with Mayor and Chief-was diligent about position.  Hoped to try to move system to fire rescue where fireman and certified paramedic housed around the County and be housed in fire department.  Whole idea is how can get truck to fire faster. 


  Hinson asked how much cost to own truck.


  Green stepped out 7:53 p.m.


  Holt said if fire stations decide to do again, you buy it, you keep as yours.  Hinson asked what $150,000 for and Holt said what she was talking about. 


  Dixon said a lot of that thinking came from this body otherwise would have been dead in water. 


  Holt said when see things like this and so many things like this go on, if have any doubt…  If want to buy truck, it’s yours, don’t come to County.   This is a solution to this.


  Hinson asked if COC agreed to this-yes.


  V said Hinson addressed one of his questions.  Other is how will this have any service impact


  Green returned


To citizens of county-should be no drop of service.  V said if so, will there be a fiscal---if case and service not impeded,


  Holt said they were agreeing to have same service area and if any


Passed 5-0 Hinson/V motion




Emergency Repairs Bid Package #2 Cane Creek Bid Award

  Dixon introduced item.

  V/Green  NeSmith question


NeSmith asked if any fiscal impact to County.  Dixon responded it was a reimbursement package so County pays and get reimbursed by FEMA.  NeSmith asked if would be reimbursed every dime and Dixon stated every dime.





CR 268 (Hardaway Highway) SCOP Agreement

  Dixon introduced item

NeSmith/V 5-0



CR 65 (Attapulgus Highway) SCOP Agreement

  Dixon introduced item.

V/Hinson 5-0



Contract with I.F.W. Security, LLC to Provide Security Services at the Butler Building and Gadsden County Public Library in Quincy, FL

  Dixon introduced above item.

V/Green 5-0



FCI Broadband Service Agreement




Presentation and Approval of the County Administrator’s Performance Evaluation

   Dixon introduced item and asked Lonyell Butler to come forward.

  Lonyell Butler appeared before the Board.  This item for presentation of County administrator evaluation. 


  Green/Holt 5-0  V stepped out



Re-Allocation of Funds for the Gadsden County American Rescue Plan Programming




Gadsden County Participation

   Knowles introduced above item


  Green/V 5-0











  Administrator said quickly coming to end of some of construction projects and repairs to buildings.  Going to have to look at space issues. 


  V- had conversation dealing with Conflict with innovative and policy conference, which is to start on 19th. Wanted to verify that the meeting on the 16th wouldn’t conflict with the conference.  Holt said have issues to take care of on the legislative side because if fortunate enough to get that infrastructure money, need to work them hard.

  Green- says the documents says the 16th.  Holt says the commissioners may be able to call in to the meeting should they need to. 






  Says they received an email from the Sheriff’s dept. Requesting to be heard on next agenda regarding budget/funds they did not receive. Says to send documents to him regarding funding. Will need to pass a charter referendum if they want to take over annexing within the county.


  V- said emailed to attorney dates with regards to deposition.  Clayton says they want specific order and on same date in person.  It may be difficult for commissioners to be in person same day for depositions but his office is communicating with opposing counsel regarding scheduling. Brenda says she let his office knows that she is open for dates.


  Brenda regarding annexation. If a town annexes out, many things they look at and compactness is one. Roads should be considered when looking at compactness. Concerns with that. Fight becomes who’s going to be responsible for the roads. You annex out, then you have a lot of development for that area then the roads and maintenance the new traffic causes become issues the County has to take into an account.

  Brenda and Munroe/traffic issue. Said to talk to the sheriff regarding flashing signs/lights. Problem is not just the traffic; they didn’t put school signs out there either. Now the signs need to be put up. Said those at FDOT are going to hurry and do the study. Traffic is still traveling 70 mph due and can due to no school signs.

  NeSmith asks if the state did require a traffic study. Brenda says yes.

  Dixon, FDOT don’t slow traffic down.

  V mentions CRPTA. Says if it doesn’t come through CRPTA then FDOT won’t hear much. Says a representative is needed.


Hinson made motion for V relay to CRTPA need and Green made second 5-0





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

  Bulky items pickup, says he received a notification regarding it on October 22. Wants to have district 1 on the tail end so citizens can know.


  Public works, noticed in the past they were a 4-day work week, that on the 5th day they were able to get more done. They don’t have enough time to get work done. In the past it was four 10-hour work days instead of 8 hours. But we need them on Fridays. Asks Dixon to look into that.  


Thanked everyone for celebrating breast cancer awareness month.



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

  Makes sure Hinson doesn’t forget to honor Drum major Rittman. Wait until after homecoming and the classic, county administrator says they are in communication with him.

  Trunk-or-treat, says thank you. Was outstanding.

  County Administrator Performance Review, encourages commissioners to meet with the County Administrator.   

  Schedule workshop for goals and objectives, wants the list of expectations as soon as possible.


  Brenda replies, going over goals and objectives during time to go over the agenda would be good time. NeSmith requests that the county administrator be there.



Commissioner Ronterious Green, District 5

  Asks if County Administrator has been able to send someone to Jim Williams Road (?). Dixon said yes and they were working on it.

  Old Federal Road, cars that have been towed and placed to hold. Dixon says all of a sudden there’s a car cemetery.  Says they have dispatched code enforcement and put proper notices out, have to move within the time table.  

  Workshop with Sonya Burns regarding housing and available funds. Wants citizens to hear how they can qualify for assistance and help.

  Gadsden County ARRP funds, doesn’t want to prolong when there’s a need but wants to make sure funds are distributed appropriately. Including the nonprofits.

  November 15-18th, have bulk items picked up for district 5.

  Wished birthdays to those he knew.     




Commissioner Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, District 2

  Concerns have been expressed. Requests to leverage the Board’s assistance in the endeavor and approve assistance to use the assets of the county. Such as emails/constant contact. Asks if his campaign can access the assets, not monetary.

  Hinson, was in favor of being the second vice president for the group. Says he didn’t feel he had the Board’s support. Says he decided to not run as Dr. V was.


   Motion for board to support and give assistance to use nonmonetary assets in bid for second VP position. Green second 5-0



Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4

 Fix up the school site (?). 

 Asked Clayton to define how pay does work with invoices, retainer, charges.  Examine fire coverage, ETA law to fires.

 Request for speed bumps. Request for lighting. Dixon says Green brought it up last year and took them to just now to get around to it. Says they will bring a plan soon regarding lighting.


  V- St. Hebron security lights that are solar. Could be the direction the county goes in the darker areas of the county.


  Information Integrity is collecting, she would like a checkoff sheet for the county, citizen, and a due date. Have the same information.


   Asked for Proclamation for Arrie Battles.      


Receipt and File





  Meeting adjourned at 8:54pm. 





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