Board of County Commissioners Workshop to discuss the Veteran’s Monument (Engraved Brick Campaign);
and to answer questions on selected agenda items regarding the November 16, 2021 BOCC Agenda

4:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Sara Green, Deputy Clerk



   Chair called the workshop to order at 4:35PM.



Due to COVID-19 and the efforts of the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners to continue the practice of social distancing, Commissioners want to continue to hear from citizens under the Citizens Requesting to be Heard section of the agenda.

If citizens have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email and anticipate receiving a response within 48 hours.

The Board of County Commissioners would like to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility during this time.













 Discuss the Veteran’s Monument Engraved Brick Campaign
(Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator/Michael Jackson, Veteran Services Officer)


  Asst. Co. Ad Daniels came before the Board to introduce the item.


  Mr. Jackson came before the Board to give a presentation regarding the item. Says the veteran’s office doesn’t have funds to help veterans. Says the feeling that the monument is for veterans isn’t there and is suggesting bricks/pavers be placed instead as a fundraiser.

  Suggests the grey brick to tie into the monument.

  Can purchase a brick for a family member. Money from fundraiser has to go to a non-profit agency to control the funds. Key is to find someone to control the funds.

  wants uniformity/standardization so each brick corresponds. Will have to take the bricks up and lay them back down.



Dr. V entered the workshop at 4:41PM.


  Suggests a group of 15-20 of bricks to place at one time.

  Should have standard size, logo, and script.

  Wants funds to be able to go back to the veterans so they can help with things such as light bills, etc. Wants to standardize how to help veterans (can’t abuse the system).


Bricks are warrantied for life.    


  Holt- does the project have to be bided out.

  V- Says since it’s one brick at a time, he’s not sure if a contract with this first or a bid would be best.

  Knowles- county paying for this? Jackson- the family. Clayton- since the family is purchasing the bricks, he doesn’t think it’d have to be bided out.

  V- families pay for the brick then this person would lay them. Need to talk about the pattern and how to lay them from the monument to the courthouse. Doesn’t think the procurement policy is necessary as the county isn’t paying but the families are.

  Green- question about the control funds. Has to be a 501c3, funds will still be designated for the veterans despite non-profit controlling it? Have any suggestions for one?

  Mr. Jackson- reached out to veterans and American Legion or (hear back).

  Green- a charge for the military logo to be on standardized? Jackson- included in the initial price.

  NeSmith- “tremendous task/opportunity”. Speak to anyone in Crawfordville? They did one similar. Jackson- haven’t but will make sure he does.     


V stepped out of workshop at 4:52PM.


  Jackson- did reach out to Hamilton County regarding it. Company doesn’t install them for you, installation is left to county.

  Clayton- that’s the procurement piece, who does the installation. We would be paying for someone to install.


V returned at 5:53PM.


  NeSmith- no one in house? Brenda- not a brick mason. Skilled labor. You’d put it out for bid now as it’s a specialty area due to holding water/landscape.


  Green- out of money being spent on getting the bricks, can we take money out of that to pay brick mason? Setting aside funds for installation?        


  Brenda- this has to come back as we can’t vote on it anyway.  Why does it have to be a non-profit?

  Jackson- conflict of interest, finance department pays veteran’s office and can’t have the funds from the bricks.

  NeSmith- Need to look at a design before procurement. Where we want it, etc.

  Brenda- depends on how many buy the bricks. Some lay bricks or walls, this is special because of the spacing/geometry.

  V- 3 or 4 different patterns were spoken about initially, suggests discussing this again as he will bring up other projects for veterans in the future as well. Ask Jackson to work with Co. Admin and come up with various pattern/how. Next workshop can be on that and take it from there.


  Green- possible to add names to the monument? Jackson- not really possible. Not going to have enough space on the monument.


  Holt- some people are uncertain about people walking on the pavers. Have to make sure people understand that they’ll be walked on.


Green stepped out at 5:02PM.


  Mrs. Daniels asks for a recess to address technical issues.


Recess at 5:03PM.   



  Started back at 5:04PM. 








 Answer Questions on Selected Agenda Items Regarding the November 16, 2021 BOCC Agenda
(Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator)




  Mr. Dixon had an engagement outside but is on his way. Daniels leading in the meantime.




  NeSmith- additional document added to item 10.


Item 9 is pulled and put in workshop on November 29th

  Public hearing on budget amendment on 11/29 at 6.



Green rejoined at 5:06PM.

  NeSmith asks for clarification. Daniels Workshop ARP on 29th then it’ll be on the agenda that night. On November 29th, Monday.


  Brenda asks for questions on item 10. NeSmith is confused and asks for clarification, go back to understand what exactly to put here. Daniels says there’s no 10a.


  Brenda wants info on item 11. Daniels brings up Mr. Stiel for item 10 and 11.


  Justin Stiel, senior planner, comes up. Explains the item. Go back to include the introduction for Item 10.


  Brenda- deviation from 375 to 250 of the cell tower, what side is that on? Justin- in comparison to the height. 


  Brenda- agreed to all conditions on option 1? Justin- yes. Brenda- any opposition? Justin- yes, primarily about the location to their homes. Collapse would be within the setbacks provided. 


  Green- the major concern for the citizens? What were the concerns? Justin- primarily didn’t want it near their homes, fall, and visual impact. Green- can’t control visual impact but are they oaky with the possibility of the tower now? Justin- one individual has contact continuously. They will be at the meeting.


  NeSmith- Ask for deviation regarding setbacks, what’s the purpose of the deviation? Justin- didn’t have the space. Intent is to locate the tower as far away from high density as possible. Had to move to southeast property to do so but had to reach less than the required setbacks. NeSmith- Closest towers are where? Justin- don’t have the location but it’s more than 3 miles as required.


  Justin read introduction of item 11. Asking for property rights to be amended at local level. Brenda- how does this affect Item 10. Justin- would have no impact on item 10 as these rights are federal and state recognized.


  Clayton- required to adopt this before comprehensive plan changes. This is something that’s needed to do. Passes PandZ, passes BOCC, submit to DEO, they’ll send it back for formal and full ratification. Changes come back before the Board, can’t amend comprehensive plan. So, kind of have to.


  V- Remind commissioners that have gone through tower at Potter Woodberry and (unsure, Salem?)


  Mrs. Daniels came back before the Board, item 12. Contract with company that replaces medical equipment. Already budgeted for it in fiscal year. For all ambulances.


  Green- an extra one provided.

  NeSmith- met with Co. Admin, confused on the agreement. We’re in an agreement? Daniels- this is a new one. NeSmith- we get equipment from it? Daniels- yes and upgrades. It’s a total package. NeSmith- Standard agreement for this type of resources? Daniels- yes, in order to get the resources and without having to put out $7-800k. NeSmith- when did we initially enter the agreement? Brenda- been awhile, unsure of the date.


  Clayton- this is a new agreement; we’re replacing old equipment with new technology.    


  Brenda- can’t afford to provide the equipment and upgrades, too expensive for small counties.


  NeSmith- regarding what we’re receiving for the sums, do you have a list for everything we’re getting? Daniels- yes, it’s in the agreement. First year is prorated as we won’t get equipment until the first year. NeSmith- why this agreement? Was this bided out? Daniels- this was a sole source.


  Green- these devices and equipment is high-tech and expensive. Did do a price comparison and hope we got the best numbers possible.


  Holt- concern about distance, ETA. Need the equipment for the chest compressions especially for the distance it takes to get to health facility.


  Daniels introduced item 13. Each additional audit will be $5k each. Brenda- doing normal audit for departments?


  Clayton- this is for single audit for federal funds. Just supplemental. Brenda- we need to get a full audit, we’re overdue. If they were to do that, what would be the cost? Daniels- we’d have to calculate that.


  Green- $5k each come out of ARP or general funds? Daniels- allowed to use CAREs act funds. Can come from ARP.


  NeSmith- wants clarification on the audits. Daniels- this is for 20/21 and additional work on CAREs and ARP. NeSmith- how long as the contract with the other CPA firm? Daniels- unsure.


  Daniels introduced item 14. Request for wireless panic buttons.


  Daniels introduced item 15


  Daniels introduced item 16


  Daniels introduced item 17


  Daniels introduced item 18

  Daniels introduced item 19










  Workshop adjourned at 5:47PM.







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