Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

December 7, 2021

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Brenda Holt, Chair, District 4

                                Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Vice Chair, District 2

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk

                                Sara Green, Deputy Clerk



  Chair called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m., welcomed everyone, Rev. Willie Fagg gave Invocation via Zoom (could not be heard), then led in Pledge of Allegiance.



  Dixon asked to table item 20 Request for Outside Employment; add Item 20b-Approval of Legislative Recommendations


Holt/Green 5-0





  Holt/Green 5-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

·         October 5, 2021 Regular Meeting



Approval and Signature for Satisfaction of Special Assessment Lien SHIP Housing Rehabilitation Program or Emergency (ER) Program



Approval of the E911 Text-to-911 Public Safety Installation and Maintenance Scope of Work and Master Service Agreement with Century Link Communication, LLC





Anyone wishing to speak on agenda items or non-agenda items should schedule or notify the County Administrator’s Office before attending the meeting and will be asked to follow the Gadsden County Public Meetings Citizens Access Guidelines.  Also, public comment for Commission meetings can be submitted via email to until noon on December 7, 2021.  Comments submitted after the deadline but prior to the meeting will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.



Dr. Joe Parramore, Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department



Fran Jones, 4984 Alvin Dr., Pensacola, FL  -  Flint Garden Apartments


And we’re just one And its PUBLIC HEARINGS



Public Hearing-Second Reading of Ordinance 2021-014 Relating to Immigration Services; Creating Article XX, Section XX-XXX of the Code of Ordinances of Gadsden County, Florida; Prohibiting the Unlicensed Practice of Law for the Provision of Immigration Services

  Dixon introduced above item.


  Knowles said was brought for first reading at last meeting and explained.  Was approved for first reading and no changes have been made.


  V announced was public hearing and asked if anyone wished to speak and there was no-one. 


  Holt approve/Green second


  NeSmith asked question.


Chair asked if any other questions and was none.  Called for vote.  5-0    



Public Hearing-First Reading of Ordinance 2021-015 Board of County Commissioners of Gadsden County, FL, Amending and Adopting Rules of Procedure and Decorum for the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners

  Dixon introduced above item


V asked if any comments from public and there were none.


  NeSmith said have had extensive discussion on how would govern themselves, can they make changes after tonight.  If make changes, need to do so tonight.  Was evaluation of County Administrator included as far as schedule?  Knowles said was no direction to include.  Knowles said this was how would conduct meeting, not how to evaluate Administrator.  Would be separate policy.


Chair asked if any other questions-none


Holt/Green 5-0





Approval of Plan of Finance Resolution Concerning Financing of an Affordable Multifamily Residential Rental Apartment by the Escambia County Housing Finance Authority

  Dixon introduced above item.  Presented to Board in amount of $16 Million for rehab and renovation of Flint Garden Apartments. 


Green asked if could give info in future as to how could have own housing authority-will try to put together and get info to them. 


   Fran Jones, 4984 Alvin Dr., Pensacola, FL appeared before the Board to address issues.  Developer is planning to put $60,000 into each of units.  Getting own housing authority would give flexibility. 


Holt/Green 5-0



Point Milligan CEI Agreement

  Dixon introduced above item.  Is FDOT SCOP


Green/Hinson  Holt had comment


Board voted 5-0



Fairbanks Ferry CEI Agreement

  Dixon introduced above road-also FDOT SCOP project.


Hinson/Holt  5-0



Potter Woodberry CEI Agreement

  Dixon introduced above item


Holt/Green 5-0



Approval of the Small County Outreach Program Agreement (SCOP) County Road 267A Spooner Road

  Dixon introduced above item.  SCOP project


Green/Holt 5-0



Approval of a New Agreement for the Fairbanks Ferry Road SCOP Construction Bid Award

  Dixon introduced above item.  Had situation that have now ironed out


Hinson/Holt 5-0


Appointment/Re-appointment of Board Members to the Gadsden Hospital, Inc. Board of Directors

  Dixon introduced above item


  Holt said need to put out and give people opportunity to apply.


  NeSmith concurred with Holt.  Only familiar with few of names.  Have had questions about hospital and entire arrangement. 


  Green asked how long it would take to get information out-on time deadline.  They do not meet on regular basis-have time. 


  V said was going to say if others interested, need to apply.  Hearing will of Board is to advertise for citizens to apply and bring back.


  Holt move administrator advertise and get back/NeSmith second Board voted 5-0



Approval for the Gadsden Fire Service to Apply for the Assistance Firefighter Grant

  Dixon introduced above item.


Green motion to approve/Holt  Holt question


  If possible in looking at map, get something on map showing where fire stations are and need inventory at each site.


  NeSmith said forgot to ask earlier, request for equipment came from director of fire services.


Chair called for vote 5-0



Comcast Access to Gadsden Memorial Hospital

  Dixon introduced above item/


Holt/NeSmith 5-0



Gadsden County Facilities Management Software

  Dixon introduced above item and Knowles had comments. 


  Knowles said will be minimal changes and asked they change venue requirements and add Statement by Public Enemy crimes. 


  V asked if that was so time sensitive-Knowles said could table.


  Holt motion to table/Green 5-0



Approval of Agreement for Legislative Advocacy and Public Relations Services

  Dixon introduced above item.  BCC has retained lobbyist in past years in developing and implements




  V said before carry vote-received request from lobbying firm to work with Lawson and Associates and would like to reach out to them to work together.




V said would be discussion between Wynn & Associates and Lawson & Associates


  NeSmith said in reference to query from VC Green, V was forwarded information and that was question they should have – second question-is there any reservation on County part


  Knowles said need to make sure lobbying firm register with House (each year) Knowles said did not happen for 2 prior years.  NeSmith wanted to understand process-did that put County in any legal problems?  Knowles was not here for one of years. 


  Holt said did not receive email others received-did investigative work-in 2018 had another lobbyist so they did not have to register.  Was more concerned about when got something as to when did not. 


  V said in hearing what hearing-no problem with approving on contingent register for lobbying in Florida.  If not contract becomes null & void.  


Chair called for vote 5-0



Consideration of approval of the Agreement for Community Planning Technical Assistance (CTPA) Grant with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

  Dixon introduced above item


Holt/Green 5-0



Approval of the Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Greensboro for Fire and Rescue Services

   Dixon introduced above item.


Henderson sent in email


  Dixon explained how some of funds were spent-did not raise any concerns.


  V said have a Speaker Request and an email that was received and requested to be read.


  Holt said was not trying to restrict anyone from speaking-wanted to make sure he understood process.  Ms. Daniels stepped out to speak with him.


  Dr. Joe Parramore appeared before the Board.  Asked record to reflect the Town of Greensboro has made no attempt to engage with Volunteer Fire Department at any time.  Submitted for record the 2020 Department report.  Wanted to address 1 allegation that was repeatedly made those firefighters abandoned-would never abandon.  To Holt’s request regarding equipment-met with Walker and gave his commitment that they would recover what equipment could.  Walker had meeting with Henderson an acquired equipment list of equipment that was issued and signed by town personnel.  Extended another olive branch to TOG and have not heard back from them.  They have never once reached out to seek amicable agreement.  In packet under background of staff’s recommendation, states that TOG is currently providing fire and rescue services within the scopes of training with due diligence, in the unincorporated areas of Gadsden County.  Not true. 


  V said was heartbroken over situation. 


Administrator acknowledged were expenditures made outside; other concern-from what heard in comments-who is currently providing Greensboro and surrounding areas with fire service.  


  NeSmith said was intimately knowledgeable of issue; have participated in meetings with Parramore, Hunter and their work incredible.  Also heard voices that they want their own fire services.  Was hoping could come to meeting to hear they had come to amicable agreement.  However, TOG does maintain autonomy. 


  NeSmith motion to support document and approve


  Green said his hope was great.  Do not see it happening.  His question to Administrator was what is purpose of funding?  Stated have been used for other items, but was not illegal.  Thought was giving it to support fire services.  Also concerned if giving money for this, don’t have commitment from volunteers. 


  Holt said what seen so far was implications of misuse of funds and equipment.  If can’t straighten that out, have to move forward.  Green said was asking for accountability and is what is in contract.  Get motion and second and move on.


  Knowles pointed out 2 provisions in contract that have been made.  Section 8…and in Payment of Funds Section 9…Not sure how much micro-managing County can do. 


  Holt said had in there about financial reporting and responsibility. 


  Dixon said, as each Commissioner has said, County has not been very accountable in maintaining certain records.  One thing been talking about was tracking fire systems. 


  V said were where were, gave his opinion, his concern was who was currently providing the citizens in Greensboro fire protection services. 


  NeSmith said again, thanked Dr. Parramore and former volunteers for bringing to Board’s attention the issues.  


  NeSmith approve interlocal with Greensboro/Holt Board voted 3-2 V and Green opposed



Approval Request for Outside Employment

Item pulled



Appropriations Requests

   Dixon introduced added item. 


  Hinson said was curious, was talking with Suwanee County, they trying to start sewer plant.  Need to start thinking about that to see if good


  Holt said had listed needed a County water sewer project but also need to look at operations of same.  Sewer does not make money, water and electricity makes money.  Needs to be added in such area because no-one wants to be next to sewer plant. 


  NeSmith said was excellent idea, thanked Holt.  Was topic wanted to discuss with Board.  In-line for working on goals and objectives with Staff, in reference to

Holt’s and Hinson’s comments, what stops from providing with own sewer, water and electrical services? 


Dixon said Talquin was own government essentially; was a co-op.


  Green stepped out 7:43 p.m.


   V said Hinson suggested wonderful project and they need to prioritize their conversation. 


  Green returned 7:44 p.m.


  V said was for future conversation. 


  Holt made motion to approve legislative second  5-0     












  Dixon said know will be traveling, have holiday schedule in front of them.  Expected to participate in parade. 






  Nothing to report


  Holt asked him on annexation issue, asked to be sent email again from Opal.  Need to have rules on accepting roads and annexations.  Asked their responsibility right now. 





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4




Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

  Hinson said have brought this up over the years.  It’s getting cold and lot of residents have mental health issues.  Need to address homeless issue in the County.  Need to find ways to look at everything, tiny homes, etc.  Need to hold these conversations.  Need to look at emergency housing programs.


Need to look at aides.  Who does he send recommendation to-Dixon?  Yes.


Dr. Walter Smith, FAMU, passed away and know will be doing something in Tampa and on the 15th of this month at Al Lawson Center.  Would like to have proclamation/Holt second  Board voted 5-0


  Thanked Willie Simmons for having awesome season this year. 


  Jarvis Rittman, Dixon said they asked to wait.


  Hinson mentioned booster shot and flu shot.  V said also pneumonia shot. 


  Thanked Gadsden County for being strong.  Need to pray for children of the county.      



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

  NeSmith echoed what Hinson just stated and thanked all Commissioners for keeping them in good light with media.


  Regarding homeless issue, Gretna commissioner has coordinated and organized people in community. 


  Hinson said also started initiative


  NeSmith said need to schedule another workshop to conclude goals and objectives.  V said also need one on CARES and American Rescue Plan.  Also one strictly on economic development.


  NeSmith thanked Jeremiah Lee for keeping ? on ? Drive.  Have not seen debris, mattresses or tires in that area. 


  Thanked Dixon for working with citizens on Hardaway Highway on barking dogs. 


  Happy belated birthday to Green and congratulated him on his engagement. 



Commissioner Ronterious Green, Vice Chair, District 5

  Green thanked each of them that did celebrate with him Saturday. 


Wanted to start with workshop he requested on SHIP program. 


Also had on his list animal control and was told was hard to get in touch with Animal Control.


Dixon said reached out-one situation where going to have to be diligent in process.  Property owner has not heeded County warning in Chattahoochee or here.  Remining diligent in following process. 


  Said talked about while back-trying to get information on security of building. 


  Allan Meeks appeared before the Board.  Have layout Justin Ford has done. 


  Holt said left one thing off-wanted update on COVID memorial. 


  Hinson stepped out at 8:14 p.m.


Holt wanted people to know did care. 



Commissioner Anthony O. Viegbesie, Chair, District 2

  V echoed what everyone has said in congratulations. 


  Got message today from affiliation from Governor’s Office regarding $2.5 Million EMS building(?)  Just need to spend money and have invoice and will get money.  Is for all fiscally distressed rural counties.


Receipt and File









  Adjourned at 8:17 p.m.





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