Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

June 21, 2022

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Dr. Anthony “Dr. V” Viegbesie, Chair, District 2

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, Vice Chair, District 5

                                Eric Hinson, District 1

                                Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

                                Brenda Holt, District 4

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk

                                Crystal Jimenez, Deputy Clerk



 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Chair welcomed everyone to meeting and called it to order at 6:02 p.m.; asked Vice-Chair to do

Invocation and then led in Pledge of Allegiance.



 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Add Proclamation Bradwell and 14a-Purchase of Lowboy

Holt/Green 5-0


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson said have heartburn with 14a because not advertised, V said Agenda been approved





Proclamation honoring Probation Week

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item, Commissioners came forward along with Probation, Proclamation read aloud and presented it to Probation



Proclamation Honoring Freddie Figgers and the Figgers Foundation

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson read aloud Proclamation and presented it to Figgers



Proclamation Honoring Sameriyah Bradwell

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith read aloud Proclamation, it was presented to Ms. Bradwell and she had a few words to say.



 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green/NeSmith 4-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

·         August 30, 2021-Rules of Procedure Workshop

·         September 13, 2021-Budget Workshop

·         October 7, 2021-Board Workshop

·         May 17, 2022-BOCC Regular Meeting









Anyone wishing to speak on agenda items or non-agenda items should schedule or notify the County Administrator’s Office before attending the meeting and will be asked to follow the Gadsden County Public Meetings Citizens Access Guidelines.  Also, public comment for Commission meetings can be submitted via email to until noon on June 21, 2022.  Comments submitted after the deadline but prior to the meeting will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.



 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7  Beatrice Pruitt, 104 Makayla Lane, Quincy, FL  363-8556 Pat’s Grocery

Speaking regarding Pat’s Grocery that was on June 7th Agenda.  Did not receive notice.  Opposed to it.


Holt said she and others have spoken with her and oppose to item. 


Mr. Dixon asked the group to give Mr. Stiell their names and concerns and will see how can be addressed.


Holt said the group wanted to make statement public.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said they have to find other ways to make sure every citizen is notified and get information meetings taking place.  


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7  Mike Watson, 2793 Sycamore Road, Quincy, FL Highway 270-Sycamore Road

Appeared before the Board and wanted to bring to their attention how bad highway is, very rough



Jimmie Collins, 310 Makayla Lane, Quincy, FL Pat’s Grocery

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Appeared before Board and oppose item.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said wanted to be clear, their decision was based on it being advertised and individuals promised them that the hearsay was not true.



Evelyn Alexis, 944 Strong Road, Quincy, FL  Quincy  Senior Citizen Center

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Said she had same concerns and wanted to know if closing or not.



Gerald Vann, 148 Makayla Lane, Quincy, Pat’s

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Felt process was null and void, no process and object to it



Khaliah Mortimore, 126 Makayla Lane, Quincy

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Had issue with not being notified



Michele Bryant, 115 Makayla Lane

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7  Agree with two other speakers that they were not notified


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson asked if problem with vote, crowd said problem with process of no notice



Jeanie Smith Gadsden Senior Center

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Advisory committee for Seniors-was told could not have advisory center


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V said Commissioners not advisory committee to seniors.  Gadsden County Senior Services has contract and runs every activity at center.  Commissioners only give contribution to Senior Center.



Cassie Brown, Senior Citizens



 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7  Appreciate everything said, went to meeting last week and was awful


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said they need them to come to workshop, wished had more power than what have.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt said met with Area Agency wee ago, that meeting was not problem.  This Board not over Senior center, was long time ago. 



Danny Miller





Public Hearing-Legislative-Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment (CPA 2021-03) Ordinance 2021-08, Policy 1.1.1.K Commercial-Consideration to approve adoption of the text amendments to Policy 1.1.1.K of the Future Land Use Element to the Department of Economic Opportunity

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item.  Presented to consider text amendment to Future Land Use Element Policy.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Justin Stiell appeared before Board and gave brief description of item. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V announced was a pubic hearing and asked if any comments and there was none.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said concern was if proper notification given in community. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Stiell re-appeared and said notification was placed in local newspaper and was properly noticed.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Danny Miller appeared before Board.  Said in presenting originally was approved and good changes were made.


NeSmith approve option 1/Green 5-0



Public Hearing-Quasi-Judicial-Tracy’s Earth Angels Conceptual/Preliminary Site Plan (SP 2021-05)

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Justin Stiell appeared before the Board and was sworn in by Deputy Clerk.  Gave description of item.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V announced public hearing


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Mary Margaret Farris appeared before the Board and was sworn in and was present in case there were any questions.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt asked Stiell if concerns with Planning and he said this has been in works for while. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith said very familiar with site and community desperate need of


NeSmith option 1/Holt 5-0





Approval of Resolution 2022-017-Grant Budget Amendment for FY 2022

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson asked if hired budget director or Finance Director.  Dixon said had Finance Director with Trudei Porter with Clerk’s Office.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon said


Holt/V  5-0 


Agreement for Billing Services Between Gadsden County, FL and EMS Management and Consultants, Inc. (EMS/MC)

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson asked if could come to meeting. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hood appeared before Board and said they were out of Winston-Salem, NC, could do

Zoom meeting.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt said asked for data sheet last week.   Hood said had sheet and was emailed earlier. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hood said collected around $2.2 Million, last fiscal year was $2.8 Million.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V said if recall, this was company they signed with during Dee Jackson tenure and they brought from read to black. 


Holt/NeSmith 5-0



Approval of Fire Department’s Interlocal Fire and Rescue Service Agreements

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson asked if attorney looked over contracts and said yes, all did, almost same exact contract as last year. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith said have representative from Town of Greensboro for update. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said did not have questions but asked to let her speak


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Libby Henderson appeared before the Board for an update. 


Holt/V 5-0    



Appointment of Substitute Medical Examiner for District II of the State of Florida and Gadsden County

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon


Holt/Green 5-0



Appointment/Reappointment of Board Members to the Gadsden Hospital, Inc. Board of Directors

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item.


V asked if can approve who have application from and them staff recruit more?


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith said looking at names and have no issue with re-appointing, just have not interacted with this Board.  Said have no idea what Board does.  V suggested he reach out to that Board and may could schedule meeting with Board.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7  Holt said they have not been meeting and was possibility this Board could meet with them and was contradictory to meet with Board because do not have hospital.  V asked Administrator to arrange meeting with that Board.


Green motion to table/NeSmith 5-0



Appointment to the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency


Holt recommended NeSmith and he declined and recommended Hinson. 


V/Green 5-0



Voting Delegate-2022 National Association of Counties (NACO) Annual Conference


V suggested make Green Delegate and NeSmith alternate/Holt 5-0



Approval of Revisions to the County’s Procurement Policy

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Georgette Daniels appeared before the Board.  She said changes recommended have been incorporated into current policy.  Gone through document and made changes that were highlighted.  She explained the tiers. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green thanked her for highlighting and asked if way to get update when decisions are made, what being spent, etc. for transparency.  He felt anything over $15,000 they have some sort of notification.  Asked sense of urgency since not meeting next month. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Georgette said have several grants that have been awarded throughout County and need to get policy in place and not in compliance with some of the requirements and updates are needed to move forward with requirements of grants. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith asked about document and Georgette explained Agenda item was summary and page 9 started actual policy. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V said he had his concerns regarding directors and assistant directors having approval-Georgette said all purchases have to come through procurement department. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V asked on original document, where is language concerning 2.34 Non-Profits-Georgette said removed that language and inserted new section. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Knowles said if were to advise, approve items they need for action


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt said need to move forward, need to spend money and if don’t will have problem.   Another session coming up.  If going to move quickly, may have to be pushed out early, by email or however need to do.  Other Counties already streamlined this, we are behind. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon said in interest of moving along, if want to take Administrator down to $30-35,000, can change tiers accordingly.  Will be glad to incorporate notifications Green spoke of. 


Hinson said in looking, it’s 77 pages and hard to vote when just receiving it.  As of today, have $4.5 Million can apply for and do not meet in July at all. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt stepped out 8:12 p.m.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson continued, don’t have tentative budget yet.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V said want part of this approved and asked to look at portion that can draw down on federal grants.  Can bring rest of policy back. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said they had package, just some things changed.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt returned 8:15 p.m


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green recommended made changes to ? and asked for transparency.  As long as they know what going on with money, if money stolen, laws broken, there are consequences. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V said this not about person, about policy, anyone who sits in that position. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson said also, how County works, if open gates for $100,000, not illegal, they gave Administrator authority up that amount.  Could make decision to give fire departments up to $25,000 by Asst. Administrator and then Administrator decide to give $25,000 also.  Nothing illegal because they gave them the authority to do so.  Can come back in August and have shortfall of $4 Million and would not have to explain because they gave authority. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt said they need to look at numbers, decide and mark what they want.  Contractors looking at this too. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon said there is something called ethics and have budget where they approve things; there is catch-all with Clerk’s Office.  If want to leave numbers at $15,000, will provide.  Will not agree with attorney to piece-meal, will cause questions.  Need to move document or not, do not put with past document. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Knowles said not saying piece-meal.  Saying item Holt just spoke of seems to be big thing Board concerned with.  There are things that need to happen. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt said look at page 2, if what to change numbers, do now. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson said had same issue few years ago with Hurricane Michael and called emergency meetings.  Clerk’s Office and Finance cannot do anything if Board approves right way. 
If pressing to citizens, why not meet?  Wants to schedule special meeting on Friday. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V said item has to be dealt with and deal with grants before losing them.  Willing to entertain motion and hopes gets second.


Holt move approval of item, Green second with question.  Question is moving approval of item with changes? 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt said made motion for conversation.  Motion for approval with changes and include quarterly reports on items and Green second.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt said getting conversation wanted-have quarterly downpat-replace $35,000 from $50,000.


Holt withdrew motion and green second


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt approval of item with $50,000 out replaced by $35,000 and quarterly reports  NeSmith question


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Knowles clarified-chart deals with how will procure items.  NeSmith asked when Department manager exercises their authority, when would Administrator find out?  Purchasing director approves every purchase. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Daniels said just to be clear, division manager could spend up to $3,500.00 without prior approval, before paid, she would see what was purchased. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 V asked for more clarification.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Daniels said, $25,000 says when exceeds $25,000, need to be bid.  Once bid, Administrator will be able to receive bids, look at low bidder and sign off on it up to $35,000.  After $35,000, will have to come to Board.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt motion to approve with amount correction of $35,000 and quarterly reporting sent out/NeSmith Hinson question


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson said have question-look at what can do-Administrator has $35,000, Asst. $25,000 plus $10,000 and that decision could be made quickly.  Giving power to spend up to $70,000.  Could be in red, not good fiscal decision. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Chair c


NeSmith  Yes

Hinson No

Holt Yes

Green Yes

V Yes


Passed 4-1




Purchase of 2023 Alpha 55-TonLowboy Trailer

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7  Dixon introduced above item.  Have new trailer in mind and want to purchase. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith asked if place to store-no.  Is there a line item-not in budget-asking to amend-money in budget.  Is it competitive-yes.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson asked who bid-had 3 bids. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green stepped out 8:56 p.m.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson said did not mind approving, would be great for citizens to Process


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson motion to approve/Holt 4-0


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon said may see Jackson County ambulance running around, have some down being worked on.  Some coming, wanted to make Sure Board aware.


Re-organization of the Board

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson said normally do in November.  V said June 30th will be his last day.  Nothing in policy that abstention would be for Vice Chair to step up.  Process to is elect Chair and Vice until November.  Governor will be appointing new commissioner until election.  Hinson asked if better to wait until new commissioner comes in?



Election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman

12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith nominated Green and V nominated NeSmith as vice Chair.  Knowles said do one at time.


NeSmith nominated Green for chair/ V second  Motion passed 5-0


V nominated NeSmith as Vice-Chair and Green seconded  5-0



Approval of Resolution for New Chairperson-Facsimile Stamp

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon introduced above item.


V approve/Holt second 5-0











 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon said tomorrow at % workshop with Gadsden Seniors; Monday workshop 4:00 for grants.


Partnering Tuesday with Chattahoochee






 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Knowles said Holt asked about census and forwarded report to commissioners.  Informed could not go through CQR process but can challenge that they have wrong boundaries or housing units missed.  Suggest get with NWFWM to get …


2nd had great probate seminar and will have another in July.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 With regard to notice on public hearings, required by statute to advertise in papers and also post signs and mail notice to landowners within certain radius.  Did comply with statute by advertising in paper.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Dixon added one thing to housing fair, was spectacular.  Loved the tiny house and forward thinking.





Report and Discussion of Public Issues



Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt apologized for item on Policy and Procedures but loved it, things worked out well.  Will show contractors trying to streamline? 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Asked for Proclamation for Isaiah Forman, Shot put champion/V second 5-0



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Hinson said need meetings in July and as of now have not seen budget.  Have American Rescue Plan as well.  Need to start meeting on Rescue Plan, budget…


Want to make motion to meet in July special meeting/V second with serious concerns that nothing conflicting with meetings.  NeSmith question


NeSmith asked clarification-regular or special meeting-regular. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said not sure if want to schedule regular meeting but could schedule special meeting to target certain things. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Holt asked why not meeting in July-Dixon said was time for staff to re-group, give staff opportunity for break, even if could not all go at same time, especially department heads.  Holt said if considering meeting, make it later part of July.  Green said have NACo but should not affect.


 Green suggested withdraw motion and give dates need to have special meeting. 


Chair called question-motion failed 3-2 NeSmith, Holt, Green opposed


Green assured will end up having special meeting in July.


Hinson stepped out 9:33 p.m.



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 NeSmith welcomed Robbie Jones back and thanked Stiell.  Thanked Lee for fence repair at Rosedale.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Have talked about this numerous times-Flat Creek Bridge-citizen wished


Motion starting 2022-2023 every year, following March they are required to give State of County Address ever March/V second  4-0


Motion to direct Administrator to provide different categories for different services and significant descriptions so does not all fall under category of Proclamation. 


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said did not know if have to make motion, was made clear and all agree want different titles, have agenda item.


 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Motion for approval of Motion of Honorarium to Pastor Charles Morris/V 4-0


Motion to direct Administrator with the election they develop orientation program for new commissioner(s)


Juneteenth Celebration was success.


Asked to start discussing tiny house village.


Entities the County provides money to, need to give report to Board. 



Commissioner Ronterious Green, Vice Chair, District 5

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Green said hate to see V go, today is his birthday and wished him happy birthday. 





Commissioner Anthony O. Viegbesie, Chair, District 2

 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Commissioner V said has been pleasure working with everyone. 


OK to disagree sometimes and never wrong time to do what right.


Receipt and File









 12FC3F62-1AF8-4c04-84DB-4D37D5474FF7 Adjourned 9:53 p.m.





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