Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Workshop to Discuss North Florida Rural Health Corporation

February 22, 2023

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Kimblin NeSmith, Chair, District 3

                                Eric Hinson, Vice-Chair, District 1

                                Alonzetta Simpkins, District 2

Brenda Holt, District 4

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk




   Chair called workshop to order at 4:05 p.m., Commissioner Green gave the invocation and the

 Chair NeSmith welcomed everyone to the workshop.


Green/Simpkins 4-0



The Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners welcomes and encourages public participation at all meetings of the Board. Citizens are free to speak for up to three (3) minutes on non-agenda items. Public comments and participation are also encouraged for items on the agenda.  Additionally, if you are unable to attend a meeting in person, comments from the Public can also be submitted via email to until noon on the date of the meeting. Comments submitted after the deadline, but prior to the meeting, will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.  Citizens are further encouraged to participate via Zoom using the credentials on the County’s website. The Board’s meetings are also broadcast live on the Board’s Facebook page.

  Chair NeSmith read aloud the above statement.








Discussion of North Florida Rural Health Corporation

 Col. Walter Presha, Board Chair, appeared before the Board and he introduced others with him.


 Holt appeared at 4:12 p.m.  

 Kyle Kwik, President and CEO of North Florida Rural Health Corp. appeared before the Board.


 Floyd Hill, Chief Information Officer, appeared before the Board and gave background on Col. Presha.


 Mr. Kwik reappeared before the Board and introduced Gayle Williams, CEO, along with the rest of the Advisory Board; the Executive team, the Medical Director and the Providers.


He explained for the first 12 months of operations, NFRH has had an operating budget of approximately $4,037,000.  The estimated economic impact is over $7,000,000.  Studies show that for every $1 Million spent from indigent


 Green stepped out at 4:20 p.m.


Mr. Kwik said was asking for a 3-year funding request.  They are asking for $1 Million per year fund allocation.  Year 1 the funds are placed in a pool for NFRH to draw down for patient services.  Year 2 $100,000 is advanced for the LIP matching program via IGT to ACHA for uncompensated medical care cost and cost of medical services for the uninsured.  Year 3 $100,000 is advanced for the LIP matching program via IGT to ACHA for uncompensated medical care cost and cost of medical services for the uninsured.  Clinic will provide $100,000 worth of services before drawing from pool.  Reassess fund allocation for uninsured.


Asking for every uninsured patient, there is $150.00 charge, also with dental; Pharmacy is AWP
(average wholesale price) – 20; lab costs are passed through to the County; transportation is $45/1st mile and $3.65 per additional mile.


  Mr. Kwik said currently they were not operating, the first will be in Chattahoochee, second in ….


  Commissioner Green asked if he could give them a county that has a similar program and Mr. Kwik said Ms. Williams would address.


  Ms. Williams, Chair, appeared before the Board and gave her background.  She said there was 2 plans in Polk County and her organization has a fixed price program


  NeSmith asked if the program they were planning to put in Chattahoochee would model the Polk County program and he said yes.


  Green asked if they were able to accumulate funding




  Green left at 4:50     


Holt said need to schedule this and move on it.


  NeSmith said this Board understood the need for health care services here. 

Hypothetically, $1 Million will be earmarked for NFRH, they will send bill for $100,000, the next year $100,000 will be sent to the State for a match; next year


  Holt asked Ms. Daniels the amount in the Indigent Care fund and she said right now around $2 Million.  Holt asked how much interest was collected every year and she was not sure.  Holt asked for distribution of last 5 years and


  Simpkins stepped out at 5:13 pm.


  There was more conversation concerning the amount that is paid out of the Indigent account and how much is left on the bond.  Holt also stated this information was needed before the meeting. 


  Simpkins returned at 5:19 p.m.




  Hinson left at 5:21 p.m.


  There was more round table discussion regarding the program.    


  Hinson returned at 5:29 p.m.


  Hinson suggested they have a workshop on the indigent tax program so they could better understand.


  Hinson thanked them for coming





djourned at 5:39 p.m.





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