Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Pre-Workshop/Regular Public Meeting

May 2nd, 2023

4:30 p.m.


Present:               Kimblin NeSmith, Chair, District 3

                                Eric Hinson, Vice-Chair, District 1

                                Alonzetta Simpkins, District 2

Brenda Holt, District 4

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Adriana Quijada, Deputy Clerk



Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance

   Chair NeSmith welcomed everyone and called the workshop to Order at 4:35 PM. Green provided invocation. NeSmith led into the Pledge of the Allegiance to the U.S Flag.



The Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners welcomes and encourages public participation at all meetings of the Board. Citizens are free to speak for up to three (3) minutes on non-agenda items. Public comments and participation are also encouraged for items on the agenda. Additionally, if you are unable to attend a meeting in person, comments from the Public can also be submitted via email to until noon on the date of the meeting. Comments submitted after the deadline, but prior to the meeting, will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.  Citizens are further encouraged to participate via Zoom using the credentials on the County’s website. The Board’s meetings are also broadcast live on the Board’s Facebook page.


   NeSmith read aloud the above statement.


   Mr. Dixon stated they were going to go through the agenda items. He stated Item 6 will be pulled. They will be adding a summer youth presentation under Awards, Presentations, and Appearances. He asked if any questions for consent agenda.


  Holt stated next time hoped staff would run the workshop, so they can get all the info. Asked Attorney if reviewed Item 7 contract and if he had any concerns.


   Attorney stated none that he can see, asked Holt if she had any questions.


   Holt stated asking because did not want to have concerns about any contract later.

  Dixon stated contract is written in a way that the County has sole discretion that they can terminate the contract if it’s in the best interest.


Holt stated would like for contracts be signed off by the Attorney.


   Simpkins asked if they were agreeing to $40,000.


Dixon stated yes.


   Simpkins asked which budget. Ms. Daniels stated the Department of Elderly Affairs Budget. She asked if it’ll be a problem regarding the Executive Director for the foundation being employed with the County and them having a contract. Attorney stated it could create an issue.


   Dixon stated the Executive Director is not employed with the County. She is a volunteer on the Board of the foundation, she was the president not the Executive Director.


  Simpkins asked if that is a problem whether serving on a Board voluntarily or as a paid person.


  Ms. Daniels stated there is no staff that works for the foundation. There is a Board for the foundation and Ms. Germany serves as the Chair.


   Simpkins stated if Attorney is saying its fine, then she was fine. She asked if Gadsden Senior Foundation would be providing the services or are they serving as an entity to fundraise for the Seniors. Ms. Daniels stated they are serving as an entity to fundraise for the Seniors.


   Simpkins stated that was not what they have. Ms. Daniels stated this info is based on services provided to GSS. The foundation would continue to allow the services to happen through fundraising, etc.


   Dixon stated if foundation goes to get money that allows them to provide services to the Seniors, this language is already there. They understood from the program they looked at, when that money comes into a foundation, that foundation has to provide those services.  All they did was increase the range of the foundation.


   Simpkins stated scope of services does not include the actual services. Not what was listed.


  Hinson asked if CA can show them what they are talking about in the document so they could be clear.


NeSmith stated they needed to move on.


  Dixon stated did not have docs they were referring to.


  Holt stated the Board at Senior Citizens has not been providing services. In the contract for the Senior Citizens Center, Attorney stated the person that could not be employee of the County Commission. She asked if there is a state statute that a person that worked in the County could not serve on a Board that was non-profit. She stated they needed to make sure they get someone to go after funding for the Seniors.


   Chair asked if the issue was that they were overlapping responsibilities.


   Simpkins stated what she was looking at read that the foundation was providing the supportive services, and the County is overseeing. She did not see where the foundation is seeking funding to assist with the Seniors. She was making sure they were doing what they agreed to.


  Dixon stated when they wrote this, they tried to give as much latitude to each piece of the program. They had every intent of running senior citizen centers across the county. He stated it was not new that people work for the County and serve on the Board. They were not getting paid.


   Attorney stated he wanted to be clear with Simpkins that he was not saying that it was ok, he was just saying he needed to know more information about it and then maybe speak to the Clerk. He stated the Clerk does have the power to properly withhold payment.


   Dixon stated those are power and duties of the Clerk. They do not pertain to this situation. Property appraiser has served on Board for GSS and the Board has funded GSS.  He stated she is a volunteer, nothing more or less.


  Holt stated Dixon was correct but once the Clerk makes a determination, they need it in writing.


  Green asked if they have given this info to the Clerk. Seems to be many issues as to what he will or won’t do. They were here for the sake of the people.


   Attorney stated contract was already approved, this was just a scope of work.


   Green stated for future sake, make sure they were on the same page.


   Nesmith stated thought that that was the agreement where there would be ongoing dialogue with the Clerk.


Attorney stated nothing for Clerk to approve in this item.


   Dixon stated will have dialogue with the Clerk.


   Hinson asked if she worked for the County.


Dixon stated yes.


   Hinson asked if had employee under BOCC that could serve on the Planning and Zoning Board.


   Attorney stated it could create conflict of interest. Planning and Zoning Board is an advisory board to BOCC. Would not want County staff on Board.


    Simpkins stated main concern was for the County and as it relates to attachment they were about to vote on, wanted to make sure scope of services are correct and what the foundation’s scope of services are and what they would be delivering. Simpkins asked who applied for the actual Grant?


   Dixon stated Gadsden County.


   Simpkins stated should have it listed as well.


Dixon stated they would amend documents as necessary.


  Holt asked if they could hear from the Director, could bring clarity. Chair stated they needed to move forward.


    Green stated wanted Item 7 to be clear as possible. Although they are applying, they are also giving funding to the foundation. If they get that Grant, they would be able to recoup the money that they have given to the foundation for the scope of services.


   Dixon stated if it was allowed in the Grant.


Green asked if they get the Grant, they are able to utilize that Grant? Dixon stated yes.


   Hinson stated whoever asked for the funds, they were responsible for the funds.


   Green stated they were getting ready for Budget season and the $475,00 that they were going to use out of the American Rescue Plan would not be here in upcoming years, asked if they were able to budget for Senior Services or same foundation.


   Dixon stated budgeted out 2 years, will start now allocating part of the recurring revenue to take over that money in 3 years.


   Hinson stated needed to do a workshop on American Rescue Plan.


   NeSmith asked if any more questions on the rest of the items.


   Green had a question for Item 13. Asked if they were able to present what was coming up for the rest of the year at the event. Dixon stated yes.


  Hinson stated he was able to talk to City of Midway.  They gave him a flyer with County logo on it.


   NeSmith asked Hinson if Midway Emancipation was a festival they had regularly. Hinson stated yes.


  NeSmith asked about breaking out the cost for the artists, there was only one total cost.


 Chair asked if any further questions on this agenda item.


 Hinson stated last week he asked for Midway and Havana. He asked CA if they talked to anyone in Havana.


   Dixon stated he was working with the City Manager.


   Dixon wanted to pull item 14. They did not complete the fee schedule.


   Attorney stated the Carver Heights folks were still working on the ownership issue.


   Green stated wanted to move forward with item 15, but wanted to make sure all docs are in place.


   Hinson stated they had refurbished the kitchen, bathroom, walls.


Chair mentioned title issues.


   Green stated not big of a financial impact because the Board already received funding and done upgrades. If you look at that amount, $1 for sales tax.


   Ms. Daniels stated there was a name change, owner of Carver Heights are citizens of Carver Heights.


   Attorney stated the deed was Carver Heights Senior Citizens of Havana Fl Inc.


Attorney stated it was a title issue, wanted to make sure Board is aware.  


   Chair asked who they were contracting with.


Attorney stated Carver Heights Senior Citizens of Havana FL Inc.


   Simpkins asked if they do approve it, it was contingent that the title or name change needs to take place.


  Attorney stated it could be a part of the motion. 


   Chair asked if any questions for Item 16.


   Simpkins stated she had concerns as it relates to the income eligibility criteria. It would limit individuals that they would be able to assist, the numbers are very low. Asked if they were just looking at the Seniors or others. She stated she was not able to properly find info for her citizens. Received a call today about a Senior. She asked how much discretion would they have as Commissioners if they approve this.


  Hinson stated when they go out in the community, they make recommendations to Staff to look at the houses. Stated BOCC has complete authority, Staff has to go through them.


  Stiell stated if Board approves this it would be for $300,000.  The applications would be made to the Staff, the Staff would review them. If there are anything above that is approved in the application, then the SHIP administrator or the CA can go above that amount. 


  Holt asked CA if she could speak to Ms. Burns regarding this. Holt asked Ms. Burns what were the concerns they had so they know what they were looking at.


    Ms. Burns stated the Emergency Repair Program mirrors their SHIP Program. If Commissioners went out and saw something in their district, they would contact CA, and the CA would contact staff. Then, she, Rehab Specialist and a building official would go do an assessment. Since Monday, she had received around 10 calls regarding the septic system in Midway.  The money is greatly needed. She told Simpkins that they have income categories. The income in the packets are just the HUD guidelines.


   Chair asked Ms. Burns if there was any existing program that would assist with the calls she received from Midway.


   Ms. Burns stated they only assist with septic’s if it was a health hazard, which it was in this case. 


  Holt stated they had problems with Commissioners going directly to Staff telling them what to do. Need to beef up Housing program. SHIP funds going low because they do not have the people to help.


Chair stated had a lot of concerns on this agenda item.


   Green stated if $300,000 was approved, it is already gone. Need to find a way to increase number.  


Workshop ended.







     Chair called the meeting to order at 6:01PM. Stated they will have a 5-minute recess. Simpkins provided invocation. Chair led into the Pledge of Allegiance.



   Dixon stated to add Summer Youth presentation under Awards, Presentations, and Appearances. Pulled item 6 and 14.  



   Dixon stated Ms. Germany and Ms. Maas will bring a short presentation.


   Ms. Maas appeared before the Board to discuss the Summer Youth Program. This program allows them to provide employment opportunities for the Youth.


   Ms. Germany, Summer Youth Employee, appeared before the Board. Gave program status as of today. Stated they were off to a great start, reached out to more sites this time. Hoped they would get vendors to change their mind.


   Hinson wanted to make sure District 2 be represented as well.


   Ms. Andrews, Summer Youth Employee, appeared before the Board. Stated that was why they saturated the areas with applications this time and made personal contacts.


   Hinson stated everyone had to be a part of this.


   Green asked how many applicants have already been completed? Stated 30. Ms. Andrews stated deadline May 12th to apply. Asked how many job sites were interested in providing work force to students. Ms. Andrews stated 30 confirmed.


   Holt stated was glad not getting too close on the situation. Wanted to make sure they know about the May 12th deadline.


   Simpkins stated she did contact churches and pastors letting them know about the applications. Stated at Carter Paramore, had someone to make sure applications were filled correctly.


Ms. Andrews stated they do make every effort.


   Green stated he was hoping the guidance counselors with the schools are helping students with applications. He asked about advertising.


   Ms. Steele stated they would have an ad in next week’s newspaper. Did not do radio ads.


   Green asked, if possible, to extend the deadline date. Should have had a youth child fair to have open interviews. Something to consider next year if not possible this year. Wanted to make a job fair happen soon.


   Chair asked CA if they had electronic flyer. Dixon stated yes.


   Hinson stated Havana and Midway always had lower numbers, and wanted to make sure they were represented well.


   Ms. Maas stated they were not limiting this based off where people lived. Only criteria was the completed application.


  Hinson asked about special needs students. Need to make sure to include them in the process.


   Green stated need to have stricter guidelines for the special needs students.


   Hinson stated they had someone working from the school board. She was picking the kids and talking to the parents.


   Holt asked if Career Source would be partnering with them. Ms. Maas stated yes. Stated should not always fall on the Board, it should be a collaboration.



 Chair called for motion.

Holt/ Green 5-0



Ratification Memo



Approval of Minutes

BOCC Meeting/Workshop Minutes:
a.   April 4, 2023 Regular Meeting



Approval of Mosquito Control Agreement with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) FY22/23



Approval of 2024 Small County Consolidated Waste Grant Application with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)



 “Jett Farm Road” Road Name Approval



“Bowers Lane” and “Jerry’s Lane” Road Name Approval

Item Pulled



Ratification of Attachment I to the Agreement with the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners and the Gadsden County Senior Citizen Foundation, Inc.


Approval of the FY2023-24 Proposed Budget Calendar






The Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners welcomes and encourages public participation at all meetings of the Board. Citizens are free to speak for up to three (3) minutes on non-agenda items. Public comments and participation are also encouraged for items on the agenda. Additionally, if you are unable to attend a meeting in person, comments from the Public can also be submitted via email to until noon on the date of the meeting. Comments submitted after the deadline, but prior to the meeting, will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.  Citizens are further encouraged to participate via Zoom using the credentials on the County’s website. The Board’s meetings are also broadcast live on the Board’s Facebook page.

    Dixon read aloud the above statement.






Public Hearing (Quasi-Judicial): Havana Learning Center Classroom and Gym Addition Conceptual/Preliminary Site Plan (SP 2022-03)

   Mr. Stiell presented the above item. He read through the item.


   Chair asked if anyone from the public wanted to speak.


   Carmen Greene, 1150 E. Tennessee St. Tallahassee, FL 32308

 Ms. Greene appeared before the Board to discuss the above item. Asked if anyone had questions.


   Hinson asked if Attorney has seen this.


  Attorney stated the one concern they had was the traffic study. 


  Hinson stated he thinks it’s a great thing. Stated if they were going to address the issue with the number of students.


   Greene stated she was not sure if FLUM put cap on it.


   Hinson stated if something happened to the kids, they would be responsible for it. Max was 24 but went up to 66 students.


   Mr. Stiell stated it was a little of both. When it went through, there was 24 kids housed in an existing 4,266 sq ft dwelling unit. Since that time, it has expanded to 1,382 sq ft and current student enrollment is 62.


   Stiell stated issue was that they did not increase well size after they increased the building size.


   Holt stated all public hearings are in public. Asked how far is expansion of Gym from what was changed.


   They looked at the map on page 11 of 65 on agenda item.


   Greene stated they know they need to upgrade the well and the septic.


   Holt asked if they did the gym later, would upgrades now satisfy the need at the gym.


   Greene stated they were trying to designate areas on the site.


     Hinson stated public safety issues come first. Wanted to make sure they had policies in place. Cannot go against ordinance. Wanted to make sure the kids are safe.


   Holt made a motion where it includes all recommendations on number 1.


Holt/ Hinson 5-0



Public Hearing (Quasi-Judicial): Havana RV Park Conceptual/Preliminary Site Plan (SP 2022-04)

  Mr. Stiell presented the above item. He read through the item.


Simpkins stepped out at 7:08PM.


Simpkins returned at 7:10PM.


    Green asked if someone is representing the applicant, Mr. Stiell stated yes.


     Mr. George appeared before the Board to discuss the above item.


     Green asked if the applicant has reviewed all the suggestions from the Planning and Zoning Board.


 Mr. George stated yes.


     Holt asked if leaving property, towards Tallahassee, if a lane is there.


    Mr. George stated not a requirement for acceleration lane. Only de-accelerations.


     Holt stated she was weary about the acceleration lane with the RV’s.


  She asked if property has great drainage. Mr. George stated yes.  Holt asked which district this was in. Hinson stated 1 or 2.


Chair asked if anyone from audience would like to speak.


  Hinson stated a motion to include all recommendations. He stated he knew there was issues with trees.


Hinson/ Green 5-0



Public Hearing: Reallocation of American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds to Set up Funding for the Newly Created Elderly Affairs Department

    Dixon presented the above item.


   Chair asked if anyone from audience would like to speak on this item.


    Hinson asked if this was reoccurring for the next 2 years. Dixon stated yes. Hinson stated the million dollars could help offset a lot of homes. Need to list their pardons. 


    Holt asked CA if funds would be used for Seniors. Dixon stated yes. Would like to move the money forward.


   Simpkins stated was under the impression that they are approving it for this year and applying for funding. Agree with the funding for this year. Wanted to make sure they were staying with that plan. She stated she was in agreement with it as long as they were saying that they were just taking care of the $475,000 for this year.


   Dixon stated the program had funding for 2 years at $475,000 from the ARPA money.


  Simpkins stated would like to have paperwork in front of her.


   Green stated he was under the impression that they were passed the approval part.


   CA stated it was a financial removal. It changes the budget, so must come before a public hearing.


   Hinson stated about them sitting down together and getting directives. People need help now. If they have the money now, why hold it.


   Holt made a motion to approve this item.


  Simpkins asked if budget amendment $475,000 is just for this year. Dixon stated yes.


   Hinson stated the money is not going directly to the seniors. The helpers help the Seniors.


Holt/ Green






Approval to Award RFQ No. 23-01 Professional Services-Architectural Consulting Services
   Dixon presented the above item.


Holt stepped out at 7:38PM.


Holt returned at 7:40PM


Holt/ NeSmith 5-0



Approval of Funding to Partner with the City of Midway for the Annual May 20th Celebration
  Dixon presented the above item.


Holt/ Hinson 5-0



Approval of Agreement between the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioner’s Department of Elderly Affairs and the Gadsden Senior Services

 Item Pulled



Approval of the Lease Agreement with Carver Heights Senior Center

  Dixon presented the above item. 


  Attorney stated when they spoke in the workshop, there was a condition that it must be an operating business at the time of signing.


  Hinson made a motion to approve with those conditions.

Hinson/Green 5-0



Approval of the Gadsden County Emergency Repair Program
  Dixon presented the above item.


  Simpkins stated the amount needs to be increased from the $300,000. Also, wanted to make sure there is input she would be able to have as it related to constituents in her district.


  Hinson stated once they meet minimum qualifications, then it would be approved.


   Green stated amount is too low. He stated Ms. Burns has already located several issues in Midway and so the money would already be gone. He did not agree with them having allocating monies within the district.


   Holt stated should approve item with money they have. Did not want any false comments. She stated it was false that any Board members have any say so over tax payers’ money.


Green stepped out at 7:52PM


   NeSmith stated received a call from a lady about removing a tree in her property. Stated he was not allowed to since it was private property. NeSmith stated he trusted the housing department.


   Hinson stated they need to educate their constituents the right way. There was a lot of people in need. He stated it was their job to help.


Green returned at 7:55PM


   Simpkins stated need to make sure District 2 is taken care of. Wanted a specific amount set aside for District 2. Stated she had someone go to her job telling her there was a need in the district. They could not get in contact with her because her contact info is not on the website.  Wanted to make sure her citizens needs are met.


  Green stated his concern was how low the amount is. If they approve the $300,000, when could they come back and ask to add to this. Did not want it to linger. Wanted a timeframe on when they could have it back on the agenda.


   Dixon stated ARPA meeting had been scheduled.


   Holt stated it could be put into motion if he wanted it to be brought back before that meeting.


   Dixon stated by looking at additional monies, they respect the folks that have waited. He insisted that those requests are brought to him and not directly to staff.


   Hinson stated Board could ask Staff questions. It was ok for Commissioners to ask questions.


   Green wanted to make sure that the Workshop on the 15th includes the Housing Department to discuss what they already have in place.


   Holt stated they can discuss this on the 15th and move on.


   Hinson stated he would second it if it will be divided amongst districts.


   Hinson asked before they vote on this, question should be about fairness. Everybody in the County needs help.

   Simpkins wanted clarification. If it was $300,000 or was it a certain amount per district.


   Hinson stated in writing it was something different. It was different than what was asked.  


   Green stated they should move this.


   Holt stated they need to vote. They have a motion and a second.


Holt/ Green 5-0



Approval to Request Space from HCA Florida Gadsden Emergency for the Gadsden County Elder Affairs Food Pantry

   Dixon presented the above item.


   Hinson stated it was a great idea but he believed in public-private partnership.


   Green stated the motion was for conversation purposes. Stated they need to have a conversation if it was an option. Not voting to do a second harvest or food bank? Dixon said correct.


Holt/ Green 5-0



Approval of Bonuses for Gadsden County Staff

  Dixon presented the above item. Proposed a one-time bonus of $3,000.


  Hinson asked what was the rush with this. He stated he did not mind giving an increase but he believed they needed to start putting emphasis on BOCC staff. Would like to focus on Public Works persons and EMS persons.


  CA stated he agreed with Commissioner Hinson. The first thing they did was raise the base to $15 an hour. He stated there needed to be climbers for Public Works. He stated they needed to get their salaries to where they can afford to survive and prosper working at the County.


  Hinson asked if everyone was receiving $3,000 for full time. Asked how soon they could get it. Dixon stated as soon as they approve it. Hinson stated they needed to look at the County. Dixon stated they were giving it to each employee.


  NeSmith asked if the constitutionals had authority to provide raises to their own staff. Dixon stated Yes.


  Green stated many of the employees are also residents of the County. Would want them to get something, so that’s why he supports this.

Green/ Holt 5-0






Nothing to report.






   Dixon stated would like to request proclamations for the following weeks: Public Works Week, EMS Week, Family Abduction Awareness Day, and Mental Health Awareness Month.


   Holt/ Hinson



 Dixon stated Friday is May Day with the City of Gretna at 6 PM. Soft kickoff for the Bicentennial.


   Green stated Leon County would be preparing for their Bicentennial next year. Stated they should go over and see how they would be celebrating.


   Hinson stated that someone asked what were they celebrating 200 years ago.


  Dixon stated Bicentennial committee has been meeting.






  Attorney stated he was requesting another Shade meeting on FCI, not able to come to a resolution. There has been a last offer presented by FCI. Also, if the Board does not accept the offer, wanted to have a special meeting after the SHADE meeting to approve trial counsel.


  Holt stated they needed to look at some recommendations before that time.


  Attorney stated he could present the ones he has for them. 


Holt/ Green 5-0





Commissioner Alonzetta Simpkins, District 2

   Simpkins asked Ms. Daniels what was the status with the Attapulgus Highway.


   Ms. Daniels appeared before the Board. She stated they have declined the lowest bid, so now they have to put it back out. Needs consent from FDOT before she can do that. Stated she sent an email today requesting they put it back out.


   Simpkins mentioned having a walking trail at the Dog Town Fire Station. Wanted to make a motion for a walking trail and book exchange.


  Green asked what would be the fiscal impact.


   Simpkins stated she asked CA. CA stated if she was ready, she could bring it before the Board. She stated this was a request she’s had for a while.


 Green stated he would like to see this on the agenda to look at the details.


   Simpkins stated she was requesting it to be placed on the agenda.


Green/ Hinson


   Holt stated she liked the idea but, needed to look at the parks and bring back a plan.  


   Simpkins stated this was just a start, they are just asking for a walking trail.


  Simpkins stated she received the schedule for the workshops, she requested a workshop and it was not listed. She stated she could not do workshops during 9AM-12PM. Requested different times. Asked for the status of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council.


 Dixon stated to his knowledge, they have not met.


   She asked who was responsible for setting this. They have recreation here that they need to market. Need to use Advisory Committee.


  She stated she never received any resumes or anything for the Economic Development position. She asked if there was no one that applied.


  Ms. Maas stated they have had a few applicants. They had an interview but the applicant cancelled for a second interview.


   Simpkins asked who handled the first interview. Ms. Maas stated she did. 


  Simpkins asked if it’s a position that the board will be appointing, then the resume don’t go to them first? Ms. Maas stated no.

   Simpkins stated if someone applies for a particular department, the supervisor for that department should receive the applicant’s resume. That was always her experience.


  Ms. Maas stated the applicants participated in a pre-screening process.  If they meet the minimum qualifications, then it goes to the supervisor.

  Simpkins stated in order for them to be successful on the economic side, they could not do it by themselves. Need to partner with someone.  Would like for them to have a workshop to figure out how can they come together.


  Simpkins stated she asks the questions that she asks because she studies the packets. She had someone come to her job and told her how could she serve the people if her contact info is not anywhere.  She has been on the Board since November, and her info is still not out there. She stated the people in District 2 put her there, and she wants to be respected. She did not feel like she received respect.


  She would like to make a motion to advertise the CA position in November.


  Chair stated he did meet with Ms. Bradley and the organizational chart workshop is scheduled for the first week of June. Chair stated there would be several Budget meetings.


   Hinson second the motion with a question.


   Simpkins made a motion to advertise the CA position since contract is ending in November. That way if they go in a different direction, they would have applicants. 


   Chair asked when would she like it to be advertised. Simpkins stated now.


   Holt stated was definitely not going to support that motion. Item requires more discussion than just at the end of the meeting.


   Hinson stated she asked for it to be on the agenda. Did not have to vote on it.


  Attorney asked Simpkins if she was just asking for RFP/RFQ to be put out? Simpkins stated for the position to be advertised. She asked what was the normal process.


   Ms. Maas stated too soon for applicants. She stated maybe would start in September.


   Attorney stated there is a motion and second to advertise it, so need to vote on that. If there is a request to bring the head hunter back, then they would do that.


2-3 Motion failed.



Commissioner Brenda A. Holt, District 4

  Holt stated she would like an evaluation of the parks. She was hoping they would consider and have request on the budget be done by organizations, profit and non-profit, during the budget season instead of it coming up during the year.


  She stated she has asked before about the budget being put on the screen. Asked Dixon if that was a problem. 

 She stated they need an Economic Development Director.


  Holt stated they were not getting anyone to take this position once they find out they have to report to five people.


  Holt made a motion to take the Economic Development position and put it under the Administrator so they could get more applicants.


  Hinson asked why do they not get the applications first. He asked how could they interview if the Board does not know who is the person they are interviewing.


  Simpkins asked if they ever did head hunters. Hinson said they did not do it even though they made a motion on it. Chair NeSmith stated they had not done it YET. 


  Holt stated her motion has already been stated so they need to move it.


Holt/Green 3-2



Commissioner Ronterious Green, Vice Chair, District 5

  Green mentioned the Boys and Girls Club. He knew they already made a pledge for $5,000, asked CA how to move forward from where they are with that club.


  CA stated the Boys and Girls Club had met with the Advisory Board. The Board has to make a move one way or the other. The Club wants to have every dime in pocket first, which would be years away. They have 3 across the county now. They were looking at a 2 or 3 center set up. They were in the budget for $3.7 million for a new one. Process was about 2 years down the road.


   Green asked if CA already had a meeting scheduled with them. Dixon stated yes. Green asked if he would be able to attend that meeting. Dixon stated yes.  


  Chair asked the Board if they wanted to take any action. Simpkins stated she needed point of clarification. Chair was referring to a Community Center.


  CA stated that Public Works and Engineers are looking at parks. They have evaluated them including east of Gadsden.  CA asked Mr. Young if he knew what pieces are available now.

  Mr. Young appeared before the Board and stated they were looking at swing sets and playground equipment. Will take about 3 or 4 weeks. 


  Simpkins asked Mr. Young about the Pickleball plan. Mr. Young stated he needed a copy of that plan. 


   Green stated they needed to find a way to do a climate county survey throughout their County to access any needs.

   Green mentioned Hurricane readiness will be at Walmart this Saturday from 9AM to 1PM.


  Green stated Relay for Life has been rescheduled to June 2nd from 6PM until midnight.


  Green stated would like to make a motion for recognition of services for Pastor Dawkins and the Bostick Temple Christian Center. He stated he was making the motion because they have been consistent over the many years with their food program. Cars are always lined up for it. Wanted to appreciate what they are doing.


Green/ Holt 5-0



Commissioner Eric Hinson, District 1

   Hinson stated the Community Center could help offset some of the challenges faced. Mentioned a young lady who attended Gadsden County High School who passed away in a car accident last week. So many young folks dying and it is a stressful situation. He stated he has not been eating meat and drinking water for mental clarity.


  Green stated he hoped for next meeting they will have those themes to look at on the agenda for the Bicentennial.


  Hinson mentioned stripes on the road and asked how it was coming along. Asked if contractors are using the right striping. 


 Mr. Young stated the paint did not last long. They were getting what they paid for so that was why they asked for more in the budget.


  Simpkins asked if they needed to look into the railroad track or if that’s something they would repair.


  Mr. Young stated they did speak to them. Railroad company will take care of the track and the county will be responsible for putting the asphalt.


  Holt stated they need to schedule so they could get more of that info. City can apply for paving with FDOT to get funding.



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, District 3

   Chair stated he promotes the Summer Youth program. Need to continue talking about the program.


   Chair stated he has a new Legislative Aide named Peggy McDowell. He presented her to the Board.


   He also presented Jerome Maples to the Board. He wanted everyone to know how proud he was of him and congratulated him for his master’s degree. 


Green wanted to congratulate the Chair for receiving an award.


  Chair thanked CA for the work done at Rosedale Park as well as all the other parks.


  Hinson wanted to thank the Public Works Department for being there for the people. They did a great job with the recent tornado.


  Green mentioned a welcome sign coming into Gadsden County that needs some attention.


  Green stated the key word tonight is strength. They determine the strength of this Board. The strength of the team is in each individual. The strength of each individual is in the team. They are each other’s strength. They need to make sure they are building each other even when they disagree with each other. Let’s build because we have work to do.



Meeting adjourned at 10:02PM.





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