August 10, 2023

    6:00 pm


Present:          Lori Bouie, Vice-Chair, District 5

                           Eugene Sherman III, District 1

                           John Youman, District 2

                           Mark Moore, District 3

                           Wayne Williams, District 3

                           Charles Roberts, District 4

                           Tracey Stallworth


Staff Present: Justin Stiell, Planning and Zoning Director

 Ellen Andrews, Senior Planner

                           Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                           Adriana Quijada, Clerk Secretary to the Boards


Call To Order, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance

   Chair called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Commissioner Sherman provided Invocation and led into the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag.


Introduction of Members – Roll Call

No roll call done.


Amendments and Approval of Agenda

No minutes signed.


Citizens Requesting to be Heard on Non-Agenda Items (3-minute limit)

 The Gadsden County Planning Board welcomes and encourages public participation at all meetings of the Board. Citizens are free to speak for up to three (3) minutes on non-agenda items. Public comments and participation are also encouraged for items on the agenda.  Additionally, if you are unable to attend a meeting in person, comments from the Public can also be submitted via email to until noon on the date of the meeting. Comments submitted after the deadline, but prior to the meeting, will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.  Citizens are further encouraged to participate via Zoom using the credentials on the County’s website. The Board’s meetings are also broadcast live on the Board’s Facebook page.


 Chair read aloud the above statement. 

Public Hearings

1.       Dupont Road Well Improvements Special Exception Use (SEU 2023-01) (Quasi-Judicial) – Consideration of a Special Exception Use to allow construction of a new potable water well to service the Gadsden Regional Water System on a 26.04-acre parcel and a 31.45-acre parcel located south of Lett Lane and west of Dupont Road (Parcel ID 4-04-1N-2W-0000-00340-0000, 4-04-1N-2W-0000-00441-0000). The parcels are located in an agricultural land use (Agriculture-3) which allows for construction of essential utility services with approval of a Special Exception Use. 


  Stiell presented the above item. 


Stiell stated the 2 parcels on which the project will be located are designated as Agriculture 3 on the GC FLUM. Essential utilities are permitted in Agriculture 3 with approval as a special exception use and a Type II site plan.


Stiell stated the property boundaries, would not be able to locate a well in that are due to where the property boundaries are.


  Roberts stated he went out there with binoculars. He mentioned a pond on private property and asked what would happen to them.


  Stiell stated the State would monitor the area   


  Stallworth asked if they had any data from time the test well was installed until now. Stiell stated they did not have that data.


  Roberts asked what year was the test well put in. Stiell stated 2008.


   Roberts asked did they know how many homes were there from then and now?


   Stiell stated they did not have that data from 2008.


  Chair stated her concern was the variance was in place to protect source of water drawn from well…  


  Stiell stated the State gave exceptions to what could go in that protection


  Chair stated area does not have central sewage.


  Moore stated for residential use, wells have to be 100 ft from sewer system. Asked how many casings was in this well and how far down it goes.


  Attorney stated they have three separate items tonight


  Sherman asked about speakers


  Applicant’s agent appeared before the Board


  Roberts asked if there’s been any current study. Asked about the effect on neighbors


  Applicant’s agent stated it shouldn’t affect any residential wells.


  Youman asked if they were doing it for more capacity of water? Speaker stated yes.


  Moore wanted to be clear about just putting a well on the property        


  Sherman asked about technicians going out to the property.


  Moore asked how many days a month someone would be out there. Agent stated about once a month  


  Michael Smith appeared before the Board. Asked if environmental impact study has been done. He also asked why residents were not made aware of this project. He asked where was the water being pumped to.


   Ronald Warner appeared before the Board.  He wanted assurance that their wells would be protected


  Tom LaDuke appeared before the Board to discuss his concerns with the well. Wanted to make sure he was not affected.


  Susan Cabe appeared before the Board.  Was concerned about traffic but did not seem like it would be a problem after hearing everyone speak.


  LaDuke appeared before Board again. Stated 60% of project was already done… 


  Applicant’s Agent appeared before the Board. He stated they have permitted this through Dept of Environmental Protection.


  Moore stated was concerned about well running dry.  


  Chair asked for a motion.  


  Moore made a motion for special exception use suggested option 1.


Moore/ Sherman 7-0                                  


2.       Dupont Road Well Improvements Variance (V 2023-01) (Quasi-Judicial) – Consideration of a variance request and order to allow a reduction in the required setback from 700’ to 195’ from the northern property line for a potable water well field for a new potable water well to be located on a 26.04-acre parcel and a 31.45-acre parcel located south of Lett Lane and west of Dupont Road (Parcel ID 4-04-1N-2W-0000-00340-0000, 4-04-1N-2W-0000-00441-0000). 

  Stiell presented item number 2.


 Moore stated he would love to know if there was anything being done to make sure the well was protected. 


 Applicants’ agent stated they have looked at all locations on site to see if there was anywhere they could put a well that did not require a Variance.


 Chair stated she was not opposed to well, but would like to have things in place to protect neighbors and future concerns


 Stiell stated that may be an issue under site plan review. This was just for the variance.


 Stallworth stated his concern was the farm that LaDuke has. He wanted to know why the neighbors did not receive a letter.


 Susan Fause appeared before the Board. Her concern was that they were right adjacent of where they were putting this well.   


 Chair asked Stiell asked Stiell if there was a negative impact on the citizens who were adjacent


 Chair asked commission how they would like to move forward.


 Sherman moved option 1.


Sherman/ Stallworth 6-1


3.       Dupont Road Well Improvements Conceptual/Preliminary Site Plan (SP 2023-02) (Quasi-Judicial) – Consideration of a conceptual/preliminary site plan to construct a new potable water well to service the Gadsden Regional Water System on a 26.04-acre parcel and a 31.45-acre parcel located south of Lett Lane and west of Dupont Road (Parcel ID 4-04-1N-2W-0000-00340-0000, 4-04-1N-2W-0000-00441-0000). 

 Stiell presented above item.


 Chair stated she was concerned that they did not have the rep present to answer questions


 Stiell stated the code allowed for rep’s from engineering firm to represent company.


 Chair stated her concern was for Talquin to be able to answer her concerns she had about the neighbors. Chair asked if there was way for the generator to be enclosed?


 Applicant’s agent stated they do have an enclosure 


  Chair asked if there is a flush system with boundaries that would control flushing waters in addition to the storm water system, would there be an actual plan direction for the flush water to go to.


 Applicants’ agent stated could not really answer that. Chair stated that would be a question for Talquin.


 Chair asked Stiell if they were able to recommend a directed flush system.


 Attorney reminded them of the policies


 Stallworth stated would like for main engineer to be here to answer all questions they have. 


 Sherman made motion for option 2 recommended denial due to lack of information.


 Roberts that amount of water would have an effect on people. Asked where did the water lead


 Chair stated she was going to ask them to provide free connection to the immediate neighbors. 


 Chair stated it would give a positive to neighbors, property insurance would go down. But still had concerns about flush water system.   


 Moore asked if they deny this tonight, would it come back before them again. 


 Chair stated Talquin could provide answer for the direction of flush water system 


Chair mentioned about having hydraulic study, Stiell stated yes, they could ask for that study


 Chair stated would like to add condition under option 1 with added condition that prior to approval, sufficient evidence that any flushing would not have any impact on neighboring properties and that there would be boundaries and mitigation directed to standard area for the flushing system. Also, hydraulic study.


 Bouie/ Williams 2-5

Opposed by Stallworth, Youman, Roberts, Moore, and Sherman  


Moore made a motion to deny due to flush water mgmt. and address the scientific reasons why the well would not affect neighbors.  with a strong rec to county comm that they look deeply into these things they were concerned about.


 Sherman amended Moore’s motion to deny due to lack of info that include concerns related to the public.   


 Moore/ Roberts 5-2

Bouie and Williams opposed


 Roberts mentioned about having the technology to be able to pull up the location on the tv’s in the Board room for them to be able to see what they are talking about. 


 Stiell stated he would have to check with IT department. 


General Business

4.       Planning Director’s Comments

5.       Planning Commissioners’ Comments

Motion to Adjourn

 Chair adjourned meeting at 9:44 pm


The next regularly scheduled meeting is SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 at 6:00 pm.





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