Board of County Commissioners

Gadsden County, Florida

Regular Public Meeting

September 19, 2023

6:00 p.m.


Present:               Kimblin NeSmith, Chair, District 3

                                Eric Hinson, Vice-Chair, District 1

                                Alonzetta Simpkins, District 2

Brenda Holt, District 4

                                Ronterious “Ron” Green, District 5

                                Edward J. Dixon, County Administrator

                                Clayton Knowles, County Attorney

                                Marcella Blocker, Deputy Clerk


Call to Order, Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

   Chair called meeting to order at 6:00 pm, welcomed everyone, asked Bishop Green to give the Invocation, and then led in the Pledge of Allegiance

Amendments and Approval of Agenda

  Dixon said had couple of amendments-add 9a and 9b to Consent and items 14a, 14b, 14c, 14d, 14e, 14f and 14g.


  Hinson felt they should meet next week to address the additional items because there were so many.  That way could be advertised so public has chance to see.


  Holt said did not need special meeting, they approved items last meeting that was added.


  Simpkins requested for items to be pulled.


  Clayton said to approve agenda and if Hinson makes motion and passes, those items won’t be heard tonight.


  Holt said they needed to do this so engineering could get done.  Need to look at them or they will start backing up.  Some are for road issues.


  Green asked for a discussion regarding the items and could hash out now as they discuss.  If not satisfied, don’t vote on them.


  Hinson said some items deal with finance and their policy states must be advertised. 


   Green said some of these items were in line items that they have already approved.


  Simpkins said one was not and why she was requesting for it to be tabled. She just received some of the items this afternoon.


  Dixon said if will of Board, have no problem to putting these items on next agenda.  Been dragging around the process and trying to get straight with across street.  They should have received them last week and yesterday and they have been advertised on the website.


NeSmith said will of board to continue, need to move on.


  Holt said agreed with what was being said.


  Hinson said not against, but it was public trust.  Anything that impacts budget must come before board.  Wants to be consistent and transparent.  Give it one week, this affects budget.


  Hinson motion to table all added items tonight until next week/Simpkins motion failed 2-3


  Holt motion to approve addition/Nesmith passed 3-2  Hinson, Simpkins opposed


Awards, Presentations and Appearances



Holt/Green 5-0



Ratification Memo



BOCC Meeting/Workshop Minutes:

a.       August 1, 2023 Budget Workshop

b.      August 9, 2023 ARPA Workshop

c.       August 15, 2023 ARPA Workshop

d.      August 15, 2023 BOCC Meeting

e.       August 28, 2023 Emergency Meeting



Approval of E911 2023 Fall Rural County Grant Application for Eventide NexLog DX Voice Recorder Annual Support, Warranty, and Maintenance



Approval of Signatures for Special Assessment Liens and Rehabilitation Contracts-State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) and Gadsden Emergency Repair Program (ER)



Approval of Small Counties Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Sub grant



Approval and Execution of the State Aid to Libraries Grant Agreement



Approval for the new road name “Derdan Court” in Woodlawn Fawn Minor Subdivision



Approval of a Resilient Florida Program Grant Agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the Gadsden County Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment



Approval of Fuel Service Interlocal Agreements



Approval of Software Agreement with CoStar Realty Information, Inc.



Approval of Software Agreement with GIS WebTech, LLC.





The Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners welcomes and encourages public participation at all meetings of the Board. Citizens are free to speak for up to three (3) minutes on non-agenda items. Public comments and participation are also encouraged for items on the agenda. Additionally, if you are unable to attend a meeting in person, comments from the Public can also be submitted via email to until noon on the date of the meeting. Comments submitted after the deadline, but prior to the meeting, will be added to the official record, but the County cannot guarantee that Commissioners and staff will have adequate time to review comments prior to the meeting.  Citizens are further encouraged to participate via Zoom using the credentials on the County’s website. The Board’s meetings are also broadcast live on the Board’s Facebook page.


  Mr. Dixon real aloud the above statement.



Tracey Stallworth, 770 Selman Road, Post Office Box 1339, Quincy, FL – Bee Farm Proposal

   Asked for $10,000 to start a bee farm



Susan Vause



Debra Outley, 112 Serenity Lane, Quincy – County adopting Serenity Lane

  Appeared before the Board to request help for the road.  


  Hinson stepped out at 6:24 pm


  She said road in bad shape and asked for help.


  Green asked if Public Works could look at road.  Dixon said they may request a private road scraping.


  Hinson returned 6:26 pm


  Dixon said working on two that are very involved.  He said they will get with them.


  Green said as long as can get with him and Curtis, thanked her for coming.





Public Hearing (Quasi-Judicial)-Dupont Road Well Improvement Special Exception Use (SEU 2023-01)

  Justin Stiell appeared before the Board to address this item and was sworn in by the Deputy Clerk.  Requesting to add additional well to service the Gadsden County Regional Water System.


  Holt stepped out at 6:30 pm


  Hinson questioned whether the public hearing was advertised and it was determined it was properly advertised.


  Mr. Stiell continued introducing the above item.  Planning Commission voted in favor with conditions.


  Susan Vause, 881 Dupont Road

Am concerned citizen that lives on Dupont Road and concerned how this will affect her well and if her well goes dry, who would be responsible to replace her well.  She said when had meeting with Commissioner, said if try to sue, would be years before decision made on lawsuit. 


   Green said she said couple of things he was going to ask and his Dad lives on that road.  His concern also was where water going. 


  Anthony Holley, appeared before the Board to address concerns. 

Well is being proposed as redundancy to the Gadsden County Regional Water System; being permitted by State and Northwest Florida Water Management.  Not intending to pump more water out, intended to be additional well if one went dry, go off-line, get damaged, etc.  Was originally constructed in 2002 as test well, 2007 converted to public water system standard.  Did another pumping test on August 13, 2022 and went up to 1200 gallons per minute just to test the capacity and had 3.8 feet of drawdown.


  Hinson asked attorney is had ordinance that addressed citizens impacted by different projects in area.  Knowles said there was a distance required for notice. 


  Mr. Stiell re-appeared before board-info on page 6 regarding Public Notice.  1000 feet required.  Hinson asked how many residents on road, Stiell did not know. 


  Green asked address again and asked closest and furthest house impacted.  Also asked if able to work within suggestions made of



  Simpkins asked if they could tell that citizens would not be affected in area. 


  Mrs. Vause reappeared and said was also concerned with noise level of generator.  Has no objection for them to check her well.


  Holt asked water level now-144 feet to ground.  Will affect some of wells but would be minimal. 


  Mr. Holley said based on what he was shown, only 4 wells within 1000 feet.  Can address 1500-2000 feet.


  Stiell said because does not know working condition of private wells. 


  Holley said would need access of well and what draw-down capability.


  Holt said was question about where water going-going into Gadsden County Regional Water System.  People that have well have opportunity to tap into.


  Robert Hill, 875 Dupont Road

Was discussion as to necessity for well and heard population increasing and reason for well.  Provided papers showing population has decreased by 10%-where necessity for well. 


  Mr. Holley reappeared and said with regards to population, not a necessity in population growth, necessity in water concerns due to high demands, irrigation to lawns, etc.  water levels have dropped. 


  John Halas, Talquin Electric, appeared before the Board.  Talquin is non-profit member owned.  Water going to 20% of population.  Is for redundancy and resiliency and realize critical need to supply water.  Why identified as critical area. 


  Hinson said had questions and remember water shortage in Midway because of low pressure.  Still wanted to be careful for citizens in area but there was serious need.  He said they needed to have a workshop and bring in someone in so they could make sure concerns were addressed.  He knows need but want to make sure citizens’ concerns were addressed.


  Simpkins stepped out 7:19 pm


  Mr. Halas said the reason they used this site was the acreage


  Simpkins returned 7:20 pm


  Holt asked for help with motion


  Holt motion to approve with conditions radius of influence up to 3 feet


  Stiell said a consideration is identify location that is 1000 feet or 1500 feet and placing testing site and testing in couple weeks or month to make sure no significant drawdown to applicant.  


  Knowles suggested 2000 feet to test and work – motion to be 2000 feet of well head to test if adverse impact to residents in that radius.  Halas said residents would be without water while test is being conducted-could take couple of hours to 24 hours.  Knowles said include in motion to notice of testing. 


Green stepped out.


  Mr. Holley reappeared and said on test in April, was 4-hour test.  Could run same test in that amount of time. 


  Holt said 2000 feet and 3 feet of drawdown   Motion to incorporate ? maximum of 2000 feet/Hinson second passed 4-0



Public Hearing (Quasi-Judicial)-Dupont Road Well Improvement Variance Request (V 2023-01) Consideration of a Variance Order


  Stiell appeared before Board


  Hinson stepped out 7:33


  Stiell introduced above item


  Hinson returned 7:34 pm


  Stiell read into record Statement of Issue, Background,


Have met all criteria listed


  Green returned 7:37 pm


  Stiell said site was previously approved for test well by State and since then they have requested


  Chair announced was a public hearing and asked if there were any speakers and there was none.


 Mr. Holley appeared before the Board to answer any questions if any.


  Hinson said have 500-foot boundary set back and asked staff what significance of


  Stiell said in there to make sure no incompatible uses were done to contaminate water.


  Knowles said he thought Hinson’s concern was what would prevent a waste water treatment plant from coming in-would have to come back before board before anything could change.  


  Holt motion to approve/Hinson 5-0 




Approval of an outstanding invoice pending payment from the Clerk of Court Finance Department.

  Dixon said items 12-14e was what was bumping into with Clerk’s office.  Items appear to be contractual in nature but already have contracts with providers.  Will bring process to clean up mystery between themselves and Clerk’s Office. 


  He explained this item was for an appraisal done for New Life and was done as they began to contemplate to purchase that building for community center.  Once done, realized Boys and Girls Club no longer interested.  This is bill Clerk’s Office, like others, bringing before them to approve.


Green said this done in May and job was completed.


  Green motion to approve/NeSmith 5-0



Approval of Task Orders with AE Engineering for Special Needs Shelter Preliminary Engineering Study

  Dixon said this was for approval of task order with AE Engineering and believed work already completed.  This also another issue that been bouncing around awhile and so before them for approval.




  Green asked if budgeted-yes.  Green said wanted to know for clarity.


  Simpkins asked when was it sent over to Clerk and reason for denying.


  Dixon said first thing is every separate task order is contract and, in BCC opinion, it is not a contract.  They were hired to do work and work given in meeting and assign them to do work.  Will clarify.


  Daniels said a section in the contract with AE indicates that all task orders had to be brought to Board and they did not realize that was in contract because have contract approved by Board and usually do task orders from approved contract.


  Simpkins said did not think it fell on Clerk for that and would like that clause to remain.  Need to make sure on their end, all invoices put in in timely manner so could be approved.  She also knew CA was granted certain amount - $35,000 threshold– and should be quarterly report done.  Not sure how quarterly report would work.  Dixon said they will bring report to next meeting. 


  Dixon said have had $200-$300 cakes that go unpaid for months.  He said hate to say worse things about anything, but things that get caught up, bills that get caught up for no apparent reason.  Will come up with process and bring to next meeting to address issues.


  Simpkins said she felt they needed to make sure was on same page with Clerk’s office and was being efficient.  Have no problem with checks and balances-need to make sure their information was being put in in timely fashion and if coming back to them for whatever reason, they need to make sure it comes to Board then.  If still problem with Clerk’s Office, conversation needs to be had.  She asked with $35,000, was a report supposed to come with that and was that part of approval?


Dixon said that was report they offered to create and do to ensure Board that things they doing was well within perimeters set by Board.


  Green said remembered conversation well and asked they get those reports because he want to be assured what being spent so no arguments or heartburn.  Need to earmark starting today and have report every 1st meeting of the third month. 


  Holt asked Dixon if he could make a written request for the Clerk’s written policy and procedures on paying invoices.  She asked who handled contracts and Dixon said Ms. Daniels office.


  Hinson said had engineering firm for 2-3 years-Dixon said a year.  Dixon said way they do business was different from previous engineer.  This company follows standards that have been incorporated by State.  Hinson said engineering firms vital to economic growth in county. 


  Roderick Myers, AE Engineering, appeared before the Board. 


  Hinson said he specifically made sure they were the engineers because they were a local, minority company.


  Holt asked attorney if what said almost a threat, they should not tell employee or contractor “I hired you and I can do…”, that implies too much.  Should not use that in a public meeting and not something that should be implied in meeting. 


Knowles said Holt has told him she’s his boss before and could not say that’s a threat.


  Hinson said what was implying, understand situation and was trying to clarify and was one who raised hand needed minority participation.  What said earlier was they hired County Attorney, Administrator and engineer. 


  Green asked to move on with agenda.


  Chair called for vote 5-0 



Approval to Submit Applications to the Florida Department of Commerce (FDC), Capital Projects Fund (CPF) Multi-Purpose Community Facilities Program Grant Project

  Dixon introduced above item


  Simpkins/Green 5-0



Approval of AE Engineering, Inc. Task Order for Grant Application, Research, Preparation and Submission related to Lighting and Sidewalks in Gadsden County

  Dixon introduced above item



Chair called for vote 5-0



Approval of AE Engineering, Inc. Task Order for Grant Application, Research, Preparation and Submission Related to Lighting and Sidewalks in Gadsden County, FL


Green/Holt 5-0



Approval of AE Engineering, Inc. Task Order for Grant Application and Research Assistance Related to Parks and Recreation



Hinson/green 5-0



Approval of AE Engineering, Inc. Task Order to Conduct an Atlanta Street/MLK Blvd. Roadway Improvement Assessment

  Dixon introduced above item.

Hinson/Holt 5-0



Approval of AE Engineering, Inc. Task Order for Engineering and CIP Support Services for the Gadsden County Public Works Department

  Dixon introduced above item.

  Simpkins motioned to table this item/Hinson.  There is a problem


  Green said


  Simpkins said also task order not signed.  Simpkins said work part not issue.  Some of projects was not AE Engineering


  Holt asked if work been done.  If not done by them, who did work.


  Was submitted July 18th, some that was worked on in past, 


  Curtis Young appeared and said Potter Woodberry


  Green said understood Simpkins issue but wanted to make sure engineer was ok.  Is there way to know if work done and if so, he should be paid.


  Mr. Myrick said had no problem with tabling this


  Green said he appreciated his humbleness and appreciated Simpkins concern but if on schedule, why not want to pay. 


  Green asked if the $3200 was something to draw from-yes.


  NeSmith asked how other engineer worked.


  Hinson said he felt uncomfortable talking in open meeting especially with young man doing great job and did not want to be in meeting talking about this.  Think too many people trying to make an argument but still dealing with business person and he not part of this problem.  Think in future, need to have…County Administrator gave guidelines and they need to be ones to put system in place. 


  Simpkins said she had a conversation with Myrick


Failed 2-3


  Green approve option 1/Holt


Simpkins said on some task orders have signatures and this does not. 


  Dixon said was under impression had authority to do those.


  Green asked if anything wrong with task order not being signed-As Dixon said, was under belief was under $35000 and Administrator could authorize. 


  Hinson said always been consistent if     


4-1 Simpkins opposed



Approval of the Updated (Tentative) Timeline of Events for Gadsden County Bicentennial Celebrations

  Dixon introduced item.  Have new list of events and encountered situation with Clerk’s Office regarding where they decided to direct billing to and is sending projection that something wrong and misuses what Board attempting to do.  If line says advertising and promulgated for most part by Public Works to signage and designed by Ms. Steele’s office, if decide to bill to Public Works as opposed to where staff requested it be billed to, causes budget upside-down with Public Works budget.  Budget they set aside and board approved, Clerk’s Office saying no, don’t want to bill there, think better to bill to different department.  Lot of times happens without notifying.  Certain lines items have negative balance and money gone and they’re wondering why.  Hope what brings next meeting will clear some of those things up.  In meantime, still having problem that met with Clerk’s Office about.  Gives no great pleasure to sit and talk about, because do not know what to do.  Has become an issue and makes very evident very personal decisions made about very public decisions.  Asking they direct Clerk to pull things from line item they ask to be pulled from.  Not error was sent that way.  They asked Board approve line item.


  Green said so many things would like to say as it relates to this item and have already approved $200,000 and did not want to continue to have this conversation without Clerk being present.  He is elected official just as they are and think he well aware there is issue as relates to this particular bicentennial and would like to ask him, as elected official,  to be at next meeting so can hold conversation.  Do not know why he going in direction going in.  Can assure other counties preparing celebrations such as this not having roadblocks experiencing here.  Cannot compare to what Tallahassee spending, but can guarantee spending triple of what we spending.  Asked Clerk to come to meeting and would “be nice to see him more than once every blue moon” as elected official but that his prerogative.  Wanted him to come and have conversation to explain his reasoning. 


  Hinson asked if additional $150,000-Dixon said no. 


  Holt stepped out 8:48


  Hinson said this was not in pot of $200,000 and have spent well over $200,000 already.  Dixon said money given to Gretna and cities was ARPA money.  Hinson said Board gave direction and thought came from that, did not say for it to come from ARPA.


  Daniels said was an initial $200,000 allocated to bicentennial and some events already had, spent about $65,000 of $200,000 allocated to bicentennial and $134,000 remains.


  Green said for sake of clarity, wanted to make sure not asking for $150,000, they were was staying within $134,000 that is remaining.  Daniels said attached was estimates of what may cost.  Will stay within $134,000 remaining for bicentennial.  Some other events were all from separate allocation of funding and not related to bicentennial.


Hinson asked if Board knew, and Daniels said yes.


  Green said at this point, wanted to make sure stay within budget of $134,000 that is left.  Wanted to make sure no additional money being requested from what already approved.


  Simpkins said based on item, even though being requested for change from Bicentennial to TDC, really have spent $65,000 already and now $22,393.78, now at $87,000, only changing it up.  Part of problem as relates to clerk, can only speak for her, has no problem with checks and balances and whatever it takes, not going to jail, if it requires him to do checks and balances, ok.  What they can do, on each item, like writing blank checks.  If have event scheduled for October, should already have who vendor is, cost breakdown and if had that, did not believe there would be an issue.  Issue is they are putting out numbers and she wants to see breakdown, don’t want to see just numbers.  Events should be scheduled out.  Have not had breakdown and that has been problem.


  Green said not going to solidify artist without deposit. 


  Simpkins said not debating about solidifying artist, when call artist, they will tell what costs is.  If artist been contacted, info could come to them, let them see paperwork. 


  Hinson said he didn’t mind going to parties, but time and place for everything.  In 2023, have 2 major pressing things in County, housing and fire services. 


  Holt said should have thought about that before voting.  What they decided what was going to do for bicentennial.  Need policy and procedure from Clerk’s office in writing.  Have another item coming up for Havana “Party in the Park”.  Look at where pulling $ from and if stay within what say going to do, when looking at how want to do, can have his policy and procedure on how he wanted things done.


  Dixon said did not want them to think have not done due diligence.  Had calls with Clerk’s office, met with Clerk’s office, met with Clerk’s office and auditor trying to get clarity.  Don’t want to give assumption something wrong going on, matter of how things done, whether he should be followed by what thus says the Board or thus says the Clerk.  If he asked auditor in front of clerk at what point do they need to send as much detail to get things approved, the bicentennial program, the Board approved $200,000 for program, how low do need to go within that $200,000 with details.  Auditor said did not need to send anything else, already else ought to be approved.  Does he know Board wants more information, absolutely; will they give more information than that, absolutely; do they get to decide whether or not they fund the “Be Out Day” at Shanks, that not Clerk, that Board’s action.  It goes too far in terms of what they direct Administrator to do as opposed to what they think BCC ought to be doing.  That’s problem having.  Not whether someone taking dollars or playing with money, it’s about whose philosophy at work.


  Daniels wanted to provide clarity, of $200,000, the $22, 393.78 was part of $65,000 that should have been charged to TDC but was taken from Bicentennial.  This asking that $22,393.78 moved out of $65,000 and gives $22,000 more available dollars and would be $155,000 or $156,000 versus $134,000.  This is moving to TDC because they agreed to help sponsor bicentennial.


  Holt said that was part of it and when go to events sponsored by TDC, that is want is supposed to say.  Hoping to do is, should follow what Clerk says but want to make point have same options as other counties, can file complaints.  Lot of boards don’t have problem ours does and why not have to.  Think better to have something in writing.  Compare what told need to do to State Statutes.


  Simpkins said reason need breakdown, Board approved $45,000 for July 4th event. asked Chair if he remembered what they approved for that in Chattahoochee.  NeSmith asked if they approved $45,000.   Simpkins said to date, spent $52,827.63.  That why need breakdown of what costs are so after event costs not more than what agreed on and making sure nothing unexpected.  Need to make sure stay within budget.




  Hinson asked what approving-Dixon said approving timeline of events-directing Clerk to move money from one line item to another.  Hinson said first figure out what spent and willing to bet already spent $200,000-$300,000 already.


  Green said could not agree with that because money not been released to spend


  Hinson said money released for Chattahoochee, money released for Shanks.  Need to make sure bring facts to table. 


  Chair called for vote 3-2 Simpkins, Hinson opposed  



Approval of Funding to Partner with the Town of Havana for the First “Party in the Park” Event

  Dixon introduced

  Holt asked if they applied for Tourist Development?  Yes, they making this request in the spirit of other cities that have received ARPA funds.  Pumpkinfest is coming from Bicentennial.


  Hinson said reason voting for this was to be consistent.


  Hinson/Simpkins with discussion


  Simpkins said her concern was it was to come from department 54805 and do not have funds available in that account. 


Dixon said Daniels would respond to that.


  NeSmith said while Daniels looking for that info, wanted to make sure clear, this money not for a party, it is a celebration to bring community together.  County does not fund parties.  Supports activities that bring communities together with hopes of bringing resources outside county into county in order to enhance tourism.    


  Green said based on that, will be hard to give them the money based on what it is called.  Need to be fair across board.


  Simpkins said funds are not in that budget and asked what account wanted.


  Dixon said if not there, in interest of time should Board so support, will be looking for it.


  Daniels said there has been expenditures that have hit commissioners budget that beyond County Commissioners’ control.  If not enough funding in one line item and funding in another line item, they just all kind of cancel each other out.  They can look around at some other line items that do have funding in them that could cover because they look at budget as whole.


  Simpkins said did not want it to be said was Clerk’s fault that not there.


Dixon said will bring budget amendment.


  Daniels said will be budget amendments at next meeting because have to close out this fiscal year.


  Nancy Saunders appeared from Board from Havana said will make sure name is changed


  Chair called for vote 5-0











  Dixon thanked them for meeting with them individually regarding budget and will be bringing updates on “pig” situation.  






  Attorney said was settlement in one outstanding lawsuit and need shade meeting. Need motion to approve




  NeSmith asked for spreadsheet for lawsuits.  NeSmith said have had lot of ongoing issues and wanted to see spreadsheet with every issue.  Need to know how situations occur.


  Chair called for vote 5-0





Commissioner Alonzetta Simpkins, District 2

  Simpkins asked about Historic Preservation Grant for Courthouse and asked if any other property qualifies. 


  Dixon said if they knew of anything historic, to let them know.


  Allan Meeks said they were ranking next week and grant has closed out and will find out next week if will get.


  Have been approached about fire hydrants and at one time had program dealing with them.


Dixon said he needed to review that program.


  She was at FAC conference and way they said they market, use YouTube and she thought about different areas


  Thanked for park, been seeing trees cut down


  She wanted to know process for Tourist Development Council and how works for citizens applying and if apply, if told would qualify for fund. Wanted to know how works and asked for it in writing.


Wanted to make sure was actively looking at insurance because going up.


  GCDC-what is situation with their building.  Looking to put everybody in one space and will free up that building.



Commissioner Brenda Holt, District 4

  Holt asked Hinson about health outfit in Havana and if they were moving out.


  Would like to see schedules and will get with administrator.


  Hoping to plan trip to Bonifay.  Need to be competitive.  Hope can take trips and look for money.



Commissioner Ronterious Green, District 5

   Green wanted to make announcement for Lake Talquin public hearing on Wednesday, September 27 at 10:30 am. 


  Asked about signage coming into city out of Midway area and asked if timeline as relates to


  Dixon said lot of signage is old and will be bringing back with updated signs.


  Said thank you to Angela Sapp and Karema Dudley for Love Where You Live, was a great event.


  Wanted to let firefighters know are appreciated throughout county.  Have had a project on board that have been approved, not sure where are with manager, when can deal be closed, thought approved across board.


  Dixon said still working with owners, site still available but by next meeting will bring decisions for board to decide. 


  Simpkins said did not see where Board voted for that event but was said Boys and Girls Club was dealing with them. 


  Greens said did not vote as Board for that, in excitement was hope for possibility. 


  Mr. Kwik appeared before the Board regarding the North Florida Rural Health, have put in a lot of time. 


  Simpkins said when have workshop, include other health agencies.


  Holt said have done that.


  Simpkins said when looking at the request, the other clinics need to be at the table.  Talking about $1 Million a year.


  Mr. Kwik said health department does not provide primary care and that was comparing apples to oranges.


  Simpkins said was referring to Jessie Furlow Center and Havana.


  Holt said wanted a workshop with them and not other groups.  Want to figure out how can provide within that radius healthcare.  Not going to give money in workshop anyway.   


  Mr. Kwik said each business has different business model.  Have done lot of work and research to make sure successful in Gadsden County.  Have put together program to show collaboration works.


  Dr. Thompson said have seen 30 patients in person and telehealth.  37% been uninsured or underinsured.


  Green said was glad Holt brought up housing situation.


  Holt said also in meeting looked at zoning and things can do now that was unable to do before.


  Dr. Stallworth said last meeting he attended was money that was awarded to two non-profits, one was Athletic Hall of Fame and Wellness Center.  He wanted to see if could get bee farm up and running.


  NeSmith said he was very clear on what was going to happen and not only has he received called from Mr. Stallworth, but have received calls from others.  Was clear that needed policies and procedures in place and have sent message.    


  Holt said already lined up.


  Hinson asked what line item was approved from, could not find it. 


  NeSmith said was very clear did not have process and now have Dr. Stallworth present. 


  Hinson said NeSmith had two votes so he could get whatever he wanted. 


  Holt said was in this situation because hadn’t seen this before. 


  Simpkins said when made motion last week for $1000, had a chance to go through and have a conversation.  Have not had opportunity with him to have conversation.  She asked for an opportunity to look over his information and then have a conversation with him. 


  Stallworth said that would be unacceptable to him because when they opened up ARPA funds they skipped a process.  He was a part of that program then. 


  Green said they were familiar with Wellness Center, have made presentations to them.  He felt compassionate for people in his district.  He said Dr. Stallworth was not being denied and knew the benefits of a bee farm.  He said he did not want to see any organization fail. 


  Dixon said the Board reserves the right to waive their rules and do things they do.  A commissioner made a motion and it takes at least 2 to go along with it.  A Commissioner has offered to take up his issue. 


  Stallworth said when he was watching what took place 2 weeks ago, Simpkins said she was very familiar and Green was very familiar and said they were skipping process. 


  NeSmith said he knew all the Commissioners very well and as he has said before, they need a process.  They now have an opportunity to schedule a workshop and get it done. 


  Holt said they did have a process for non-profits, it was for them to present to the Board during budget season.  She asked Knowles his opinion.


  Knowles said Commissioners have brought items that was not on the agenda.  The Board can waive their rules to a certain extent, it was up to them.   As long as not making an illegal move, their prerogative.


  Holt said to workshop it and put policies in place.  Think they should approve Stallworth and said not going to approve any more until get policy in place.


  Simpkins not saying would go against it.  Had she received a call and had chance to review, and all asking was chance to review and have conversation with him. 


  Stallworth said had he known he needed to talk with commissioners individually, he would have.


  Green said wanted Stallworth to understand not pass on him, but as all said, this was new to commissioners.  Has Wellness Center to come before the Board.  Hope he understands not against him.


  Stallworth said they needed a process.    



Commissioner Eric Hinson, Vice-Chair, District 1

  One issue having in Gadsden County, looking at census think it misleading because of COVID, think issue needs to be addressed because of land.  Need to revisit Comp Plan and Land Development Code.


  Been talking about meeting and workshops, before have workshop, plan it first. 


  NeSmith asked about scheduling workshops


  NeSmith asked fire services or health care first-fire services


  Holt left at 10:53 pm



Commissioner Kimblin NeSmith, Chair, District 3

  NeSmith said followed-up about generator and was informed Ms. Whaley was working with School Board-Dixon said process could take two years.



Adjourned 10:59 pm





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